Theories of fluctuations

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  • In this research monograph, we explain the development of a mechanistic, stochastic theory of nonfickian solute dispersion in porous media. We have included sufficient amount of background material related to stochastic calculus and the scale dependency of diffusivity in this book so that it could be read independently.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Macroeconomics" has contents: Introduction to economic fluctuations; a dynamic model of economic fluctuations; understanding consumer behavior; the theory of investment; alternative perspectives on stabilization policy; government debt and budget deficits; the financial system - opportunities and dangers.

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  • Be it remembered, that on this sixteenth day of November, Anno Domini eighteen hundred and thirty-three, J.B. Patterson, of said district, hath deposited in this office the title of a Book, the title of which is in the words following, to wit: "Life of Makataimeshekiakiak, or Black Hawk, embracing the Traditions of his Nation--Indian Wars in which he has been engaged--Cause of joining the British in their late War with America, and its History-- Description of the Rock River Village--Manners and Customs-- Encroachments by the Whites contrary to Treaty--Removal from his village in 1831.

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  • The volume includes Onsager's previously unpublished PhD thesis, a biography by H C Longuet-Higgins and M E Fisher, an autobiographical commentary, selected photographs, and a list of Onsager discussion remarks in print. Onsager's scientific achievements were characterized by deep insights into the natural sciences.

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  • Chapter 4 - Interest rate measurement and behavior. In this chapter you will learn to describe present value and the mechanics of calculating interest rates, comprehend the different types of bonds and loans and how their structure influences their present value, understand interest rate determination and the supply and demand causes of interest rate fluctuations.

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  • Chapter 23 - The Keynesian framework. In this chapter you will learn to see the differences among saving, investment, desired saving, and desired investment and explain how these differences can generate short-run fluctuations in real GDP; understand the Keynesian cross and determination of an equilibrium level of income; analyze autonomous changes in macroeconomic variables and their potential to cause economic fluctuations.

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  • The fundamental Physics of the 20th century was constructed basically from two main theories, general relativity and quantum theory. The later allowed the construction of the standard model which describes three of the four known fundamental interactions in Nature, the exception being the gravity interaction. Unfortunately, general relativity and quantum theory have not been unified into a single coherent description of gravity in the microscopic level yet. The gravity quantization problem exists for almost one century and the final answer is yet unknown.

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  • Chapter 6 - Understanding business cycles. This chapter describe the business cycle and its phases; describe the typical patterns of resource use fluctuation, housing sector activity, and external trade sector activity, as an economy moves through the business cycle; describe theories of the business cycle;...

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  • After reading this chapter, you should be able to: Interpret how macroeconomics studies both long-run economic growth and short-run fluctuations in output and unemployment; explain why economists focus on GDP, inflation, and unemployment when assessing the health of an entire economy; discuss why sustained increases in living standards are a historically recent phenomenon; identify why saving and investment are key factors in promoting rising living standards.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Macroeconomics" has contents: The science of macroeconomics; the data of macroeconomics; national income - Where it comes from and where it goes; money and inflation, the open economy; unemployment; introduction to economic fluctuations,...and other contents.

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  • The impact of macroeconomics on daily life is less tangible than that of microeconomics. Everyone has to deal with rising supermarket prices, fluctuations in the labor market, and other microeconomic problems. Only a handful of policymakers and government officials really need to worry about fiscal and monetary policy, or about a country’s overall competitiveness.

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