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  • This research has been carried out to study the types and grammatical and move structures of English and Vietnamese questions in natural and classroom communication. Using comparative, contrastive, qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis, 1380 collected questions were analyzed.

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  • Ambiguity in language translation is due to the presence of words in the source language with multiple non-synonymous target equivalents. A contextual analysis is required whenever a grammatical analysis fails to resolve such ambiguity. In the case of scientific and engineering literature, clues to the context can be obtained from a knowledge of the varying degrees of probability with which words occur in different fields of science.

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  • New Headway English Course now provides a seamless syllabus progression from beginner to upper-intermediate level. It takes a clear and structured approach to grammar. Grammatical structures are introduced in context, with questions that encourage students to work out the rules for themselves. A comprehensive 'Grammar section' at the back of the Student's Books provides a useful reference before, during or after the lesson.

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  • (BQ)Serial contents of the book part 1 "Oxford Russian grammar and verbs", part 2 presents the following contents: Vert list, the adverb, the preposition, the conjunction, word order, punctuation, glossary of grammatical tems,... Hopefully the book will help the students to consolidate and develop their reading ability, enabling review the knowledge of vocabulary, grammar learned while expanding new vocabulary.

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  • Nowadays, online newspaper has drawn the increasing attention of the public. In Vietnam, online newspapers, especially those in foreign languages, have played an important role in providing information for foreign affairs. Through investigating thirty online news discourses updated on five online newspapers in English by Vietnamese translators, the author found that many grammatical cohesive devices have been used in online news discourses. However, the frequency of occurrence of grammatical cohesive devices is different from each others. ...

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  • Reference document content "Top 10 IELTS grammar mistakes and how to avoid them" below to catch 10 common grammatical errors in the IELTS exam and how to fix it. Hope content useful document for the learning needs and research.

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  • The study reveals that at present structural approaches influenced by European and American structuralists such as Saussure and Bloomfield, and functional approaches influenced by Dik’s functional grammar and Halliday’s systemic functional grammar seem to be the dominant grammatical models for the analysis of the Vietnamese simple clause.

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  • Top 10 Great Garmmar for Freat Writing helps students master the essential grammar they need to produce great writing. Text focuses on improving the ten most common grammatical errors novice writers make......

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  • The topics covered here describe the "meaningful chunks" of English sentence structure. In so doing they examine key grammatical principles underlying effective reading and writing. When discussing speech, we say we know something when we can...

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  • 1. TỪ MỘT ÂM TIẾT(ONE-SYLLABLE WORDS) Những từ có một âm tiết đều có trọng âm trừ những từ ngữ pháp (grammatical words) như: in, on, at, to, but, so… Ví dụ: ’speech, ‘day, ’school, ‘learn, ‘love… 2. TỪ HAI ÂM TIẾT(TWO-SYLLABLE WORDS) – Những từ có hai âm tiết: hầu hết có trọng âm rơi vào âm tiết thứ nhất. Ví dụ: ‘happy, ‘pretty, ‘beauty, ‘mostly, ‘basic… – Những từ có hai âm tiết nhưng âm tiết thứ nhất là một tiền tố (prefix) thì trọng âm rơi vào âm tiết thứ hai. Ví dụ: be’hind, pro’long, un’wise, pre’pare, re’do… – Những động từ (v) có 2 âm tiết,...

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  • Tiếp nối nội dung phần 1, phần 2 Tài liệu English Syntax (Tài liệu ôn thi tuyển sinh sau đại học chuyên ngành Giảng dạy tiếng Anh gồm nội dung section 3 - Các mối quan hệ ngữ pháp (grammatical relations) và phần 4 - Một số đề thi và đáp án đã thực tế được dùng trong các kỳ thi gần đây.

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  • Writing tends to be a neglected area in English language teaching at secondary schools in Vietnam. Among the reasons behind this trend lies an assumption that a good piece of writing is composed of grammatically correct sentences. Most hours of English instruction in Vietnamese schools, therefore, put a great emphasis on teaching abstract rules and fixed patterns. Such a structurally based approach to writing certainly plays a role in developing students’ language knowledge. However, learning to write should...

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  • Có nhiều cách phân chia tự loại tiếng Anh và không có cách nào đưa ra được một định nghĩa và phân loại hoàn hảo cả. Cách phân loại dưới đây được xem là truyền thống và quen thuộc nhất đối với người học. Có 8 tự loại trong tiếng Anh: 1. Danh từ (Nouns): Là từ gọi tên người, đồ vật, sự việc hay nơi chốn. Ex: teacher, desk, sweetness, city 2. Đại từ (Pronouns): Là từ dùng thay cho danh từ để không phải dùng lại danh từ ấy nhiều lần. Ex: I, you, them, who, that, himself,...

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  • The Oxford Guide to English Grammar is a systematic account of grammatical forms and the way they are used in standard British English today. The emphasis is on meanings and how they govern the choice of grammatical pattern .

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  • Formal explanation of grammar rules Practice of common grammatical patterns Providing opportunities for Ss to use English in realistic situations Discovery method A grammar lesson consists of 4 parts 1. Presentation 2. Focused Practice 3. Communicative Practice 4. Teacher feedback & correction

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  • Substitude an idiomatic expression for the word or words in italics, making any necessary grammatical changes as well. Then complete each sentence appropriately with your own idea. Also try to use idoms from previous lession.

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  • TỪ MỘT ÂM TIẾT(ONE-SYLLABLE WORDS) Những từ có một âm tiết đều có trọng âm trừ những từ ngữ pháp (grammatical words) như: in, on, at, to, but, so… Ví dụ: ’speech, ‘day, ’school, ‘learn, ‘love…

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  • Speaking là một trong những phần thi mà học viên không đạt điểm như kì vọng. Có nhiều lí do cho kết quả thấp và hầu hết học viên cho rằng đó là do phát âm không chuẩn (Pronunciation). Tuy nhiên, cải thiện phát âm chỉ là một trong rất nhiều chiến lược nâng cao điểm Speaking. Trước khi đi vào các chiến lược cụ thể hơn, bài viết đưa ra 1 hướng tiếp cận khác đối với phần thi Speaking.

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  • Grammatically speaking, a sentence is a group of words that has a subjec, and predicate. More importantly, however, a sentence is an expression of an idea. Sentences can be one word long or one paragraph long the only true common element is that..

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  • The difficulty is not so much one of word order as of syntactic and semantic ambiguity of individual words. Regardless of the treatment of the problem of inflected forms, for example, it is impossible in the majority of instances to identify the grammatical case of Russian nouns. In addition to syntactic ambiguity, multiple equivalents must be assigned to a large percentage of words (to an estimated 45% of the running words in a physics text).

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