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  • Matrix metalloprotease-2 is implicated in many biological processes and degrades extracellular and non-extracellular matrix molecules. Matrix metalloprotease-2 maintains a latent state through a cysteine–zinc ion pairing which, when disrupted, results in full enzyme activation. This pairing can be disrupted by a conformational change or cleavage within the propeptide.

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  • Literature: When reading literature, students must demonstrate their capacity to pay special attention to the choices authors make about words and structures. Many literary effects depend on the order in which events unfold and the specific details used to describe characters and actions. Since these same strategies—order and use of detail—are equally critical in understanding the most demanding informational texts, reading literature helps students comprehend what they read in science, history and other subjects.

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  • If you were raised in the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, one of your earliest memories would most likely be hearing the national story of the four faithful friends. The story tells of a pheasant that found a seed, a rabbit that helped plant and water it, a monkey that fertilized and weeded it, and an elephant that stood guard to protect it. When the tree had grown to maturity, the animals climbed on each other’s backs, forming a pyramid, to reach into the high branches so as to collect and share the fruit. Editing this book has made me mindful of this tale of...

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  • Businesses that provide goods or services to the public are called “public accommodations” in the ADA. The ADA establishes requirements for 12 categories of public accommodations, which include stores, restaurants, bars, service establishments, theaters, hotels, recreational facilities, private museums and schools, doctors’ and dentists’ offices, shopping malls, and other businesses. Nearly all types of businesses that serve the public are included in the 12 categories, regardless of the size of the business or the age of their buildings.

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  • ontological mode, wherever there are what might be called `modified objects' to which the modified meanings refer. And indeed, according to Meinong and Witasek, such is the case in the domain of `presentations' and other psychic phenomena. That which I experience when I `see' the sheriff on the screen is not strictly speaking, a presentation at all, for when I present to myself the sheriff in the throes of death, there is no (existing) object which is presented to me (and here it is irrelevant whether a certain person - an actor - was involved at an early stage...

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  • Exceptions to the recommended criteria may arise in various circumstances. These include cases where equipment has to be assessed that when installed was compliant with safety and performance standards that predate the criteria/suspension levels presented here. In such cases, the equipment must be reassessed according to the criteria of this report including the risk assessment. Following that, the MPE must make a recommendation to the holder.

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  • To trust in one’s rational faculty means to question and to endure doubt. Sometimes the fear of doubt can be stronger than the fear of death, when extreme doubt leads someone to be receptive to the extreme certainty of a violent ideology – the most fashionable of which (though by no means the only one) is currently radical Islamism. The attraction of radical Islamism is similar to the psycho- logical appeal of other secular totalitarian ideologies of the 20th century, in that it dispels all doubt.

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  • 5-Bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) modulates the expression of particular genes associated with cellular differentiation and senescence when incorporated into DNA instead of thymidine (dThd). To date, a molecular mechanism for this phenomenon remains a mystery in spite of a large number of stud-ies.

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  • The cylinder is cooled so that, when it is heated by friction, the midpoint of the high and low temperatures will be at room temperature. In the first half of the experiment, therefore, heat will be transferred from the room air into the cooler cylinder. As the cylinder heats beyond room temperature though, heat will be transferred out of the cylinder back into the room atmosphere. By letting the change in cylinder temperature be symmetrical about the room temperature, the quantity of heat transferred to and from the cylinder and room should be approximately equal.

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  • The maintenance of road pavements in England has become a costly necessity, due largely to the large volume of commercial vehicles using the roads which cause pavements to deteriorate quickly, and makes their repair more difficult to carry out. These roadworks incur not only direct works costs, but also indirect costs from factors such as congestion, motor accidents and pollution. There is obviously a need for cost-effective maintenance that minimises the occurrence and duration of these disruptions.

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  • Hollywood submitted to the rigorous oversight of the PCA because the alternatives to “censorship at the source” were far worse. After all, censorship had been a fact of creative and commercial life for motion picture producers from the very birth of the medium, when even the modest osculations of the middle-aged lovebirds in Thomas Edison’s The Kiss (1896) scandalized cadres of (literally) Victorian ministers, matrons, and other variants of a sour-faced species known as the “bluenose.

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  • The small size of the private bond market also constrains its role. One of important benefits of a developed private bond market is that it can act as an alternative funding source when corporations’ access to overseas markets is limited or in the face of a domestic bank credit crunch. The disruption in the global money and credit markets in 2008 led to a liquidity squeeze for Brazilian corporations and financial firms.

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  • Action popup triggered from distinct visual target. Minimally disruptive to screen context. Actions are straightforward. Fast & fun. Recommendation. DO use when items have competing internal targets. DO present only the for most important and obvious actions. DO use when the item doesn’t have a meaningful detail view. DON’T use in contexts which support multiple selection

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  • Broadmeadow and Freer-Smith (1996) described three methods of particular deposition: sedimentation; precipitation and impaction. Sedimentation and precipitation occur due to gravity and collision with rain droplets respectively, and are unaffected by vegetation. Impaction occurs when a laminar air stream is disrupted as it passes the aerodynamically rough plant surfaces, while the particle continues in a straight line and strikes the obstacle, either through direct interception or electrostatic attraction.

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  • Modern communication tools such as the Internet provide a relatively inexpensive, accessible, easy-entry means of sharing ideas, information, and pictures around the world. In a political and human rights context, in closed societies when the more established, formal news media is denied access to or does not report on specified news events, the Internet has become an alternative source of media, and sometimes a means to organize politically.

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  • Harrison's Internal Medicine Chapter 121. Intraabdominal Infections and Abscesses Intraabdominal Infections and Abscesses: Introduction Intraperitoneal infections generally arise because a normal anatomic barrier is disrupted. This disruption may occur when the appendix, a diverticulum, or an ulcer ruptures; when the bowel wall is weakened by ischemia, tumor, or inflammation (e.g.

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  • Intraperitoneal infections generally arise because a normal anatomic barrier is disrupted. This disruption may occur when the appendix, a diverticulum, or an ulcer ruptures; when the bowel wall is weakened by ischemia, tumor, or inflammation (e.g., in inflammatory bowel disease); or with adjacent inflammatory processes, such as pancreatitis or pelvic inflammatory disease, in which enzymes (in the former case) or organisms (in the latter) may leak into the peritoneal cavity.

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  • The Internet’s rapid and profound entry into our lives quite understandably makes people wonder how, both individually and collectively, we have been affected by it. When major shifts in technology use occur, utopian and dystopian views of their impact on society often abound, reflecting their disruptiveness and people’s concerns. Given its complex uses, the Internet, both as a technology and as an environment, has had both beneficial and deleterious effects. Above all, though, it has had transformative effects.

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  • The sustainability of any technology depends to a large extent on sustainability in the marketplace. Several of this year’s Technology Pioneers offer disruptive innovations that promise to be economic game-changers. California-based Coulomb Technologies is betting that its technology will dramatically increase the practicality of electric automobiles by turning electric-charging stations into a powerful economic incentive for many businesses.

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  • The IS auditors require a wide range of knowledge as well as in-depth knowledge in the field of information security. Continuous further education and training of the IS auditors is a basic prerequisite for their work. Verification of such qualifications in the form of certificates (e.g. Audit Team Leader for ISO 27001 audits based on IT-Grundschutz) are suitable for this purpose. In general, it should be ensured that actual operations in the organisation are not significantly disrupted by the IS audit when initiating the IS audit.

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