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  • This book is targeted for use in an introductory lower-division assembly languageprogramming or computer organization course. After students are introduced to the MIPSarchitecture using this book, they will be well prepared to go on to an upper-division computer organization course using a textbook such as “Computer Organization and Design” by Patterson and Hennessy. This book provides a technique that will make MIPS assembly language programming a relatively easy task as compared to writing complex.Intel 80x86 assembly language code.

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  • Encoding instructions as binary numbers is natural and efficient for computers. Humans, however, have a great deal of difficulty understanding and manipulating these numbers. People read and write symbols (words) much better than long sequences of digits. Chapter 2 showed that we need not choose between numbers and words because computer instructions can be represented in many ways. Humans can write and read symbols, and computers can execute the equivalent binary numbers.

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  • The purpose of this design problem is building up the data path and constructing a simple version of 32-bit MIPS Single-Cycle CPU. The CPU instructions to be implemented are the memory-reference instruction LW & SW, the arithmetic –logical XORI, ADD, SUB, SLT, and BNE, J, JR function. The system takes PC address as an input and converts it into instruction to implement the functions. The lab report includes the data path single cycle of MIPS overview, the simulation and Verilog code using the Quartus and ModelSim program....

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