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  • It all began on a Saturday night at The Space Room. If you've seen any recent Martian travel folders, you know the place: "A picturesque oasis of old Martian charm, situated on the beauteous Grand Canal in the heart of Marsport. Only half a mile from historic Chandler Field, landing site of the first Martian expedition nearly fifty years ago in 1990. A visitor to the

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  • The space-ship Viking—two hundred feet of gleaming metal and polished duralite—lay on the launching platform of New York City's municipal airport. Her many portholes gleamed with light. She was still taking on rocket fuel from a tender, but otherwise all the final stores were aboard. Her helicopters were turning over slowly, one at a time, as they were tested. In the Viking's upper control room Gerry Norton and Steve Brent made a final check of the instrument panels. Both men wore the blue and gold uniform of the Interplanetary Fleet.

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  • Wireless network access is available from the living rooms and bedrooms, as well as other outside locations in the Residential Community. Some apartments have Access Point devices installed in their living room in order to provide better coverage for wireless connectivity throughout the building. These devices are University property and if tampered with, the residents of that apartment will be billed accordingly. Please go to or

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  • This manual was written for oral board candidates, practicing physicians, residents, interns and medical students. It is meant to compliment standard texts and oral board courses (“practice makes perfect”). Also, it is designed to refresh and reinforce the “trouble-shooting neuronal synapses” (prn) of the emergency room physician, and as a brief reference in the ER (I find it particularly useful for “warming up,” just prior to returning to work following a vacation).

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  • When it comes to picking locks and cracking safes I admit to no master. The door to Inskipp's private quarters had an old-fashioned tumbler drum that was easier to pick than my teeth. I must have gone through that door without breaking step. Quiet as I was though, Inskipp still heard me. The light came on and there he was sitting up in bed pointing a .75 caliber recoilless at my sternum. "You should have more brains than that, diGriz," he snarled. "Creeping into my room at night! You could have been shot." "No I couldn't," I told him, as he stowed the cannon back under his pillow. "A...

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  • THE star ship came out of space drive for the last time, and made its final landing on a scrubby little planet that circled a small and lonely sun. It came to ground gently, with the cushion of a retarder field, on the side of the world where it was night. In the room that would have been known as the bridge on ships of other days, instrument lights glowed softly on Captain Renner's cropped white hair, and upon the planes of his lean, strong face. Competent fingers touched controls here and there, seeking a response that he knew would...

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  • Just putting a group of people together in the same room or online space does not guarantee that they will work together effectively or that they will achieve the results they desire. In order to be effective, groups need to have a shared sense of purpose and motivation to achieving this purpose, whatever the reason that brings them together.

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  • Nature abhors a vacuum. Me, too, I guess I tried to fill it in my usual ways. Drank too much beer, cooked elaborate Mexican dinners, walked aimlessly in the dripping woods under slate-gray Oregon skies. And of course, I watched television: old movies seen in worn prints, music videos with strutting rock stars, baseball games inching to conclusion across bright-green fields Ghost images, ghost voices pulled by my dish antenna from the satellite-thick sky. The void remained: I had a talent growing slack from disuse; I had an empty space in my bed.

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  • When it comes to the structured cabling system, however, the aesthetics of the components are often not considered. So while space planners argue over carpet choices and wall art, the decision criteria for physical layer projects are normally limited to functionality and price – which makes sense because most brands of cable managers, cable, and patch panels offer both a similar appearance and performance within defined requirements.

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  • Although the promotion of this policy space has to form part of bilateral and regional trade agreements, it essentially includes a change in the operating mechanisms of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). 5 And, despite the fact that the WTO usually presents itself as an example of multilateral democratic governability (in the organisation every member State has a vote, a system absent in other bodies such as the International Monetary Fund –IMF– and the World Bank), several authors have identified deficiencies in this respect.

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  • This ebook contains a room rental agreement specific to a homeowner renting out a room in his or her house. This situation is different from a more typical landlord-tenant agreement because the homeowner and renter are sharing the same living space. So it includes house rules and additional protections. It is also commonly known as a lodger agreement in some countries. To download these forms in Microsoft Word formats which you can edit and save, go to: http://www.paperwell.

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  • When Pier B was renovated in the mid-80s, the airport and KHRAS Architects asked artist Lin Utzon to decorate it. Her work consists of convex and flat ceramic tiles with blue, white and platinum glazing. These tiles, handmade by Royal Copen- hagen Porcelain, are in perfect harmony with the other materials used in the pier - concrete and marble. After studying the flow of light into the room, she managed to create a beautiful rhythmic wave in the elongated space.

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  • Institutions are responsible for providing ready access to reference material in print or electronic format (IR I.B.7.). Program sites that have online reference materials are expected to provide access to residents. Typically, this means that residents have access to computers with internet access in rooms that are conveniently located and easily accessible but secure. If online access is not possible, then access to a collection of specialty-specific print materials is required.

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  • Lawrence’s cubicle was just the right place to chew on a thorny logfile problem: decorated with the votive fetishes of his monastic order, a thousand calming, clarifying mandalas and saints devoted to helping him think clearly. From the nearby cubicles, Lawrence heard the ritualized muttering of a thousand brothers and sisters in the Order of Reflective Analytics, a susurration of harmonized, concentrated thought. On his display, he watched an instrument widget track the decibel level over time, the graph overlaid on a 3D curve of normal activity over time and space.

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  • The following pages are taken from the Forlong Bequest lectures which I delivered in March last at the School of Oriental Studies.

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  • Public housing usually refers to houses or apartments the provincial government built and manages through a local housing authority. Most often these apartments, are for people who are most in need. Public housing sets rent on what the tenant can afford—rent geared-to-income. To get public housing you must be at least 16 years old and a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant. Shared housing Shared housing can be an apartment or house that you share with another person, or another family. In a rooming house, a shared house or apartment, there are private bedrooms.

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  • The question is, what influences outcomes for passengers in each class? For those in economy, is it the material fact of less space, poorer food, limited leg room, proximity to others, sleeping upright rather than reclining, limited opportunities for walking around etc.

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  • The user interface in AutoCAD® 2009 software has undergone a major renovation. You are going to love how quickly you can navigate to your favorite commands while still maintaining plenty of room for your drawing. Right of the bat you will notice that the default model space background color has changed to of-white, making it easy for layer colors to be consistent in both model space and paper space.

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  • take a look around you. Organization is everywhere. The world is organized as continents, oceans, and atmosphere. Forests are ordered as trees, plants, and animals. Countries take shape as states, cities, counties, and towns. Even your room, whether it’s a specific room or merely some space earmarked as yours, has organization, too. In spite of how ...

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  • Ethan Marcotte wrote an introductory article about the approach, “Responsive Web Design,” for A List Apart. It stems from the notion of responsive architectural design, whereby a room or space automatically adjusts to the number and flow of people within it: “Recently, an emergent discipline called “responsive architecture” has begun asking how physical spaces can respond to the presence of people passing through them.

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