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  • While he’s best known as the voice of reason and the most level-headed cast member on MTV’s Jersey Shore, what most people don’t know about Vinny Guadagnino is that he suffers from general anxiety disorder, a mental condition he shares with more than 40 million adults in the United States alone, and one he’s battled for most o...more

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  • Short Story: ‘The Outcasts of Poker Flat’ by Bret Harte CHRISTOPHER CRUISE: Now, an American story from the Voice of America. We present “The Outcasts of Poker Flat” by Bret Harte. Here is Jim Tedder. JIM TEDDER: John Oakhurst was a gambler. He had lived in the small western town of Poker Flat for only a short time. He had defeated many people at cards. He had also won a lot of their money. For that reason alone, he was not well liked. On the morning of November twenty-third, eighteen fifty, he saw some men talking as he walked down...

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  • and the stuff was not his. Reaching over the boxes he knocked on his dorm room door. “Yah, Who is it?” Came a sleepy voice from the other side. “It’s Chris O’Driscoll, can you move your boxes, so I can get into my room?” “I’ll be right there.” The door opened to expose a 6’ 1” tall white guy with wavy blonde hair and the build of a hockey forward. Wiping the sleep from his eyes he said, “Sorry dude,

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  • It is not only that poor people are in ill-health: ill-health causes poverty. In Voices of the poor, a recent World Bank study, ill-health emerged as one of the principal reasons why households become poor and remain poor (23). Explanations are numerous: they include the burden of health care expenditures incurred by caring for sick household members (24), the lost income of the sick, and the lost income of other household members who care for the sick.

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  • What are the compelling reasons for carrying out dynamic speech modeling? We provide the answer in two related aspects. First, scientific inquiry into the human speech code has been relentlessly pursued for several decades. As an essential carrier of human intelligence and knowledge, speech is the most natural form of human communication. Embedded in the speech code are linguistic (as well as para-linguistic) messages, which are conveyed through four levels of the speech chain.

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  • In commemoration of Mother’s Day, Save the Children is publishing its twelfth annual State of the World’s Mothers report. We have assembled our Champions for Children – leading voices from academia, politics, religion, business and the arts – to celebrate the great progress the world has made in recent decades to reduce deaths among children under age 5. These distinguished essayists explore the many reasons why the united States, as a nation, must continue to invest in lifesaving maternal and child health programs. u.S.

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  • This Report and Order establishes protections for broadband service to preserve and reinforce Internet freedom and openness. The Commission adopts three basic protections that are grounded in broadly accepted Internet norms, as well as our own prior decisions. First, transparency: fixed and mobile broadband providers must disclose the network management practices, performance characteristics, and commercial terms of their broadband services.

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  • The economic advantages of packet voice are driving both the access and core voice networks away from circuit switching towards packet. The industry continues to debate whether the future of these packet networks will be based on pure ATM, pure Internet protocol (IP), IP over asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), IP over multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), or a combination thereof. There are advantages to both ATM and IP and reasons for choosing each.

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  • Wireless Local Loop (WLL) systems offer quick deployment, high data rates and dynamic capacity. These should be compelling reasons for WLL System to supplant wired systems. WLL systems are having only limited success in displacing wired systems because wired systems provide proven reliability at lower cost. Will this always be true? This chapter addresses that one technology path designers can follow to reduce WLL system cost, especially for the more numerous low data rate and voice user.

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  • New structures for water management have been put in place in many countries. Usually these have been influenced by the need for integrated approaches to water management and consist of national (and state where relevant) coordinating and regulatory structures, basin management and local water user structures. There are variations according to local circumstances but usually they have been used to decentralise decision-making and to give more voice to stakeholders (see Box 3.3).

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  • Cell-Scale Queueing dealing with the jitters In Chapter 4 we considered a situation in which a large collection of CBR voice sources all send their cells to a single buffer. We stated that it was reasonably accurate under certain circumstances (when the number of sources is large enough) to model the total cell-arrival process from all the voice sources as a Poisson process. Now a Poisson process is a single statistical model from which the detailed information about the behaviour of the individual sources has been lost, quite deliberately, in order to achieve simplicity....

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  • For some, the title of this book might convey the impression that my desire is to hear the world respond resoundingly in the affirmative; to raise its collective voice in a passionate declaration of antipathy toward that most storied team in Major League Baseball. Not so. While I have always been reasonably confident that a significant number of baseball fans harbor significant antipathy for the New York Yankees, confirming to some degree that this is the case does not constitute the fulfillment of some personal wish.

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  • Chapter 14 – Writing the research proposal. In this chapter students will be able to: Explain the reasons for preparing a comprehensive proposal, identify the elements of a proposal, describe the voice that should be used in a proposal, distinguish between an abstract and an executive summary,…

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