Under salt stress

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: Transcriptional profiling of Medicago truncatula under salt stress identified a novel CBF transcription factor MtCBF4 that plays an important role in abiotic stress responses

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  • Nitric oxide enhances salt secretion and Na+ sequestration in a mangrove plant, Avicennia marina, through increasing the expression of H+-ATPase and Na+/H+ antiporter under high salinity.

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  • Increasing attention has also been given to dissecting and understanding diversity in relation to genes underlying important agronomic traits in a number of crops. Molecular phylogenetics and genetic diversity analysis can help to clarify the taxonomic identity and evolutionary relationships of the wild relatives of crop species. These methods can also help prevent misidentification and carefully plan effective germplasm management strategies.

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  • In terms of detail, the Cairns Group inter alia demands that payments under environmental programs should be less than the extra costs involved in complying. A controversial point could be that the EU’s environmental programs offer income foregone, additional costs as well as the financial incentive necessary to encourage farmers to make agri-environmental undertakings. The new suggestion brought forward by Cairns could thus be seen as an indicator that the Group is considering current practice, like by the EU, as too generous regarding the amount of the overall compensation.

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  • Through efforts by the Ministry of Commerce, together with the cooperation of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and several other development partners under the framework of the Diagnostic Trade Integration Strategy in 2007, 19 commodities and services subsectors with high export potential and strong contribution to human development were identified. The list was submitted to the Government of Cambodia for action. The rubber industry ranked among the top five sectors with high export potential and medium-high contribution to human development.

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  • Subsidy rates range from 38% to 67% for policies using either “basic” units or “optional” units. Basic units cover all plantings in a single county of a crop with the same tenant/landlord. Optional units are basic units divided into smaller units by township section. As newly authorized under the 2008 farm bill, a higher subsidy rate (up to 80%) is provided for policies using enterprise units (all land for a single crop in a county, regardless of the tenant/landlord structure). Because the premium for policies using enterprise units is lower (i.e.

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  • Creative accounting offers a formidable challenge to the accounting profession. Professional accountants need an education that would ensure the specific application knowledge necessary to practice accounting ethics and morals. To be considered ethical, accounting practice should include not only compliance with specific rules and laws. The process of being ethical has to include the process of interpreting the underlying motives and theories. To be truly ethical, professional accountant must know why certain actions are good and others are bad.

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  • The average sale price achieved in INMARK Towers during the September 2011 quarter was just under $930,000 and approximately 15% of the apartments are still available for sale. As previously mentioned, resales for off -the-plan sales within the building have resulted in strong capital gains. As no sales have been recorded in East Exchange over the last quarter, the average sale price achieved in the fi rst six months of the year was just over $1.1 million. East Exchange has approximately 60% of total stock remaining.

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  • It usually looks at cash flow during the hold period of the investment plus the cash flow resulting from the ultimate disposition of the investment property. In these respects it is different from and more sophisticated than Tool Kit #2 Direct Capitalization, which usually limits its focus to annual net incomes without taking into account cash flow, appreciation in value, paying down of mortgages, or ultimate cash flow on disposition.

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  • This guidance is not legally-binding. It represents a synthesis of the information and experience available to the Commission. It is intended as a summary of the current state of the art with respect to best practice on integrated environmental management. The guidance is not intended to be a rigid set of rules to be followed in all circumstances. The mere fact that there is so much diversity between cities across the EU means that no one solution is applicable nor appropriate for all situations.

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  • Because the insurance industry employs both captive and independent producers in its various models of product distribution, understanding the insurer-producer relationship is critical when determining the insurer’s responsibility for its appointed producers’ social media communications. As such, if the content of an appointed producer’s social media communication can be attributed to a specific carrier, regulators will also attribute the communication to the carrier.

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  • For the last 100 years, a health care regulatory project enthusiastically endorsed by generations of health policy experts has been encrusting U.S. health care with layer upon layer of increasingly intrusive regulation. Though each regulation may be innocuous in its own right, taken together they have had the unfortunate effect of divorcing patients from spending on their health, creating explosive growth in Wisconsin’s Medicaid budget, and making Wisconsin’s market for hospital services one of the least competitive in the United States.

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  • The program attracts between 60 and 110 applications per year. After one class with 45 students was started in 1998, 1999 and 2000, two classes with together 85 students were started in 2001. On the aver- age, employers contribute 50% to the tuition fees, the other expenses and the absences. Between 75% and 90% of the students of this mainly German language program work in Switzerland, the remainder mostly in Germany. Figure 4 exhibits the graduation disciplines of the participants in the first six classes.

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  • Dalton et al. reported the average production costs and returns for 2004 from a sample of 30 organic dairy farms in Vermont and Maine. They reported a total cost for organic milk production of $22.58 per cwt, before a deduction for unpaid operator labor and management, which was not significantly different from milk revenues. Thus organic milk production did not generate any return to unpaid labor and management nor did it produce a positive return to farm assets or equity.

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  • Prior to the 2010 renegotiation of the SRA, some observers argued that the reimbursement rate should be pegged to something other than premium value, such as the number of policies sold, to better reflect actual costs and to help reduce federal expenditures. If premiums are actuarially sound, the administrative costs of writing a policy are likely not proportional to the value of the policy (e.g., whether 10 acres or 1,000 acres, or $3 per bushel or $9 per bushel).

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  • Abnormal reproductive development in males has been linked to environmen- tal contaminant exposure in a wide variety of vertebrates. These include humans, rodent models, and a large number of comparative wildlife species. In human males, abnormal reproductive development can manifest as a suite of symptoms, described collectively as testicular dysgenesis syndrome (TDS). TDS is also described as demasculinization or feminization of the male phenotype.

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  • There are other bizarre and unkind ramifications. For example, the transport of POPs depends on temperature; in a process known as the "grasshopper effect", these chemicals jump around the globe, evaporating in warm places, riding the wind and particles of dust, settling to Earth in cool spots, and then vaporizing and moving on again. As the POPs move away from the equator they encounter cooler climates with less evaporation. The result is a general drift of these pollutants toward the Poles and mountain areas.

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  • Before discussing our methodology, we motivate our study with a table illustrating bank adaptation and soft credit at work. The data are from a large Greek bank, covering tens of thousands applications by individuals for credit products. 4 Columns 1 and 2 show the monthly declared income and monthly payments on household credit products for self-employed individuals across di§erent industries, and column 3 presents the ratio of payments-to-income. On average, self-employed Greeks spend 82% of their monthly reported income servicing debt.

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  • For the banking group as a whole, costs of doing business may be lower under the branch structure than under the subsidiary structure. Maintaining greater self- sufficiency of affiliates in a subsidiary structure requires that each affiliate hold higher capital and liquidity buffers to limit the likelihood of failure. This results in higher levels of capital and funding for the banking group as a whole than under the branch structure.

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  • The majority of lead contaminated sites in the Blacksmith Institute’s database are found in Africa, South America, South and Southeast Asia, but the problem of lead pollution plagues most developing countries worldwide. Its uses are varied; in Latin America it has often been utilized for ceramic glazing and in other countries leaded gasoline is still used. In the U.S. lead paint is the cause of a majority of lead exposures and such exposures can be expected in most countries since paint pigments using lead were commonly used worldwide up until a few decades ago.

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