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  • Root of Trust in a PC Operations or actions based on the TPM have measurable trust. Flexible usage model permits a wide range of actions to be defined. Doesn’t Control PC (About DRM) User still has complete control over platform. It’s OK to turn the TPM off (it ships disabled). User is free to install any software he/she pleases.

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  • Not shown in Fig. 1 are some elements of the network that complicate security efforts. There may be a corporate firewall or network address translation (NAT) features that will require communication between the building services staff and IT staff, but will also provide greater protection against IT threats. There may be other external connections from a trusted network that bypass the SR, i.e. a modem connection. Also not shown are physical security implementation details.

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  • ADC’s TrueNet® structured cabling system is a highly reliable, end-to-end system designed to meet the unique network infrastructure needs of enterprises. Featuring proven cable, connectivity, and cable management solutions for Fiber, CopperTen® Augmented Category 6, and Category 6/5e from the data center to the desktop, TrueNet is installed in high performance networks worldwide. Backed by an industry leading warranty that not only addresses physical component performance, but also data throughput, the TrueNet structured cabling system delivers performance you can trust....

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  • Worm containment must be automatic because worms can spread too fast for humans to respond. Recent work has proposed network-level techniques to automate worm containment; these techniques have limitations because there is no information about the vulnerabilities exploited by worms at the network level. We propose Vigilante, a new end-toend approach to contain worms automatically that addresses these limitations. Vigilante relies on collaborative worm detection at end hosts, but does not require hosts to trust each other.

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  • Questions have been raised about the social impact of widespread use of social networking sites (SNS) like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and Twitter. Do these technologies isolate people and truncate their relationships? Or are there benefits associated with being connected to others in this way? The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project decided to examine SNS in a survey that explored people’s overall social networks and how use of these technologies is related to trust, tolerance, social support, and community and political engagement.

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  • If you wish to allow all connections for a particular network, add the network address to the list and select the corresponding check box in the Trusted column. Otherwise, if you want to remove a network address from the Trusted Zone, clear its check box. If you want to allow all NetBIOS communications—to and from a network address—make sure the corresponding box in the NetBIOS column is selected. To disallow all communications with the network, just clear the NetBIOS and Trusted check boxes. ...

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  • The main types of social networking services are those which contain category places (such as former school-year or classmates), means to connect with friends (usually with self-description pages) and a recommendation system linked to trust.

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  • Safety and privacy concerns: Social media raise important issues in relation to identity, trust, reputation and privacy, according to a recent IPTS survey among young people (Lusoli & Miltgen, 2009) and other studies. The risks arising from using open online environments are a bottleneck for the deployment of the full range of social media approaches in educational institutions.

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