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  • Upon completion of this lesson, the successful participant will be able: To understand the reasons for the popularity of survey research, to learn the types of error in survey research, to learn about the types of surveys, to understand the advantages and disadvantage of online surveys,... Inviting you refer.

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  • Thirty years ago, surveys were considered little more than hearsay evidence. Today, however, the use of scientific surveys has gained widespread acceptance within the federal court system. While the predominant use of surveys is seen in trademark actions, surveys also are used in trade dress, trade secrets, truth-in-advertising, Internet marketing, genericness, and even in patent infringement issues.

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  • The use of novel food technologies like genetic modification technology, nanotechnology and food irradiation technology have received mixed responses from the public. But there is limited information available about consumers’ attitudes toward food derived from cattle clones, when compared to what is known about consumers’ responses to genetically modified food in general.

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  • In this paper we discuss various types of vulnerabilities in MANET. Different types of attacker attempts different approaches to decrease the network performance, throughput. In this paper the principle focus is on various types of attacks in MANETs.

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  • This book provides a comprehensive guide for surveyors and architects on the steps to take when approached by a client asking for a structural survey. It deals with all types of buildings: domestic, commercial and industrial. Advice is given on how to diagnose faults, with many detailed sketches and photographs to illus- trate the text. Examples of various types of reports are given in the appendices. We are living in an era of change. Adaptation of buildings for different uses and extensions to existing buildings are commonplace.

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  • Includes regulations concerning the survey of the various types of ships and the issuing of documents signifying that the ship meets the requirements of the Convention. The Chapter also includes provisions for the control of ships in ports of other Contracting Governments.

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  • With reference to the organizational models and different types of investment banking of commercial banks in the world, the survey in Vietnams commercial banks from secondary data, the article pointed out some weaknesses and the reasons so as to suggest some approaches and recommendations for diversifying the organization model, increasing the number and improving the quality of investment banking for commercial banks in Vietnam in the coming time.

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  • Aimed at shedding light on the possible options for developing countries to make use of agri- environmental and rural development measures within the framework of the WTO, this paper surveys those programs used in the Quad that are considered non or at most minimally trade distorting, non-discriminatory and otherwise consistent with current WTO rules. Furthermore, it tries to illustrate the possible outcomes in the ongoing negotiations in the WTO on the Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) from a developing country viewpoint, related to the types of mechanisms surveyed above. ...

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  • In this chapter, you will be able to: Identify different types of long-term operational assets, determine the cost of long-term operational assets, explain how different depreciation methods affect financial statements,...

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  • In this chapter, you will be able to: Identify the primary characteristics of sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations; analyze financial statements to identify the different types of business organizations; explain the characteristics of major types of stock issued by corporations;...

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  • The system of mono-degree of freedom with some type of aerodynamic force and the analysis of solution for the case has been considered in [1, 2]. In [3] we have conducted a survey in the non-resisting equation system of two-degree of freedom with the aerodynamic force as in f5]. In this article, we will continue to study the abovementioned mathematical problem with the regard to the resisting element of environment make some suggestions for the solution and survey its stability.

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  • This study attempts to answer the question “Does psychological capital drive the effort of marketers?” Using a survey data set collected from 364 marketers working for various types of firms in Ho Chi Minh City, we found that each component of psychological capital has a direct and positive impact on job effort of marketers.

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  • Chapter 1 - Introduction to financial statements. This chapter’s objectives are to: Identify the forms of business organization and the uses of accounting information, explain the three principal types of business activity, describe the four financial statements and how they are prepared.

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  • The purpose of this study is to highlight the perception of the eSport community toward the experiences proposed by brands and charities on the competitive gaming scene. Regarding the lack of academic resources concerning the eSport and the charities, to answerand understand the degree of perception of the community and the difference between brands and charities’ perceptions, the research methodology is based on a mono-method research design composed by a survey.

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  • This study aims at investigating male and female strategies of directness and indirectness manifest in the speech of the characters in the play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. In the light of politeness theory by Brown and Levinson (1978), the realizations of direct and indirect strategies of politeness are associated with two types of strategies of face threatening acts (FTAs), namely bald-on-record and offrecord strategies.

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  • Land use activities (LUA) have a significant impact on the level and situation of vegetation characteristics and in turn affect human population as they are considered as the main global environmental changes. This study analyzed land use patterns in three different locations in Khartoum, Sudan: banks of River Nile, Blue and White Nile.

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  • Land holding, In Ichak block of Hazaribagh district farmers are adopting different land use practices (viz. agriculture and agroforestry systems) on their land. The present investigation was conducted to identify the existing agroforestry practices and livelihood status of farmers. For conducting the study a total of 160 households from four panchayats and eight villages (two villages from each panchayat) were selected through multistage random sampling.

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  • Hot-spot biodiversity is a concentrated site of high species diversity, high species endemicity, and habitat uniqueness. Biodiversity disperses unevenly across the global, regional and regional scope. Hot-spot biodiversity developed into an approach to assessing the concentration of biodiversity at certain limits. The biodiversity hot-spot approach is conducted using indicator species such as bird species that are used as ecotourism development for sustainable forest exploitation.

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  • The present study was conducted in the market of Hyderabad city to know the present condition of organic food market. Data was collected with the help of structured and duly pre tested interview schedule. Data was also collected regarding the price range of 50 products from 5 organic and 5 conventional stores. Result reveals that there were five main outlets online and offline that were majorly selling organic food and products range.

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  • Statistic surveys of innovation2 by enterprises are activities of statistic collection of data conducted in science and technology (S&T) sectors of Vietnam. They are quite a new type of activities in practice of Vietnam. Actually, Vietnam is implementing the survey methodology among enterprises on basis of OECD guidelines for a pilot survey among enterprises in processing and manufacturing sectors of Vietnam.

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