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The motor speed control

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  • Lecture Power system operation and control - Lesson 24: Modeling load, renewable energy systems provide students with knowledge about four major classes of induction motors, based on application; key values are starting torque, pull-out torque, full-load torque, and starting current; the maximum of the torque-speed curve varies with the square of the terminal voltage;...

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  • In this paper, Hybrid Fuzzy-PID controllers for current and speed control loops were suggested. Simulations with MATLAB Simulink for the electric shovel hoisting controllers were implemented and compared with conventional PID controller. Simulation results show that control quality of the hoisting drive is improved with the Hybrid Fuzzy-PID controllers.

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  • This paper focuses on assessing control structure and control strategy for permanent magnet synchronous motors that are widely used to provide the vehicle traction force. Based on these assessments, a robust structure and an optimal strategy are suggested to control the motor in both base-speed and field weakening areas.

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  • The paper presents a new approach to the speed control of a switched reluctance motors (SRM) is that using a back-stepping controller combining with an artificial neuron network based flux estimator. The nonlinear mathematical model of switched reluctance motor (SRM) is established and the back-stepping control strategy is applied to control SRM. The ANN will be used to estimate the flux of the motor instead of approximated model or experimental values.

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  • The paper focuses on the controller designing for the position and speed of non-salient synchronous type axial self-bearing motors. The motor creates the magnetic field to lift the motor along the shaft and generate rotating torque. Firstly, the motor electro-mechanical relations are analyzed to formulate an accurate mathematical model, then a vector control structure is proposed.

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  • This paper presents a design and manufacture of control and monitoring system of heat experimental equipment for high-speed vertical spindle bearing based on PLC, WinCC and Webserver. This experimental device with supervisory control solution allows easy implementation of the test mode and data collection to plan out the appropriate lubrication mode. The system includes motor control and monitoring, observing of sensors, alarm and reporting at local and on site remotely. This solution can be applied to other industrial equipment to meet the needs of Industry 4.0.

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  • The subsystem is built to control only one DC motor for each wheel with the built-in proportional integral derivative controller (PID) algorithm by an STM32F103 microcontroller. Furthermore, the directional control algorithm is developed for three omnidirectional wheels and a PID algorithm is designed to control the speed of DC motor for each wheel.

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  • This paper presents a speed control strategy using a Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy model for interior permanent magnet synchronous motor (IPMSM).We derive the sufficient conditions for the existence of the regulator in terms of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs), and also give LMI parameterizations of the gain matrices. Finally, the validity of the proposed fuzzy speed controller is confirmed through simulation study on a prototype IPMSM drive system.

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  • This paper’s emphasis is on the development of a scalable prototype exterior automatic vehicle washing system. The system is built around a Logo Zelio (SR3B261BD) PLC for inputs and output components control. VFD moderates the conveyor belt motor speed as required for it smooth operation. Water recirculation system is incorporated for water and detergent economy. The status lamp on the control panel informs the user of the instantaneous stages of operation and control of the entire system.

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  • A laboratory test-rig for groundnut planter was developed for testing and calibrating the pneumatic seed metering mechanism. The experimental test rig mainly consists of main frame, seed hopper, seed metering system, power transmission system and sticky belt system. The metering unit is incorporated with a vertical seed plate held in a vacuum retaining chamber to singulate the seeds. A dial type vacuum gauge was provided in order to record the variation in suction pressure. A sticky belt was used to simulate the field surface during laboratory investigation.

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  • In this paper, a type interior permanent magnet motor designs is proposed for computer numerical control milling machine application as spindle motors. An existing surface mounted permanent magnet motor is used as a reference motor. The I type interior permanent magnet motor alternatives is designed and optimized in detail. The electromagnetic results of interior permanent magnet motors are compared with the reference surface permanent magnet motor for the same design requirements. The detailed loss analysis is also performed for the desired motor structure at high speeds.

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  • A simple laboratory test-rig for maize planter was developed for testing and calibrating the electronic seed metering mechanism. The test rig consists of two frame namely main frame and the second frame. The main frame consists of variable speed drive, electric motor and grease coated belt that are fitted with necessary provisions. The second frame consists of seed hopper, seed metering unit. The metering mechanism consists of a metering roll, seed delivery box with plunger plate, proximity sensor, solenoid valve to, 12 V DC motor and the seed outlet pipe.

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  • Weed management is a tedious task, especially in organic crop production, as synthetic herbicides are prohibited and manual weeding is relatively expensive or unavailable. However, mechanical weed control is one of the options that can be implemented by growers to control weeds but the main challenge to both practical farmers and researchers is the selective control of the intra-row weeds. Based on this challenge the objective of the study was to evaluate the minimum plant to plant distance required to operate the developed automated intra row weeder with minimum plant damage.

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  • During the process of using traditional particle swarm optimization (PSO) to identify electric parameters, the algorithm can be easily caught in locally optimal solution, thus leading to relatively large identification result error.

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  • The information required for rotor speed estimation is extracted from measured stator voltages and currents at the motor terminals. Different speed estimation algorithms are used for this purpose. The paper concentrates on the design of sliding mode observer for estimating rotor speed in asynchronous motor drive.

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  • The satellite is supposed to move in a circular orbit around the Earth and always require energy for its activities. Therefore, the solar panels need to orient towards the Sun as long as possible to receive the most energy. In the first step, a dynamics model of a satellite disposed by three momentum wheels whose angular speeds controlled by corresponding motors is developed.

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  • This paper describes a new solution to control the induction motor drive system without current sensors based on improving the Hysteresis Pulse Width Modulation technique. It has proposed a control scheme which uses stator currents estimated from the differential equation of state variables to replace the feedback signal from current sensors applied in the hysteresis current controller.

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  • This paper presents the Sensorless Speed control of the Induction Motor (IM) in Direct Field Oriented Control (DFOC) modeling based on the mathematical model of the voltage and current parameter.

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  • The friction and ripple effects from motor and drive cause a major problem for the robot position accuracy, especially for robots with high gear ratio and for high-speed applications. In this paper we introduce a simple, effective, and practical method to compensate for joint friction of flexible joint robots with joint torque sensing, which is based on a nonlinear disturbance observer.

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  • It is important to have speed control of motors on UAVs since the system dynamics are related to the rotation speed of the motors. This paper presents a sensorless phase voltage detection scheme to measure the rotation speed. A PID controller is implemented to ensure the performance of the motors. A mathematical model of Delta-Connected BLDC motors is built for analyzing the relationship between phase voltage and rotation speed.

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