Virtual routing redundancy protocol

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  • Steel connections have always been designed as 2-dimensional elements despite the fact that their load bearing behavior is 3-dimensional. For students who are learning design for the first time and have no prior experience or knowledge of steel connection designs from summer internships, it would be difficult for them to visualize a three-dimensional connector. For example, when two beams (Girder B3 and Beam 3A) are oriented normal to each other as illustrated in Figure 1, we often use two angle sections to connect them. One of the angles will be in the front face of beam 3A...

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  • There are a number of strategies that allow an attacker to break the circle of trust and get into people’s contact lists. A lot of social network users do not realize that their contact lists really is a circle of trust and by adding somebody they do not know—celebrities included—they are opening their data to untrusted parties. Some sites do not have privacy controls in place, or the ones they have do not protect all user data. Even if they do have comprehensive privacy controls, the user is often not obligated to select who can access his/her data and is often...

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  • Some DoS attacks can be avoided by applying vendor patches to affected software. For example, many vendors have patched their IP implementations to prevent intruders from taking advantage of the IP reassembly bugs. A few DoS attacks cannot be stopped, but their scope of affected areas can be constrained.

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  • Gaia is Check Point's next generation operating system for security applications. In Greek mythology, Gaia is the mother of all, representing closely integrated parts to form a single, efficient system. The Gaia Operating System supports the full portfolio of Check Point Software Blades, Gateway and Security Management products. Gaia is a single, unified network security Operating System that combines the best of Check Point's SecurePlatform operating system, and IPSO, the operating system from appliance security products....

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