Things technology adoption

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  • This being said most of us, clever architects, will agree that without a solid governance SOA will fail at the business level as well as at the technology level. From an IT-perspective SOA is not as much as another way of doing things we used to do, but it is much more an additional layer on the things we already used to do; doing things “SOA” adds an extra dimension to doing things as we are used to in the past decades. We still design, build and test software, we still implement user requirements, we still manage configurations, we still...

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  • In this paper, case studies of different digital platform models in the domain of Agriculture in Asia were analyzed and presented.

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  • Beekeeping is a forest and agro-based industry, which is beyond the ordinary realms of industry, in the sense that the humans derive benefits from interaction between two living things like plants and bees without affecting adversely both. On the contrary plants, including many crops, prosper with the abundance of bees (as pollinating agents) and the bees, sheltered both by nature and humans provide mainly honey and other by-products like beeswax, bee-pollen, propolis and royal jelly.

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  • We are in the midst of a healthcare paradigm shift driven by the wide adoption of ubiquitous computing and various modes of information communications technologies. As a result, cities worldwide are undergoing a major process of urbanization with ever increasing wealth of sensing capabilities – hence the Internet of Things (IoT). These trends impose great pressure on how healthcare is done. This paper describes the design and implementation of a situated clinical decision support (SCDSS) system, most appropriate for smart cities. The SCDSS was prototyped and enhanced in a clinic.

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