The theory of conversation

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  • Lecture Theory of Automata: Lesson 40. The main topics covered in this chapter include: recap of example of PDA corresponding to CFG, CFG corresponding to PDA; theorem, here state, definition of conversion form, different situations of PDA to be converted into conversion form,...

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  • Lecture Theory of Automata: Lesson 41. The main topics covered in this chapter include: recap of PDA in conversion form, example of PDA in conversion form, joints of the machine, new pictorial representation of PDA in conversion form, summary table, row sequence, row language,...

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  • The nearly neutral theory of molecular evolution predicts that the efficacy of natural selection increases with the effective population size. This prediction has been verified by independent observations in diverse taxa, which show that life-history traits are strongly correlated with measures of the efficacy of selection, such as the dN/dS ratio.

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  • GC-Biased Gene Conversion (gBGC) is one of the important theories put forward to explain profound long-range non-randomness in nucleotide compositions along mammalian chromosomes. Nucleotide changes due to gBGC are hard to distinguish from regular mutations. Here, we present an algorithm for analysis of millions of known SNPs that detects a subset of so-called “SNP flip-over” events representing recent gBGC nucleotide changes, which occurred in previous generations via non-crossover meiotic recombination.

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  • This study adapted the SECI model, which explains the conversion between tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge through knowledge socialization (S), knowledge externalization (E), knowledge creation (C), and knowledge internalization (I) (Nonaka & Takeuchi, 1995). Considering the SECI Model as a theoretical referent in order to comprehend the KCP, Grounded Theory Methodology (GTM) was used to build theory from the systematic analysis of data collected from July 2013 to January 2015.

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  • Wordsworth’s theory of poetic diction was a result of desire to find a suitable language for the new territory of human life which was conquering for period treatment. He brought out the lyrical Ballads”With a view to ascertain how far the language of conversation in the middle and lower classes of society is adapted to the purpose of poetic pleasure”

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  • In order to investigate the isomerization and conversion mechanism of the advantageous and widely used nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine flurbiprofen, the hybrid density functional theory was applied.

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  • Mobile devices as learning tools enrich mobile computer supported collaborative learning (mCSCL). Engaging in metacognitive interaction promotes students’ regulatory learning and this can provide a positive influence to learning outcomes. However, despite insightful empirical studies, there is no research into the actual processes of new knowledge creation in this context. This leads to the question of how mobile learning experiences can support the co-creation of new knowledge. Two classroom action research studies were carried out using a qualitative research approach.

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  • The paper attempts to explain English native speakers’ use of the discourse marker yeah from a relevance-theoretic perspective (Sperber & Wilson, 1995). As a discourse marker, yeah normally functions as a continuer, an agreement marker, a turn-taking marker, or a disfluency marker.

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  • This study aims at investigating male and female strategies of directness and indirectness manifest in the speech of the characters in the play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. In the light of politeness theory by Brown and Levinson (1978), the realizations of direct and indirect strategies of politeness are associated with two types of strategies of face threatening acts (FTAs), namely bald-on-record and offrecord strategies.

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  • E-learning and knowledge management are increasingly accepted as established practices in the field of early childhood education. Living in the age of Web 2.0, young children can learn through experience, application, and conversation in community, physically or virtually, with peers, parents, teachers, and other adults, beyond the classroom and across the media. These concepts are of growing interest in communities of practice and knowledge networks.

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  • Religious conversion refers to the change of an individual and a community in their belief in spiritual entities, supernatural forces as well as in their religious rites and behavior. The Mnông community in Đắk Liên hamlet, Đắk Nhau commune, Bù Đăng district, Bình Phước province has converted from traditional religion to Catholicism. What were the causes of the conversion? Using methods of participant-observation, in-depth interview, and applying rational choice theory, the author indicated adequate answers to the question.

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  • This paper presents the findings of an analysis of rural infrastructure investment program in Huong Khe district, Ha Tinh province. Through the conversion factors from the Central Bank of Vietnam, the monetization process was conducted for both types of rural roads & bridges and irrigation systems.

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  • nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) spectroscopy has made quantum leaps in the last decade, becoming a staple tool in such divergent fields as chemistry, physics, materials science, biology, and medicine. that is why it is essential that scientists working in these areas be fully conversant with current nmr theory and practice.

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  • This chapter include all of the following content: Single-phase induction motors: qualitative examination, starting & running performance of singlephase induction & synchronous motors, revolving-field theory of single-phase induction motors, two-phase induction motors.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 of Tài liệu British Political Thought in History, Literature and Theory, 1500-1800 covers the following contents: The Nature of rights and the History of Empire, reading the private in Margaret Cavendish: Conversations in political thought, reflections on political Literature: History, Theory and the printed book, here and now, there and then, always and everywhere: Reflections concerning political theory and the study/writing of political thought.

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  • Wideband Code Division Multiple Access uses direct sequence spread-spectrum technology to transmit a number of independent conversations across 5MHz segments of the radio spectrum.

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  • In this book I present classical quantitative finance. The book is suitable for students on advanced undergraduate finance and derivatives courses, MBA courses, and graduate courses that are mainly taught, as opposed to ones that are based on research. The text is quite self-contained, with, I hope, helpful sidebars (‘Time Out’) covering the more mathematical aspects of the subject for those who feel a little bit uncomfortable. Little prior knowledge is assumed, other than basic calculus, even stochastic calculus is explained here in a simple, accessible way.

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  • Existing plan-based theories of speech act interpretation do not account for the conventional aspect of speech acts. We use patterns of linguistic features (e.g. mood, verb form, sentence adverbials, thematic roles) to suggest a range of speech act interpretations for the utterance. These are filtered using plan-bused conversational implicatures to eliminate inappropriate ones. Extended plan reasoning is available but not necessary for familiar forms.

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  • Introduction One of the central concerns of a theory of pra~atics is to explain what actions language users p e r f o r m by making utterances. This concern is also relevant to the designers of conversational language understanding systems, especially those intended to cooperate with a user in t h e e x e c u t i o n o f some t a s k ( e . g . , t h e Computer C o n s u l t a n t t a s k d i s c u s...

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