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  • This study corrected and supplemented the broken segments, then use the corrected and supplemented curves to calculate porosity. The porosity calculated in this study for 9 wells has been used by JVPC to build the mining production technology diagrams, whle the existing softwares can not calculate this parameter. The testing result proves that the Artificial Neural Network model (ANN) of this study is great tool for correction and supplementing of the well log curves.

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  • This study presents a method for correction and supplementing of the well log curves by using the Artificial Neural Networks. Check by 2 ways: Using the good recorded curves, we assume some segments are broken, then we corrected and supplemented these segments. Comparing the corrected and supplemented value with the good recorded value. These values coincide. Japan Vietnam Petroleum Exploration Group company LTD (JVPC) measured and recorded nine driling wells.

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  • SmartEvent provides centralized, real-time event correlation of log data from Check Point perimeter, internal, and Web security gateways-as well as third-party security devices-automatically prioritizing security events for decisive, intelligent action. By automating the aggregation and correlation of raw log data, SmartEvent not only minimizes the amount of data that needs to be reviewed but also isolates and prioritizes the real security threats.

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  • The mutual fund data come from the 1998 CRSP Survivor Bias FreeMutual Fund Database. Our initial sample contains 2,609 domestic equity mutual funds. We exclude multiple share classes for the same fund as well as funds with only a year or less of available returns. The initial sample is used to obtain the values of the prior parameters in the empirical Bayes pro- cedure mentioned previously.

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  • This work aimed to present a detailed workflow for building a geomechanical model. For a case study, the workflow is then applied to a horizontal well X. The first step in building a geomechanical model is gathering data regarding well information (tubing, casing, deviation…), geological information (type of fault, permeability, reservoir radius, skin…), logs data (density, resistivity, sonic, caliper…), in-situ test data (leak-off test, formation test,…) and core data (tensile strength test, fracture toughness test, tri-axial test…).

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  • Retailers usually know who buys their products. Use of social media and web log files from their ecommerce sites can help them understand who didn’t buy and why they chose not to, information not available to them today. This can enable much more effective micro customer segmentation and targeted marketing campaigns, as well as improve supply chain efficiencies. Finally, social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn simply wouldn’t exist without big data.

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  • This paper describes the application of the PARADISE evaluation framework to the corpus of 662 human-computer dialogues collected in the June 2000 Darpa Communicator data collection. We describe results based on the standard logfile metrics as well as results based on additional qualitative metrics derived using the DATE dialogue act tagging scheme. We show that performance models derived via using the standard metrics can account for 37% of the variance in user satisfaction, and that the addition of DATE metrics improved the models by an absolute 5%. ...

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  • The paper deals with non-linear least square algorithm applied to determine simultaneously equilibrium constant pKb or log , activity coefficients of ions HA+ and of neutral molecules fA for aqueous solution of monoprotic bases from pH data at different ionic forces established by inert salts. It has been shown that the calculation results of log HA+, logfA and log as well could be in a very good agreement the not so large number of experimental data when the experimental data are fully treated in order to receive INPUT data with high precision.

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