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  • Bố mẹ phải mất nhiều tiền để cho con cái đi du học. The parents musthave to to spend a lot of money for their children to study abroad of their child. Ngoài việc theo đuổi kiến thức, người ta cũng đi học đại học để chuẩn bị cho nghề nghiệp. The withoutApart from enriching knowledge, people go to college to prepare for their jobs too.

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  • Tài liệu Issues Related To Translation: Part 1 presents the following issues related to translation chapter 1, the business of translating, thoughts for the future, what every novice translator shouldnt know, what makes a translator ?, polishing of translation style, myths about translation and translators; chapter 2 issues related to interpretation, interpreting, the interpreter, what does an interpreter by working with simultaneous interpreters ?, strategies for new interpreters.

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  • Sandwiches arecommon in manycountries. Wheredidthis strange name come from? TheEarlof Sandwich (1718-1792) wasanEnglishman.Heliked to playcards. Onenightheplayed for hours and gotveryhungry. However,hedidn't wantto SlOphiscard game. Heasked for some roast meat betWeentWopieces ofbread. (People bakeroast meatin the ovenofastove). Heate the food while heplayed cards. Peoplegave hisname to this newkindoffood

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  • Invite you to refer to Part 2 of the book Issues Related To Translation to capture the following: Chapter selections for further reading 3, quick answers to general questions, constructing a model for analysis shift in translation, professional language translators, ethics and professionalism in translation, text translator.

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  • In the following pages I have attempted to trace certain developments in the theory of translation as it has been formulated by English writers. I have confined myself, of necessity, to such opinions as have been put into words, and avoided making use of deductions from practice other than a few obvious and generally accepted conclusions.

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  • using this handy pocket-sized book, you will be able to do the following: decipher complicated medical terms by recognizing and finding the meanings of individual word parts, distinguish between commonly misunderstood medical terms, recognize specialized terms used in medical records access information on medical abbreviations symbols acronyms and professional designations , understand the definitions of commonly used diagnostic tests and procedures,...

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  • This report requests the following milestones: • Training manual for extension workers and farmers in English and Vietnamese • Extension of leaflets and posters Please note that not all content has been translated into English. Only the essential information of the user manual and training content is presented in English. This is because of resource limitations and usefulness of real-time and full translation in English documents.

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  • Though it may not have been possible in the following pages to reproduce the elegant and incisive style of a master of French prose, not even the inadequacies of a translation can obscure the force of his argument. The only introduction, therefore, that seems possible must take the form of a request to the reader to study M. Faguet's criticism of modern democracy with the daily paper in his hand. He will then see, taking chapter by chapter, how in some aspects the phenomena of English democracy are identical with those described in the text, and how in others...

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  • In the following we give an account of a computer program for the translation of natural languages. The program has the following features: (1) it is adaptable to the translation of any two natural languages, not just to some particular pair; (2) it is a self-modifying program—that is, given the information that it has produced an incorrect translation, together with the translation which it should have produced according to the linguistic judgment of an operator, it will modify itself so as to eliminate the cause of the incorrect translation....

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  • Certain postulates are posited as a basis for the orientation and organization of research in mechanical translation. They are the following: 1. The essential problem of mechanical translation is the establishment of acceptable correlation between the signs of one system (the source language) and those of another (the target language).

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  • HAVING STARTED WORK on mechanical translation, we arrived at the conclusion that both the lexical meaning and the morphological shape of the word can and should be utilized in analyzing the text, and that for purposes of translation it is impractical to omit the information which can be thus obtained. The utilization of the lexical meanings of words as well as of their contexts may also affect problems of coding. These questions are extremely important to automatic translation. We based our work on the following principles: 1.

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  • The goal of interactive machine translation is to improve the productivity of human translators. An interactive machine translation system operates as follows: the automatic system proposes a translation. Now, the human user has two options: to accept the suggestion or to correct it. During the post-editing process, the human user is assisted by the interactive system in the following way: the system suggests an extension of the current translation prefix. Then, the user either accepts this extension (completely or partially) or ignores it. ...

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  • This guideline is an update of the previous Guideline on In- fant Oral Health Care, revised in 2009. This revision included a hand search of literature as well as a new search of the MEDLINE/PubMed ® electronic database using the following parameters: Terms: “infant oral health”, “infant oral health care”, and “early childhood caries”; Fields: all; Limits: within the last 10 years, humans, English, and clinical trials. Papers for review were chosen from the resultant list of 449 articles and from references within selected articles.

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  • THE FOLLOWING is a report on the proceedings of the first , held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass., June 17-20, 1952, and my own reactions.1 At the Conference individuals working on MT in this country and in England met for the first time and presented their different approaches.

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  • The following report was prepared immediately after the writer's return from the conference. It was written from the viewpoint of an engineer listening to experts in a field far separated from his own. Such judgments as may be found interspersed amongst the reports of individual papers are of an engineering nature, and are not to be construed, as being based upon other than an amateur’s knowledge of linguistic theory.

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  • The MT process comprises four distinctive sub-processes called the input, the identification of input forms, the translation process proper and the output. Initially certain linguistic phenomena seemed likely to prevent the complete mechanization of the identification process. The problem is the following.

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  • However, it is often desirable to consider syntactic constituents of subphrases, e.g. the hierarchical phrase X → X 1 for X 2 , X 2 de X 1 can be applied to both of the following strings in Figure 1 “A request for a purchase of shares” “filed for bankruptcy”, and get the following translation, respectively “goumai gufen de shenqing” “pochan de shenqing”.

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  • EBMT has the following features: (1) It is easily upgraded simply by inputting appropriate examples to the database; (2) It assigns a reliability factcr to the translation result; (3) It is acoelerated effectively by both indexing and parallel computing; (4) It is robust because of best-match reasoning; ~ d (5) It well utilizes translator expertise. A prototype system has been implemented to deal with a difficult translation problem for conventional Rule-Based Machine Translation (RBMT), i.e., translating Japanese noun phrases of the form "N~ no N2" into English.

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  • Communication is often conceived of in basically the following terms. A person has some idea which he or she wants to communicate to a second person. The first person translates that idea into some symbol system which is transmitted through some medium to the receiver. The receiver receives the transmission and translates it into some internal idea. Communication, in this view, is considered good to the extent that there is an isomorphism between the idea in the head of the sender before sending the message and the idea in the receiver's head after recieving the message. ...

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  • In this paper, a new method to design cam mechanisms with translating roller follower using Matlab and Inventor software is presented. The minimization of the cam size and the contact stress can be determined by controlling design parameters, such as the cam base circle radius, the follower face width and the follower offset. During the design procedure, a number of constraints regarding the pressure angle and the contact stress are taken into account. The finite element aproach is used to perform the analysis.

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