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  • The first edition of Toxicological Chemistry (1989) was written to bridge the gap between toxicology and chemistry. It defined toxicological chemistry as the science that deals with the chemical nature and reactions of toxic substances, their origins and uses, and the chemical aspects of their exposure, transformation, and elimination by biological systems. It emphasized the chemical formulas, structures, and reactions of toxic substances. The second edition of Toxicological Chemistry (1992) was significantly enlarged and increased in scope compared to the first edition.

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  • The field of toxicology has grown enormously since Industrial Toxicology: Safety and Health Applications in the Workplace was first published in 1985. And while the original edition was hugely popular among occupational health professionals, the time is ripe to address toxic agents not only in the industrial setting but also in the environment at large.

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  • The public demand for the protection of human and environmental health has led to the establishment of toxicology as the science of the action of chemicals on biological systems. Toxicological research is focused presently very much on the elucidation of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of toxicity and the application of this knowledge in safety evaluation and risk assessment.

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  • Environmental toxicology is the study of the impacts of pollutants upon the structure and function of ecological systems. For the purposes of this text, the emphasis will be upon ecological structures, from the molecular to the individual organism to the community and the ecosystem. The broad scope of environmental toxicology requires a multidisciplinary approach of a variety of specialists.

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  • Bringing together the recent and relevant contributions of over 125 scientists from industry, government, and academia in North America and Western Europe, Alternative Toxicological Methods explores the development and validation of replacement, reduction, and refinement alternatives (the 3Rs) to animal testing. Internationally recognized scientists present what has been accomplished thus far in developing acceptable alternatives to traditional animal toxicological assessment and provide potentially new initiatives.

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  • Reseach report Environmental Toxicology "Some point of view about environmental pollution in long van tu canal" main content the urgency of topic, sources of pollution, effects of environmental pollution, solution,..

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  • part 1 book “pesticide toxicology and international regulation” has contents: pesticides - an overview of fundamentals, toxicology of organochlorine insecticides, anticholinesterase insecticides, toxicology of pyrethrins and synthetic pyrethroids, toxicology of miscellaneous insecticides, toxicology of fungicides.

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  • part 2 book “pesticide toxicology and international regulation” has contents: toxicology of herbicides, microbial pesticides, biocides, variability of residues in unprocessed food items and its impact on consumer risk assessment, occupational aspects of pesticide toxicity in humans, treatment of pesticide poisoning,… and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 of the document Modern toxicology - Textbook (Fourth edition) has contents: Introduction to toxicology, introduction to biochemical and molecular methods in toxicology, absorption and distribution of toxicants, metabolism of toxicants, reactive metabolites, chemical and physiological effects on xenobiotic metabolism,… and other contents. Invite you to consult the details.

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  • (BQ) Continued part 1, part 2 of the document Modern toxicology - Textbook (Fourth edition) has contents: Hepatotoxicity, toxicology of the nervous system, reproductive system, endocrine toxicology, respiratory toxicology, immune system, toxicity testing, forensic and clinical toxicology,… and other contents. Invite you to refer.

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  • Chapter 7 - Human health and environmental toxicology. The contents of this chapter include all of the following: Human health, environmental pollution and disease, determining health effects of pollutants, ecotoxicology, risk assessment.

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  • (BQ) Continued part 1, part 2 of the document Forensic medicine and toxicology and methods of review has contents: Impotence and sterility, postmortem artifacts, forensic psychiatry, bloodstain analysis, torture and custodial deaths, general toxicology, corrosive poisons,... and other contents. Invite you to refer.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 of the document Medical toxicology of modern (Fourth edition) has contents: General principles, corrosive (caustic) poisons, chemical poisons, organic poisons (toxins), neurotoxic poisons, cardiovascular poisons… Invite you to refer.

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  • (BQ) Continued part 1, part 2 of the document Medical toxicology of modern (Fourth edition) has contents: Asphyxiant poisons, hydrocarbons and pesticides, miscellaneous drugs and poisons, substance abuse, food poisons, substance abuse, analytical toxicology... Invite you to refer.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 of the document Diagnosis and management of the critically poisoned patient with critical care toxicology (Second edition) has contents: General management of the critically poisoned patient, toxic syndromes, medication safety in the intensive care unit,... and other contents. Invite you to refer.

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  • (BQ) Continued part 1, part 2 of the document Diagnosis and management of the critically poisoned patient with critical care toxicology (Second edition) has contents: Threat agents, drugs of abuse, chemical agents - metals and related substances, chemical agents - caustics and corrosives,... and other contents. Invite you to refer.

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  • Pancreatic cancer has the highest mortality rate among cancers due to its aggressive biology and lack of effective treatment. Gemcitabine, the first line anticancer drug has reduced efficacy due to acquired resistance. The current study evaluates the toxicological effects of Orthosiphon stamineus (O.s) and its marker compound (rosmarinic acid) in combination with gemcitabine. O.s (200 or 400 mg/kg/day) and rosmarinic acid (32 mg/kg/day) were administered orally and gemcitabine (10 mg/kg/3 days) intraperitoneally either alone or in combination treatment for fourteen days.

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  • Given that toxicology studies the potential adverse effects of environmental exposures on various forms of life and that clinical toxicology typically focuses on human health effects, what can and should the relatively new term of “translational toxicology” be taken to mean?

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  • Covering all aspects of botany, ethnology, pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacy, and medicine, this authoritative volume provides comprehensive coverage, presenting all important classes of natural products found in Asia and the Pacific, classified by their mode of action. With illustrations and photographs, each chapter includes figures of plants, concepts, and mechanisms of action. The author also presents cutting-edge research and recent developments in the field.

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  • This book is written with the objective of providing fundamental knowledge concerning the biological and health effects of environmental pollutants on living systems. The book emphasizes the chemical and biological characteristics of major pollutants found in our environment and their impacts on the health of living organisms, including not only humans and animals but also plants.

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