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  • Having celebrated our 20th anniversary last year, it’s our second decade of creating and refining our complete and easy-to-use graphic design suite. Learning resources remains a key element to enable users of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite to get going quickly and create amazing illustrations, layouts, graphics, and more. We are, therefore, including, in addition to our help system, electronic documentation, and video tutorials, a full-color hard-cover book of tips and techniques in the latest boxed version of the suite....

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  • finishing touches at the end of the zoo director’s introduction, he disappears, but the flvplayback component skin remains. you’ll remove the skin and position the video to be better integrated with the background. 1 select the zoo director video in the popupvideo layer. 2 in the component parameters section of the properties inspector, click the pencil button next to the skin property. 3 in the dialog box that appears, choose none from the skin pull-down menu. click ok. the zoo director video no longer has a skin.

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