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  • The primitive civilization of Chaldæa, like that of Egypt, was cradled in the lower districts of a great alluvial basin, in which the soil was stolen from the sea by long continued deposits of river mud. In the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates, as in that of the Nile, it was in the great plains near the ocean that the inhabitants first emerged from barbarism and organized a civil life. As the ages passed away, this culture slowly mounted the streams, and, as Memphis was older by many centuries than Thebes, in dignity if not in actual existence, so Ur and Larsam were older...

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  • The agency or organization that administers the sculpture needing conservation usually has specific contracting procedures. In state, county, and municipal governments these procedures may pose particular challenges, especially if they require a sealed bid process in which cost is the only selection criterion. In some communities, the care of public sculpture and monuments may be assigned to agencies that maintain parks and recreational facilities, highways, or government office buildings.

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  • The NLSS was followed by the Nepal Labor Force Survey (NLFS), the first of its kind carried out by the CBS during 1998/99 with technical support from the International Labor Organization (ILO) through funding made available by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), providing comprehensive information on employment statistics. In January 2000 the Household Consumption Survey of Rural Nepal (HCSRN) was planned and launched, utilizing government resources and internal technical capability.

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  • It was a great day for the children of Warsaw. It was a great day for their parents, too, and for all the people and for the Polish Government. But it was especially the great day of the children. The man whose name they all knew as well as their own, but whose face they had never seen, and whose voice they had never heard, had come to Warsaw. And they were all to see him and he was to see them. He had not announced his coming, which was a strange and upsetting thing for the government and military and city officials whose business...

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  • The concept of “sustainable human security” provides an integrated framework for adequately addressing development and cooperation in complex situations of conflict, violence and fragility. From the 1994 Human Development Report (HDR), the notion of human security has evolved beyond traditional national and military security and includes such issues as development and respect for human rights.

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  • Understanding the basic causes, recognizing the continuous trends, or proposing the effective and feasible response solutions are the most important problems for the local people and the authorities, those of the Central Government and the those in the localities. Therefore, we must prepare for river banks’ or coastlines’ and valuable materials’ or entities’ protection, plan and stabilize the populated areas along the river banks and coasts, especially in the high-risk erosion areas. These are the major contents that would be presented as follow.

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  • AIDS is still an incurable disease and is very costly to control. Since the first case of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) in Nigeria was reported in 1986, the human immune deficiency virus (HIV) infection has attained epidemic proportion. In an attempt to control this rapid spread, certain preventive measures have been developed. In spite of these and the campaigns to control it, the gap between the knowledge and attitudes of youths towards HIV/AIDS needs to be bridged.

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  • The objective of the public policy proposal is to approach with priority the mental and emotional health of the people in Romania.

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  • The definitive report on what caused America's economic meltdown— and who was responsible The financial and economic crisis has touched the lives of millions of Americans who have lost their jobs and their homes, but many have little understanding of how it happened. Now, in this very accessible report, readers can get the facts. Formed in May 2009, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) is a panel of 10 commissioners with experience in business, regulations, economics, and housing, chosen by Congress to explain what happened and why it happened.

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  • Access to safe drinking water and sanitation is a basic necessity. However, such access is highly variable around the world and in particular in Africa, Asia and South America. Much progress still remains to be made in infrastructure improvements and poverty reduction. A recent World Bank report, for example, noted that more than 100 million people in the Latin American region alone lack access to potable water and adequate sanitation systems. Compounding the issue of water availability is contamination of water supplies and the lack of wastewater treatment facilities.

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  • The second edition of the fun and fascinating guide to the main ideas of the Austrian School of economics, written in sparkling prose especially for the non-economist. Gene Callahan shows that good economics isn't about government planning or statistical models. It's about human beings and the choices they make in the real world.

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  • A researcher says three hundred fortythree thousand AIDS deaths in South Africa in the last ten years could have been prevented. Nicoli Nattrass blames the former government of Thabo Mbeki for delays in providing antiretroviral drugs. She directs the AIDS and Society Research Unit at the University of Cape Town School of Economics. Her study is in the journal African Affairs. She says the former president and his health minister scared people away from the drugs which suppress H.I.V. The former president claimed they were unsafe and ineffective....

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  • Many American history books begin with the year 1492 and the discovery of the Caribbean Islands by Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus (1451–1506). For the great civilizations of Mesoamerica and South America, though, 1492 proved to be the beginning of the end of their civilization. The products of thousands of years of history—the cities, the architecture, markets, governments, economic systems, legal systems, schools, books, holy shrines—even the daily prayers of the people—were about to be willfully eliminated by the conquering European nations.

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  • .United Nations University Press is the publishing arm of United Nations University. UNU Press publishes scholarly and policy-oriented books and periodicals on the issues facing the United Nations and its people and member states, with particular emphasis upon international, regional, and trans-boundary policies.

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  • I would like to express gratitude to the many people who contributed to this book. Special thanks to Alberto Ibargüen and Paula Ellis at the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation who supported both the research and our Harvard Kennedy School convenings of leading civic entrepreneurs. I am indebted to Vanessa Kirsch and Kim Syman and their colleagues at New Profi t Inc. for sharing their experiences and vision for promoting social entrepreneurship.

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  • The object of the dissertation is the direct investment projects of Vietnam enterprises into Laos. Besides, in order to better assess the current status of the projects as well as investment opportunities into Laos in the future, the thesis will study the investment environment in Laos, the main competitors (Thailand and China), policy related to OFDI activities of Vietnam and Laos, the documents signed between enterprises as well as the two governments.

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  • 2008 by david meerman scott copyright holder is licensing this under the creative commons license, attribution 3.0. special thanks to mark levy, positioning guru extraordinaire. read about mark at john wall has provided me with valuable input and help in my own viral marketing efforts. check out “the best business podcast” at kyle matthew oliver read three drafts of this and provided tons of valuable advice to make it read better. contact kyle at contrariasuntcomplementa.blogspot.

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  • Cities are engines of growth and they will be critical to our economic recovery. The Coalition Government is taking tough and decisive action to equip Britain for long-term success by restoring health to the public inances and conidence in the economy through a balanced approach led by private sector growth. But this growth will not occur in the abstract. It will be created in individual places where people and businesses work, trade and innovate.

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  • As minister responsible for human settlements issues in the Norwegian Government, I want to underline the responsibility of governments to take active action to improve the living conditions of the underprivileged in society. In Istanbul we reaffirmed our commitments to the full and progressive realisa- tion of the right to housing and recognised an obliga- tion by Governments to enable people to obtain shelter and to protect and improve dwellings and neighbourhoods. Now – five years later – we still have a long way to go.

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  • While the resulting American health care model proved a clever way to ensure that the money would roll in from patients, employers, and government, it contained a flaw that is proving fatal. The flaw is that health care consumers have been removed from par- ticipating in decisions regarding their care. Our approach to health insurance ignores the important role consumers play in controlling costs and enhanc- ing quality. Dr. Gorman found that people who pay for their own care cut utilization by 10% to 30% with no discernable effect on health.

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