The nonlinear case

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  • In the current work HRV was assessed by traditional linear time and frequency-domain indexes, in parallel with the non linear indexes. Both linear time and frequency domain parameters, and nonlinear parameters discriminate the different levels. Poincaré plot analysis is a promising method in statistical evaluation and arrhythmia cases.

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  • (BQ) Ebook Fundamentals of Aerodynamics: Part 2 includes the following content: Compressible flow: some preliminary aspects; normal shock waves and related topics; oblique shock and expansion waves; compressible flow through nozzles, diffusers, and wind tunnels; subsonic compressible flow over airfoils: linear theory; linearized supersonic flow; introduction to numerical techniques for nonlinear supersonic flow; elements of hypersonic flow; introduction to the fundamental principles and equations of viscous flow; a special case: couette flow; introduction to boundary layers; laminar boundar...

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  • There are researches about the behavior of pile under static loadings, but there are few experimental about dynamic behavior of the pile under dynamic excitations. Therefore, this study will focus on the behavior of pile for both cases in order to confirm the bearing capacity of the pile.

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  • This paper presents a method to synthesize the adaptive sliding mode controller for a class of MIMO Euler-Lagarance systems with variable parameters. We perform a Taylor series expansion of a class of MIMO Euler-Lagarance systems into nonlinear state-space equations, considering cases of varying parameters and unmeasured external disturbances.

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  • The results in this case are compared with the case of the bulk semiconductors show the difference and the novelty of the results. The results numerically calculated for GaAs/AlGaAs in order to show the dependence of absorption coefficient on the photon energy of the temperature, the size of the asymmetric semi-parabolic quantum wells.

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  • In this paper, the effect of the nonlinear distribution of suction was taken into account to propose an equation to estimate the depth of an excavated trench without support structures. Eventually, an example of numerical computation was executed to figure out the factors that affect the depth of excavated trend considering the nonlinear suction distribution of unsaturated soils.

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  • Lecture Methods of Electric power systems analysis - Lesson 15: Least squares, state estimation provide students with knowledge about revisit the uncommitted transfer capability (UTC) calculation using PTDFs and LODFs; recall trying to determine maximum transfer between two areas (or buses in our example); for base case maximums are quickly determined with PTDFs;...

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  • A case study is presented when the car is parked at a landing level where the fundamental natural frequencies of the car, suspension and compensating rope system coincide with one of the natural frequencies of the high-rise building. The results show a range of nonlinear dynamic interactions between the components of the elevator system that play a significant role in the operation of the entire installation.

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  • The objective function is the total weight of the structure while the strength and serviceability constraints are evaluated with nonlinear inelastic analysis. To save computational cost, an improved differential evolution (DE) algorithm is employed. Compared to the conventional DE algorithm, the proposed method has two major improvements: (1) a self-adaptive mutation strategy based on the p-best method to enhance the balance between global and local searches and (2) use of the multi-comparison technique (MCT) to reduce redundant structural analyses.

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  • Research purpose: to build an analytical model representing the cross Kerr nonlinear coefficient of a four-energy quantum system in the inverse Y configuration in the presence of the Doppler effect. Apply the analytical results to the case of 87Rb at room temperature. Studying the ability to control and enhance the cross Kerr nonlinearity according to the parameters of the associated laser field and the temperature of the environment.

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  • Concerned by the environmental and economic threats posed by fossil fuels as the source of energy, this study uses the case of Nigeria economy to understand the extent to which economic growth and carbon emissions matters for renewable energy demands. Exploring both the linear and nonlinear ARDL modelling framework, the main empirical findings are that the amplified responsiveness of the consequence of climate change has led to increase in the demand for renewable energy particularly when the underlying source of the emissions is attributable to activities in the transport sector.

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  • This study aims to examine the nexus between tourism, economic growth, and CO2 emissions in Pakistan. We examined the asymmetric relationship between tourism, economic growth, and CO2 emissions for the period 1991 to 2019. We applied NARDL technique, and Granger Causality to predict results. Moreover, we also employed ADF, PP unit root test, Zivot and Andrews test for structural breaks. The nonlinear autoregressive distributed lag is the most appropriate econometric estimator in the case if asymmetric association exists among the variables.

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  • This paper study the coupling and switching effects of two discrete relativistic quantum JackiwRebbi states in interfaced binary waveguide arrays with cubic-quintic nonlinearity. Like in the case with Kerr nonlinearity, two Jackiw-Rebbi states can couple efficiently to each other in the low-power regime, show the switching effect in the intermediate-power regime, and possess the trapping effect in the high-power regime.

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  • A Matlab implementation of the algorithm was used and tested against some existing codes. In addition, four case studies were presented to test the performance of the proposed algorithm. The results showed that the algorithm out perform some existing methods in literature.

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  • In this paper, we propose and discuss numerical algorithms for solving a class of nonlinear differential-algebraic equations (DAEs). These algorithms are based on half-explicit Runge-Kutta methods (HERK) that have been studied recently for solving strangeness-free DAEs. The main idea of this work is to use the half-explicit variants of some well-known embedded Runge-Kutta methods such as Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg and Dormand-Prince pairs. Thus, we can estimate local errors and choose suitable stepsizes accordingly to a given tolerance.

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  • The analytic expressions of the free energy, the mean nearest neighbor distance between two atoms and the nonlinear deformation quantities such as the density of deformation energy, the maximum real stress and the limit of elastic deformation for interstitial alloy AB with BCC structure under pressure are derived from the statistical moment method. The nonlinear deformations of main metal A is special case of nonlinear deformation for interstitial alloy AB.

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  • Gene set analysis (GSA) methods test the association of sets of genes with phenotypes in gene expression microarray studies. While GSA methods on a single binary or categorical phenotype abounds, little attention has been paid to the case of a continuous phenotype, and there is no method to accommodate correlated multiple continuous phenotypes.

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  • Symmetric Nonlinear Michelson Interferometer (SNMI) operating as optical bistable device has been theoretically investigated. The general output-input intensity relation is introduced for case the output signal transmitted through SNMI. The bistable characteristic (hysteresis) is calculated and presented for some cases the structural parameters were selected specifically.

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  • This paper introduces an intensive discussion for the dynamical model of the love triangle in both integer and fractional-order domains. Three different types of nonlinearities soft, hard, and mixed between soft and hard, are used in this study. MATLAB numerical simulations for the different three categories are presented. Also, a discussion for how the kind of personalities affects the behavior of chaotic attractors is introduced. This paper suggests some explanations for the complex love relationships depending on the impact of memory (IoM) principle.

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  • Fractional calculus (FC) is widely used in many interdisciplinary branches of science due to its effectiveness in describing and investigating complicated phenomena. In this work, nonlinear dynamics for a new physical model using nonlocal fractional differential operator with singular kernel is introduced. New Routh-Hurwitz stability conditions are derived for the fractional case as the order lies in [0,2). The new and basic Routh-Hurwitz conditions are applied to the commensurate case. The local stability of the incommensurate orders is also discussed.

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