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  • This study examined the role of motivation types in predicting the use of language learning strategies by English major students at the University of Languages and International Studies - Vietnam National University, Hanoi (ULIS). A questionnaire was employed to collect information from 123 students.

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  • Cleaner Production (CP) was fi rst introduced in Vietnam in 1995 by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP). According to UNEP, CP is the continuous application of an integrated preventive environmental strategy to processes, products, and services in order to increase effi ciency and reduce risks to humans and the environment. The demonstration case studies have fi gured out that CP can give the opportunities to reduce from 10 - 15% of energy and input material consumption in production.

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  • Over more than 40 years of the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (PVN) development, Science and Technology has been played a very important role and significantly contribute to the success of PVN in all core business areas. This paper reviews the achievements of Science & Technology activities of PVN so far as well as point outs key strategies to address future challenges of oil & gas industry in Vietnam in order to improve productivity, quality, production, business efficiency, and to achieve sustainable development.

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  • Viet Nam signed UNFCCC in June 1992 and ratified in Nov.1994. Viet Nam signed Kyoto protocol in Dec. 1998 and rectified in Sep. 2002. The HydroMET Service (Now MONRE) was assigned by the Government to be the Focal point for activities related to UNFCCC and KP in Vietnam. Vietnam is considered as one of the active countries in implementing UNFCCC and KP.

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  • At the national level, the concept of national human resource development (NHRD) is still ambiguous and strongly debated among scholars partially because there are a number of countries, though without a clear NHRD plan, having competent human resources. There are also a lot of countries having succeeded in implementing their own NHRD strategies. The article examines these strategies to draw relevant lessons for Vietnam in its search for a NHRD efficient strategy.

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  • This paper aims to propose a possible solution to a real-world curriculum problem of how to foster learner autonomy in an English academic writing class at College of Foreign Languages-Vietnam National University where a generally low level of learner autonomy is perceived. It begins by defining relevant terms and representing the problem. Thence, the rationale for the proposed solution and a plan for implementing it are discussed. The final section suggests a plan for evaluating the effectiveness of the problem-solving task. ...

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  • This paper theoretically explores the need for crafting a new framework for crafting a Vietnamese national competitive strategy, whether in international relations or business, rather than repetitively applying Western derived models from one culture to another. The recommendations for such a framework put forth here call for the application of a new cross-cultural strategic model

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  • Bioenergy exploitation and use play an important role in the implementation of the National Green Growth Strategy recently approved by the Government of Vietnam. This article focuses on the legal framework and policies for bio - technology development in Vietnam, the potential and current status of bioenergy exploitation and use, and points out existing obstacles and bottlenecks based on which it will make some policy recommendations for enhancing the exploitation and use of bioenergy sources in Vietnam.

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  • Aquaculture market and development strategy: The case of pangasius in the mekong delta, Vietnam. Vietnam Mekong Delta plays very important roles in fishery production with its total of 60 % by the country’s prodution and its sharing of the 80% of the National fishery export, with its arround USD 2.5 billions, anually.

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  • The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) allows a country with an emission-reduction or emission-limitation commitment under the Kyoto Protocol (Annex B Party) to implement an emission-reduction project in developing countries. The mechanism stimulates sustainable development and emission reductions, while giving industrialized countries some flexibility in how they meet their emission reduction or limitation targets. Under the CDM, there are various benefits, enormous potential to promote sustainable development and increase foreign investment flows for developing countries.

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  • Journal Vietnam social sciences – No 6/2019 present the content thought of Vietnamese nationalist party on national issues; Vietnam’s economy overview and assessments of prospects; America’s indo-pacific strategy and its impact on cooperation and development in ASIA; characteristics of population ageing process in Vietnam and issue of caring for the elderly...

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  • Since 1993, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has pursued a policy of restructuring its external debt in order to reduce its debt burden. In 2002, the Bretton Woods institutions prepared a debt sustainability analysis that concluded that the country was not eligible for the Enhanced Highly Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) Initiative. Furthermore, in 2003, the Vietnamese authorities approved a debt strategy for the period of 2001-2010 formulated by the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI).

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  • This study looks at whether Vietnam could adopt the Payment for Environmental Services (PES) approach as part of its national conservation strategy. Using a pilot study in the country’s uplands, it investigates how such a scheme might run and assesses its impact on the environment and on the local people’s livelihoods. Through a review of current Vietnamese conservation practice, it assesses the barriers to the adoption of such schemes and the factors that might encourage their implementation....

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  • This paper analyzes four important issues related to national renewable energy policies including strategies for energy development, policies on financial supports for renewable energy development, use of taxes and fees for energy management, policies on energy consumption.

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  • This paper was compiled from studies, discussions and exchanges of the National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategy Studies. The paper pointed out the role of science and technology (S&T) in different stages of economic development, requirements for S&T policy, current orientations and policies, and clearly indicated opportunities, challenges for S&T policy development and the way to respond to challenges.

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  • Mekong Delta in Vietnam plays an important role of national economy and has highly diverse natural conditions and resources. In the context of climate change, sea level rise, and increasing the impacts from water utilization in the upstream Mekong River and natural resource exploitation within Mekong Delta, it is needed to have the scientific and practical foundations, strategies, solutions and models for large scale transformation in Mekong Delta towards sustainability and climate change response.

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  • The paper introduces a document collection on the Southwest region of Vietnam which is currently being stored at the Social Sciences Library of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and managed by the Institute of Social Sciences Information. Out of tens of thousands of documents at the École Française d’Extrême-Orient (EFEO, French School of Asian Studies) which were handed over to Vietnam in 1957, several hundreds of documents covering various fi elds such as history, archaeology, culture, anthropology, religion and geography...

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  • Currently, in Vietnam electricity market, hydropower plants still account for a large proportion approximately 38%. Thus, study on control problems of the hydropower plants plays an extremely important role. Load – frequency control is one of the most significant control problems. Major objectives of such a control strategy are to focus on maintaining the system frequency at a nominal value (50Hz in Vietnam) and the tie-line power interchange at a scheduled value.

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