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  • This is a book about developing macros and add-ins for Visual Studio .NET. Every programmer who uses Visual Studio .NET, regardless of the type of project he or she is developing, and regardless of his or her skill level, sooner or later wonders: Why can’t Visual Studio .NET do such-and-such? Or: Wouldn’t it be nice if Visual Studio .NET had this feature I’m thinking of? Or: There must be a way to simplify this task that I do over and over!

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  • We’ve designed this book to show you how to write professional applications using Microsoft LightSwitch. As software developers, we understand how difficult it is to develop software in real life. End users expect their applications to be reliable, functional, and polished. They’ll also have preferences in terms of how they want their application to look and feel. To help you meet these real-life expectations, we’ve focused this book on many of the typical scenarios that customers or clients will ask of you.

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  • Hình 1,7 cho thấy những gì Studio. Visual IDE trông giống như với MDI cửa sổ. Nếu bạn chọn tài liệu theo thẻ, cửa sổ tài liệu của bạn sẽ có tab ở nội dung của phương pháp này với các trình biên tập mã. Lập trình các tài liệu và các đối tượng giao diện người dùng

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