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  • We define noun phrase translation as a subtask of machine translation. This enables us to build a dedicated noun phrase translation subsystem that improves over the currently best general statistical machine translation methods by incorporating special modeling and special features. We achieved 65.5% translation accuracy in a German-English translation task vs. 53.2% with IBM Model 4.

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  • Flat noun phrase structure was, up until recently, the standard in annotation for the Penn Treebanks. With the recent addition of internal noun phrase annotation, dependency parsing and applications down the NLP pipeline are likely affected. Some machine translation systems, such as TectoMT, use deep syntax as a language transfer layer. It is proposed that changes to the noun phrase dependency parse will have a cascading effect down the NLP pipeline and in the end, improve machine translation output, even with a reduction in parser accuracy that the noun phrase structure might cause.

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  • In machine translation and man-machine dialogue, it is important to clarify referents of noun phrases. We present a method for determining the referents of noun phrases in Japanese sentences by using the referential properties, modifiers, and possessors 1 of noun phrases. Since the Japanese language has no articles, it is difficult to decide whether a noun phrase has an antecedent or not. We had previously estimated the referential properties of noun phrases that correspond to articles by using clue words in the sentences (Murata and Nagao 1993). ...

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  • As described in this paper, we propose a new automatic evaluation method for machine translation using noun-phrase chunking. Our method correctly determines the matching words between two sentences using corresponding noun phrases. Moreover, our method determines the similarity between two sentences in terms of the noun-phrase order of appearance. Evaluation experiments were conducted to calculate the correlation among human judgments, along with the scores produced using automatic evaluation methods for MT outputs obtained from the 12 machine translation systems in NTCIR7.

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  • One of the major problems when translating from Japanese into a European language such as German or English is to determine definiteness of noun phrases in order to choose the correct determiner in the target language. Even though in Japanese, noun phrase reference is said to depend in large parts on the discourse context, we show that in many cases there also exist linguistic markers for definiteness.

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  • This study aims at determining structural patterns of English noun phrases in general and in electronics texts in particular and analyzing differences in word order between English noun phrases and Vietnamese counterparts.

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  • EBMT has the following features: (1) It is easily upgraded simply by inputting appropriate examples to the database; (2) It assigns a reliability factcr to the translation result; (3) It is acoelerated effectively by both indexing and parallel computing; (4) It is robust because of best-match reasoning; ~ d (5) It well utilizes translator expertise. A prototype system has been implemented to deal with a difficult translation problem for conventional Rule-Based Machine Translation (RBMT), i.e., translating Japanese noun phrases of the form "N~ no N2" into English.

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  • We present a pattern matching method for compiling a bilingual lexicon of nouns and proper nouns from unaligned, noisy parallel texts of Asian/Indo-European language pairs. Tagging information of one language is used. Word frequency and position information for high and low frequency words are represented in two different vector forms for pattern matching. New anchor point finding and noise elimination techniques are introduced. We obtained a 73.1% precision. We also show how the results can be used in the compilation of domain-specific noun phrases. ...

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  • The details of the data, analysis, and model are reported elsewhere [5]. Some of the most intriguing aspects of the eye-fixation data concern trends that we have failed to find. Trends within noun phrases and verb phrases seem notable by their absence.

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  • One problem with phrase-based statistical machine translation is the problem of longdistance reordering when translating between languages with different word orders, such as Japanese-English. In this paper, we propose a method of imposing reordering constraints using document-level context. As the documentlevel context, we use noun phrases which significantly occur in context documents containing source sentences.

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  • Compounded words are a challenge for NLP applications such as machine translation (MT). We introduce methods to learn splitting rules from monolingual and parallel corpora. We evaluate them against a gold standard and measure their impact on performance of statistical MT systems. Results show accuracy of 99.1% and performance gains for MT of 0.039 BLEU on a German-English noun phrase translation task.

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  • We argue for the need for systems that output fewer terms, but with a higher precision. Moreover, all the above were conducted on language pairs including English. It would be possible, albeit more difficult, to obtain comparable corpora for pairs such as French-Japanese. We will try to remove the need to gather corpora beforehand altogether. To achieve this, we use the web as our only source of data. This idea is not new, and has already been tried by Cao and Li (2002) for base noun phrase translation. ...

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