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  • .Brig Gen Kenneth Newton Walker Kenneth Walker enlisted at Denver, Colorado, on 15 December 1917. He took flying training at Mather Field, California, getting his commission and wings in November 1918. After a tour in the Philippines, he returned to Langley Field, Virginia, in February 1925 with a subsequent assignment in December 1928 to attend the Air Corps Tactical School. Retained on the faculty as a bombardment instructor,

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  • This paper describes the application of the PARADISE evaluation framework to the corpus of 662 human-computer dialogues collected in the June 2000 Darpa Communicator data collection. We describe results based on the standard logfile metrics as well as results based on additional qualitative metrics derived using the DATE dialogue act tagging scheme. We show that performance models derived via using the standard metrics can account for 37% of the variance in user satisfaction, and that the addition of DATE metrics improved the models by an absolute 5%. ...

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  • This paper presents PARADISE (PARAdigm for Dialogue System Evaluation), a general framework for evaluating spoken dialogue agents. The framework decouples task requirements from an agent's dialogue behaviors, supports comparisons among dialogue strategies, enables the calculation of performance over subdialogues and whole dialogues, specifies the relative contribution of various factors to performance, and makes it possible to compare agents performing different tasks by normalizing for task complexity. ...

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  • This paper explores how to apply the notion of caching introduced by Walker (1996) to the task of zero-anaphora resolution. We propose a machine learning-based implementation of a cache model to reduce the computational cost of identifying an antecedent. Our empirical evaluation with Japanese newspaper articles shows that the number of candidate antecedents for each zero-pronoun can be dramatically reduced while preserving the accuracy of resolving it.

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  • The paper presents a computational theory for resolving Japanese zero anaphora, based on the notion of discourse segment. We see that the discourse segment reduces the domain of antecedents for zero anaphora and thus leads to their efficient resolution. Also we make crucial use of functional notions such as empathy hierarchy and minimal semantics thesis to resolve reference for zero anaphora [Kuno, 1987]. Our al)proach differs from the Centering analysis [Walker et al.

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