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  • Drivers, urban planners and private car park operators have totally different takes on the ”parking” issue. It’s a good thing that Siemens ITS offers proven solutions that open up a new world of parking for everyone. A world where drivers are guided reliably and on the shortest route to the nearest free parking lot by our systems, which thus help substantially reduce traffic in search of a parking space and ensure optimum management of valuable parking space.

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  • The systems house of Scheidt & Bachmann has more than 30 years of experience in designing and delivering parking installations. Important standards have been set during this time period with more than 5,000 installations worldwide. At the same time the field of access and revenue control systems for leisure centres has also successfully advanced. In 1970 Scheidt & Bachmann launched the technology of the central stripe magnetic ticket onto the market. At that time this represented a new concept and soon advanced to an international standard for car park systems. ...

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