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  • This book presents practical techniques for writing lightweight software test automation in a .NET environment. If you develop, test, or manage .NET software, you should find this book useful. Before .NET, writing test automation was often as difficult as writing the code for the application under test itself. With .NET, you can write lightweight, custom test automation in a fraction of the time it used to take. By lightweight automation, I mean small, dedicated test harness programs that are typically two pages of source code or less in length and take less than two hours to write.

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  • This is a supremely useful book for software developers working on Java and J2EE-based Web-enabled applications, including Web Services. Frank Cohen is the "go-to" guy for enterprises needing to design, build, and test complex information systems. The author helps you go beyond learning the language to understand how design choices impact scalability, functionality, and performance. Your application might run perfectly in the lab, but it crashes in production. Or, you might already know Java, but you don't understand why your application runs so slowly.

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  • Xem một tập tin WSDL và thử nghiệm một dịch vụ web WSDL là viết tắt của Web Ngôn ngữ mô tả dịch vụ, và một tập tin WSDL chứa một mô tả đầy đủ các dịch vụ Web của bạn, bao gồm các thông tin cần thiết để gọi các phương pháp của dịch vụ. Một tập tin WSDL được viết bằng XML và quy định cụ thể các thông tin sau

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  • Yes, finally, Microsoft has figured it out. ASP.NET MVC 2.0 lets you test drive your code, control the output of your HTML, and leverage C# and .NET in an easy-to-use web framework. This book shows you all you need to know to get started developing web applications using test-driven development (TDD). You'll learn how to do everything from creating your first test, to building REST web services, to deploying your finished ASP.NET MVC applications.

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  • This book and e-book will provide all that you need to know to pass the Microsoft Silverlight 4 development (70-506) exam. Includes a comprehensive set of test questions and answers The layout and content of the book matches that of the skills measured by the exam closely, which makes it easy to focus your learning and maximize your study time where you need improvement.

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  • THIS tutorial explains how to develop web applications using the Web Service Interoperability Technologies (WSIT). The tutorial describes how, when, and why to use the WSIT technologies and also describes the features and options that each technology supports. WSIT, developed by Sun Microsystems, implements several new web services technologies including WS-Security, WS-Trust, WS-SecureConversation, WS- ReliableMessaging, WS-AtomicTransactions, Data Binding, and Optimization. WSIT was also tested in a joint effort by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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  • WebSphere Studio Application Developer Version 5 Programming Guide Develop Java, Web, XML, database, EJB, and Web services applications Test with built-in and remote servers Deploy to WebSphere Application Server

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  • This practical book provides a step-by-step approach to testing mission-critical applications for scalability and performance before they're deployed -- a vital topic to which other books devote one chapter, if that. Businesses today live and die by network applications and web services. Because of the increasing complexity of these programs, and the pressure to deploy them quickly, many professionals don't take the time to ensure that they'll perform well and scale effectively.

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  • This leads to the need of monitoring the users accesses to these services to distinguish abnormal and malicious behaviors from the log data in order to ensure the quality of these web services as well as their safety. This work presents methods to build and develop a rule-based systems allowing services’ administrators to detect abnormal and malicious accesses to their web services from web logs. The proposed method investigates characteristics of user behaviors in the form of HTTP requests and extracts efficient features to precisely detect abnormal accesses.

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  • Java is the preeminent language of the Internet. Moreover, it is the universal language of Web programmers around the world. To be a professional Web developer today implies proficiency in Java. Therefore, if Internet-based programming is in your future, you have chosen the right language to learn—and, this book will help you learn it. The purpose of this book is to teach you the fundamentals of Java programming. It uses a step-by-step approach complete with numerous examples, self-tests, and projects. It assumes no previous programming experience.

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  • This white paper examines the substantial financial impact that the remote Ethernet testing solution from ADC and EXFO can have on service providers offering Ethernet services to enterprise customers.

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  • Installing PHP 4 and MySQL APPENDIX A 795 A INSTALLING PHP 4 AND MYSQL FIGURE A.4 The Services Control Manager allows you to configure the services running on your machine. To test whether or not MySQL is working, you can execute the following commands: C:\mysql\bin\mysqlshow C:\mysql\bin\mysqlshow -u root mysql C:\mysql\bin\mysqladmin version status proc C:\mysql\bin\mysqladmin -u root shutdown These commands all work the same with the various Windows operating systems. MySQL will create two databases, the mysql and test databases.

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  • How many times have you attempted to change your organization— whether the entity is a team, division, company, government agency, or nonprofit? Like most organizations, yours probably faced severe downsizing in response to the financial crisis of 2008. Reducing personnel, retracting from markets, and scaling down your organization must have presented a difficult leadership challenge. Perhaps in better times you were assigned the task of implementing a new information system, manufacturing procedure, or customer- service process.

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  • Authors Shakeel Ali Tedi Heriyanto Reviewers Mike Beatty Peter Van Eeckhoutte Arif Jatmoko Muhammad Rasyid Sahputra Acquisition Editor Tarun Singh Development Editor Kartikey Pandey Technical Editor Kavita Iyer Copy Editor Neha Shetty Indexers Hemangini Bari Tejal Daruwale Editorial Team Leader Akshara Aware Project Team Leader Priya Mukherji Project Coordinator Sneha Harkut Proofreader Samantha Lyon Graphics Nilesh Mohite Production Coordinator Kruthika Bangera Cover Work Kruthika Bangera

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  • ADC is the leader in providing test access solutions for telecommunications networks such as Digital Signal Cross-Connect Systems (DSX). We now bring this expertise to Ethernet-based Packet networks through our Ethernet Test Access Panel. As Carrier and Enterprise networks deploy critical data services, such as Ethernet service delivery and data centers, the need to provide non-invasive points for testing and monitoring becomes a critical element of network design.

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  • This demonstration presents the LinGO Grammar Matrix grammar customization system: a repository of distilled linguistic knowledge and a web-based service which elicits a typological description of a language from the user and yields a customized grammar fragment ready for sustained development into a broad-coverage grammar. We describe the implementation of this repository with an emphasis on how the information is made available to users, including in-browser testing capabilities.

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  • Preparing Students for the Computer-Based Test has been created for ESL/EFL instructors and educational advisors so they can help students prepare for the computer-based TOEFL® test. It has been prepared by Educational Testing Service (ETS), which develops and scores the TOEFL test. TOEFL Tips can help students do their best on the test. However, it is not meant to replace the TOEFL Information Bulletin for Computer-Based Testing, which contains information students need to make appointments for and become familiar with the test.

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  • In Linux Red Hat 7.2, the Telnet services are not started by default. In this lab, the student will first have to navigate to the configuration file to start the Telnet services. Second, the student will need to make sure that the proper accounts are created to access the server through Telnet. In the last part of the lab, the student will test the Telnet services to confirm that the Telnet services are properly installed and started on the server.

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  • ADC’s Value-Added Module (VAM) System provides the flexibility and functionality to easily incorporate optical components into the network. Optical components, such as wavelength division multiplexers (WDMs) and tap monitors, add capacity and increase reliability with minimal installation cost and time. Wavelength division multiplexers enable the service providers to double the capacity of the existing network without installing new fiber; tap monitors provide easy access to the network for testing and monitoring without interruption of service....

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  • Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) remains the prevailing technology for adding flexibility and functionality to today’s optical networks. By transmitting signals at different wavelengths through the same fiber, WDMs can multiply transmission capacity, improve testing, and transmit voice services over video. Value-Added Module (VAM) systems equipped with WDM technology are used in a variety of applications to reduce operational expenses and increase revenue opportunities.

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