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  • many new developments in infrared and Raman instrumentation, such as high sensitive detectors, charge-coupled devices (CCD) and array detectors, laser excitation sources, step-scan technique, photoacoustic detection, spectral depth profiling, light-fiber optics, mapping and imaging in the field of microscopy, time resolved and surface-enhanced methods - in order to mention a few of these significant improvements. Of course this progress in vibrational spectroscopy is closely connected with the enormous development in computer technique.

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  • 156 CHAPTER 7. IC MANUAL 7.14.3 File and Function Management When les are loaded into IC, they stay loaded until they are explicitly unloaded. This is usually the functionality that is desired. If one of the program les is being worked on, the other ones will remain in memory so that they don't have to be explicitly re-loaded each time the one undergoing development is reloaded. However, suppose the le foo.c is loaded, which contains a de nition for the function main. Then the le bar.c is loaded, which happens to also contain a de nition for main.

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