Understanding of civil society

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  • Lecture FinTech - Chapter 3: Internet technology and governance, after studying this section will help you understand: information revolution and how society civilization changes tetrad, a tool for analyzing media (industrial tools) gutenberg galaxy and its reverse future of monetary financial system.

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  • This book could be viewed as an attempt at such observation, in the hope of inspiring an understanding of the digital economy among the people. It also aims to ensure that those achievements of the human civilization could integrate into and serve the society in acceptable ways.

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  • Media monitoring and response to erroneous statements: National statistical agencies may wish to establish a system to monitor the news media which serve them regularly. This is fundamental to measuring how extensively the media have covered the releases of new statistical information, and how accurately the information has been reported. In instances where journalists misinterpret or erroneously report the data, it can benefit the national statistical organization to request a correction in the media, either informally or formally.

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  • Among the 22 indicators that underpin the international target to ‘reduce the rate of loss of biodiversity’ is one covering trends in invasive alien species. This Handbook, the fruit of a three year European Union-funded project, will make a significant contribution to a wider understanding of these trends as they relate to the continent of Europe.

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  • Where relevant, account should be taken of possible socio-economic impacts of research, including its intended and unintended consequences and the inherent risks and opportunities. A sound understanding of this issue should be demonstrated both at the level of research design and research management. In this context, where appropriate, the projects should ensure engagement of relevant stakeholders (e.g.

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  • Athletic activities and recreational exercises are the phenomena of modern civilized societies. The Olympic logo Citius, altius, fortius may translate better today as “even faster, even higher, even stronger.” If we consider that many sport participants are professionally involved and that sport has become big business and top entertainment in our society, we can understand how sport can place demands on an athlete. At the same time, during the last few decades, recreational exercise has become most people’s daily lifestyle.

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  • Against this backdrop, UNEP has developed the Medium-term Strategy 2010–2013 in consultation with the UNEP Committee of Permanent Representatives, the secretariats of UNEP-administered multilateral environmental agreements and representatives of civil society and the private sector. The Medium-term Strategy sets out the next phase in the evolution of UNEP as it becomes a more effective, efficient and results-focused entity, meeting the expectations of Governments and its stakeholders in responding to global environmental challenges and opportunities. ...

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  • Over the past 30 years, environmental policies and related reporting activities adopted by OECD countries have steadily evolved. This evolution has been largely driven by increased public awareness of environmental issues, their international aspects and their linkages with economic and social issues. Initially the demand for environmental information was closely related to the definition and implementation of environmental policies and their effects on the state of the environment.

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  • This volume grew out of a study group on corporate governance at the Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI) in 2002. The project was motivated by a concern to take stock of the changes underway in corporate governance in Japan. Our feeling was that the conventional understanding about the Japanese Wrm was increasingly becoming outdated.

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  • “Social Welfare” offers, for the first time, a wide-ranging, internationally-focused selection of cutting-edge work from leading academics. Its interdisciplinary approach and comparative perspective promote examination of the most pressing social welfare issues of the day. The book is divided in three sections.

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  • The technological advancement of our civilization has created a consumer society expanding faster than the planet's resources allow, with our resource and energy needs rising exponentially in the past century. Securing the future of the human race will require an improved understanding of the environment as well as of technological solutions, mindsets and behaviors in line with modes of development that the ecosphere of our planet can support.

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