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  • VNU Journal of Science, Natural Sciences and Technology 27 (2011) 9-13 In the present study, faunistic data on water bugs from urban area of Hanoi has been catalogued for the first time. From our surveys, we have identified a total of 23 species of 12 genera and nine families of aquatic bugs (Nepomorpha) and semi-aquatic bugs (Gerromorpha) from the studied area. The water bug fauna in Hanoi is of a typical lowland fauna in Southeast Asia mainland, comprising many species with wide distribution. ...

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  • Kanchha’s family relied on agriculture and they decided to leave their village for greener pastures in Kathmandu. On their way there, Kanchha has observed signs of climate change everywhere. The Himalayan glaciers are slowly melting as the snowline shifts higher; indigenous people along the way expressed their worry about the arrival of new bug and plant species in the highlands; floods and landslides were common and triggered by unpredictable rains. He picked up a rock that he had never seen before, because it had been buried under the thick snow-cover.

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  • The technical and nontechnical vulnerabilities associated with an IT system’s processing environment can be identified via the information-gathering techniques described in Section 3.1.2. A review of other industry sources (e.g., vendor Web pages that identify system bugs and flaws) will be useful in preparing for the interviews and in developing effective questionnaires to identify vulnerabilities that may be applicable to specific IT systems (e.g., a specific version of a specific operating system).

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  • Trong nghiên cứu này, dữ liệu faunistic về những lỗi nước từ khu vực đô thị của Hà Nội đã được xếp vào mục lục lần đầu tiên. Từ các cuộc điều tra của chúng tôi, chúng tôi đã xác định được tổng cộng 23 loài 12 và chín gia đình lỗi thủy sản (Nepomorpha) và bán thủy sản lỗi (Gerromorpha) từ các khu vực nghiên cứu.

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  • The top 5 American fears are: public speaking, heights, insects and bugs, financial problems and deep water. More than 25 million business presentation are made every day

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  • To support IPM training program of our TOT, experiments, field surveys and observations, laboratory experiments and breeding were conducted in Binh Phuoc, Dong Nai and Dak Lac province between July 2006 and March 2008. Data obtained from experiments and field surveys show that • The common insect pests damaging the terminal discharge water, apples and / or nuts as tea mosquito bug, shoot borers, bugs coreid, thrips, apple seeds borers, leaf rollers, leaf miners, aphids and other cores, including tea mosquito bugs, shoot borers, leaf rollers and apple borer, the main grain...

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