The old regime

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  • Authoritative and readable, this brief survey is a comprehensive historical overview of the U.S. federal tax system. Its coverage ex- tends from the ratification of the Constitution to the present day. Brownlee describes the five principal stages of federal taxation in relation to the crises that led to their adoption—the formation of the republic, the CivilWar,WorldWar I, the Great Depression, and World War II—and discusses the significant modifications during the Reagan presidency. While focusing on federal policy, Brownlee also attends to the related history of state and local taxation....

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  • The belief that children will take care of the parents in the old age is eroding in India where the family size has been cut down as a result of the demographic process (Dandelkar, 1996). The situation in the urban areas shows a rejection of older people by the next generation and this is spreading to rural areas (Desai, 1985). In the nuclear family regime, the position of the aged becomes more vulnerable and is treated as a burden to the family (Nayar, 1992). The social negligence of the aged occurs due to cultural, social and economic relations within the...

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  • A wind of change swept the African continent in the 1990s when a large number of countries introduced multiparty systems and numerous longstanding autocrats lost their power. In many cases, transitions from authoritarian rule to multiparty politics started with popular protest by civic associations, trade unions, student and women’s organisations, professional associations, churches and many others (see Bratton/van de Walle 1997: 117). Multiparty democracy became the rallying cry of these heterogeneous opposition coalitions that were kept together by their hostility to the old regime.

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  • Through some old books, this thesis learns and clarification, in particular the content, nature and characteristics of Varna was reflected in that document. Since then evaluate the role of this regime towards society in ancient India. Through content to dive into the social reality of ancient India.

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  • This study aimed to exploit laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, enhanced by nanoparticles (NELIBS), as a fast, sensitive and low-cost technique, to correlate the elemental composition of recent and ancient bovine bone with the elemental composition of the fodder that has been fed to the cattle throughout their life. Biosynthesized silver nanoparticles (BS-Ag NPs) were used to enhance the emission intensity of the spectral lines in the LIBS spectra of contemporary and ancient bovine bones and fodder samples.

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  • There is an old schoolyard saying: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me.” If all the talk about human rights violations seems sometimes to have little measurable effect, is it in the area of punitive trade mea- sures that violating States are more likely to say “ouch!” and be dissuaded from continuing along the path of either active violations of human rights or passive toleration of them in their countries? A good case can be made for trade sanctions as an instrument for bringing about a greater observance of human rights. But, as in so...

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  • Chapter 13Old-Growth Forests in the Canadian Boreal: the Exception Rather than the Rule? Fire is one of the most important ecological processes in North American boreal forests (Johnson 1992; Payette 1992). Forest fire regimes, defined by fire frequency, size, intensity, seasonality

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  • Creep phenomena have so far been investigated only in terms of old- style technology. For a number of decades, the usual way of tackling similar problems was to apply simple and exact tests (e.g. tensile tests) to the very complex and impure materials used in industry and then to subject the results of these tests to a subtle mathematical analysis. As to the prospects of this way of proceeding, we need only to realize that a piece of iron is far more complicated a structure than, for example, a watch.

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  • A 45 years old male,smoker, non diabetic and normotensive, diagnosed case of sputum positive pulmonary tuberculosis on antitubercular treatment , having completed the intensive phase of the treatment and presently on continuation phase of the treatment regime with Isoniazid 300mg, Rifampicin 450mg and Pyrazinamide 1500mg, presented to medical outpatient department with complaints of swelling of the right leg since one month. The swelling had been initially progressive and associated with calf pain.

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  • Wulf et al. Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:365 NANO EXPRESS Open Access Scaling properties of ballistic nano-transistors Ulrich Wulf*, Marcus Krahlisch and Hans Richter Abstract Recently, we have suggested a scale-invariant model for a nano-transistor. In agreement with experiments a closeto-linear thresh-old trace was found in the calculated ID - VD-traces separating the regimes of classically allowed transport and tunneling transport.

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  • The microbial and enzyme activities of the soil are closely related to the organic matter content and influenced by hydrothermal regimes of the soil. Keeping this in view, the study conducted that effect of different cropping systems on dehydrogenase, urease, acid and alkaline phosphatase activity and microbial population like bacteria, fungi and actinimycetes was evaluated from ˃ 20 year old cultivation under different cropping systems i.e., mango, cashew, vegetable, rose and medicinal and aromatic crops at different depths (0-15, 15- 30, 30-50. 50-100 cm).

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