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  • Natalie MacLees is a frontend web developer and UI designer. She spends her days on the product team at Geni (geni.com), a Los Angeles-based startup that is crowdsourcing the creation of a single family tree of the world. Together with Noel Saw she heads up the Southern California WordPress User's Group (socalwp.org), organizing WordPress meetups, help sessions, and workshops. In 2010, she worked as a technical reviewer on WordPress 3 Complete by April Hodge Silver. She makes her online home at nataliemac.com.

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  • Visual Basic 2005, together with the .NET Framework, provides a wonderfully powerful development environment. With these tools, developers can build amazingly powerful applications relatively quickly and easily. With this power, however, comes great complexity. Many books are available that discuss the Visual Basic language, and if you need to build a relatively simple application, those are generally sufficient. No books, however, address the complex issues that surround the development of more complicated Visual Basic applications.

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  • Các bạn có thể dùng các chương trình thiết kế trên máy tính như: Orcad, Protues để tiến hành design mạch in. Và công việc tiếp theo sẽ là việc làm mạch và hàn linh kiện lên Board mạch.

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  • People expect effortless, engaging interaction with desktop and web applications, but producing software that generates enjoyable user experiences is much harder than many companies anticipate. With Effective UI, you'll learn proven user-experience strategies that will satisfy your clients and customers, drive business value, and increase brand strength. This book shows you how to capture the collaborative and cooperative spirit among designers, engineers, and management required for building engaging software.

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  • Design your app navigation strategy carefully! if you navigate from ‘third page’ to ‘main page’ and your user then presses the Back key, what happens? User expects app to exit App actually navigates back to Third Page

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  • Want to learn how to create great user experiences on today's Web? In this book, UI experts Bill Scott and Theresa Neil present more than 75 design patterns for building web interfaces that provide rich interaction. Distilled from the authors' years of experience at Sabre, Yahoo!, and Netflix, these best practices are grouped into six key principles to help you take advantage of the web technologies available today. With an entire section devoted to each design principle, Designing Web

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  • So you have the coding chops to write lean, semantic HTML—and you can back it up with masterful CSS to transform your design ideas into gorgeous web sites that enthrall your visitors. But these days, you realize, inspiring designs and impeccable HTML alone fall short when you’re trying to create the next Facebook or Twitter. So, what’s the missing piece of the front-end puzzle?

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  • • User interface design Strictly defined, user interface (UI) design refers to the design of the “interface” between users and the underlying software. However, in reality, most UI designers think beyond this superficial level to create designs that meet users’ needs. • Interaction design David Kelley, the founder of IDEO, defines interaction design this way: “Interaction design is using your technical knowledge in order to make it useful for people, to delight someone, to make someone get excited about the new technology they’re using.

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  • User-Interface Design Chương 4, "Thiết kế hướng đối tượng, khám phá các vấn đề trong thiết kế hướng đối tượng cao cấp. Tuy nhiên, kiến trúc ứng dụng và thiết kế tốt nhất trên thế giới sẽ không lưu một chương trình, trừ khi nó giúp người sử dụng làm công việc của họ. Các ứng dụng phải được dễ dàng, đủ để sử dụng người dùng có thể làm công việc của họ tốt hơn với chương trình hơn là không.

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  • jQuery Mobile is an award winning, HTML5/CSS3-based open source, cross-platform UI framework. It offers a very cool and highly customizable UI. It is built on the popular jQuery library and uses declarative coding, making it easy to use and learn. It is the market leader today, considering the numerous browsers and platforms that it supports. jQuery Mobile Cookbook presents over eighty recipes written in a simple and easy manner. You can quickly learn and start writing the code immediately.

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  • Action popup triggered from distinct visual target. Minimally disruptive to screen context. Actions are straightforward. Fast & fun. Recommendation. DO use when items have competing internal targets. DO present only the for most important and obvious actions. DO use when the item doesn’t have a meaningful detail view. DON’T use in contexts which support multiple selection

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  • 1.) Dùng công cụ Rectangle Maquee vẽ 1 vùng như hình 2.) Nhấn Ctrl+C để copy sau đó nhấn Ctrl+V để dán lên 1 layer mới . Nhấn Ctrl+T để xoay chiều và di chuyển nó đến vị trí khe núi 3.) Nhấn R để dùng Smudge tool , giá trị Strength 25 % , sau đó "ủi" phần thác như chiều mũi tên 4.) Vào Image Adjusrt Brishtness/Contrast điểu chỉnh thông số như hình

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  • THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN TO PROVIDE a wide coverage of complex solutions to common needs and desires from SharePoint 2010 implementations along with great reference material for digging in and learning the new platform; an excellent guide and handbook for people in the field. There are plenty of books to ramp up and learn how to do things with SharePoint; however, this book focuses on the main areas of customization and provides more intricate details as well as specific full-scale solutions that people need to implement.

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  • Aimed at the more than 100 million licensed SharePoint 2010 users, this indispensable field guide addresses an abundance of common SharePoint 2010 problems and offers proven solutions. A team of authors encourages you to customize SharePoint beyond the out-of-the-box functionality so that you can build more complex solutions to these challenges. You?ll discover intricate details and specific full-scale solutions that you can then implement to your own SharePoint 2010 solutions.

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  • There is a revolution happening in the technology industry. Touchscreen interfaces, combined with low-cost and ubiquitous smartphones, have created a perfect storm for disruptive innovation. Android is at the forefront of this change, bringing a free and open-source platform on which developers can create the next generation of applications. With free development tools and an open market, anyone can develop applications that reach a worldwide market. But why choose to develop for Android?

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  • WPF and Silverlight are unlike any other user interface (UI) technologies. They have been built to a new paradigm that—if harnessed correctly—can yield unprecedented power and performance. This book shows you how to control that power to produce clean, testable, maintainable code. It is now recognized that any non-trivial WPF or Silverlight application needs be designed around the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design pattern in order to unlock the technology's full data-binding potential.

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  • This book presents practical techniques for writing lightweight software test automation in a .NET environment. If you develop, test, or manage .NET software, you should find this book useful. Before .NET, writing test automation was often as difficult as writing the code for the application under test itself. With .NET, you can write lightweight, custom test automation in a fraction of the time it used to take. By lightweight automation, I mean small, dedicated test harness programs that are typically two pages of source code or less in length and take less than two hours to write.

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  • This training kit is designed for developers who plan to take Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist (MCTS) exam 70-526, as well as for developers who need to know how to develop Microsoft Windows–based applications using the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. We assume that before you begin using this kit you have a working knowledge of Windows and Microsoft Visual Basic or C#. By using this training kit, you’ll learn how to do the following: Create a user interface (UI) for a Windows Forms application by using standard controls. Integrate data in a Windows Forms application.

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  • Theoretical modeling of unemployment insurance (UI) has typically focused on the benefit level or the replacement rate, i.e., the fraction of earnings replaced by unemployment benefits. Of course, the design of an optimal UI system raises many other issues.

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  • Layout problems arise in a number of domains and one common strategy is to use optimization techniques to find a layout that sat- isfies domain-specific criteria. Researchers have applied this op- timization approach to circuit board layout [Sarrafzadeh and Lee 1993], graph layout [Tollis et al. 1998], component layout in prod- uct design [Cagan et al. 2002], document layout [Jacobs et al. 2003; Hurst et al. 2009], UI layout [Lok and Feiner 2001; Gajos et al. 2010], label layout [Christensen et al. 1995; Vollick et al. 2007], and architectural floor plan layout [Merrell et al. 2010].

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