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  • Promise Me This" is a very moving story about Michael and Annie, two people impacted and brought together by the sinking of the Titanic. It's broken down into three parts, spans several years, and follows the characters through World War I. The history is well-researched. The author's writing voice is pleasant, but I still found it hard to follow the scene action at times. The portrayal of the characters' emotions is amazing, and the plot is organic and flows well. I can see why Gohlke is an aw...more...

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  • The evaluation strategy should include a schedule showing when monitoring and evaluation will occur and who will be responsible for this. Where formal evaluations are undertaken, care must be taken to avoid conflicts of interest. You may need to consider the importance of mid-term evaluations, interim progress reports or post- implementation reviews as a means of providing early feedback to government on progress towards success, and as a means of meeting accountability and transparency requirements.

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  • 282 Chapter 12 Client-Side Programming with the Dojo Toolkit Using DataSources in your Dojo applications provides a standardized way to read, write, and search back-end resources without direct knowledge of how the data is structured. For any data that contains many rows, DataStores will greatly enhance your data access concerns. DBA—A Complete RIA Using WebSphere sMash and Dojo At this point, we’re ready to take all the knowledge gained and build a complete and usable Rich Internet Application (RIA).

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  • An Affordable Insurance Exchange is a new, competitive marketplace where families and small business owners will be able to shop for private health insurance. Starting in 2014, the Exchanges will allow you to compare qualified health plans, get answers to questions, find out if you are eligible for tax credits for private insurance or health programs such as Medicaid, and enroll in a health plan that meets your needs. Members of Congress and their staff will be required to get their insurance from the Exchanges, too.

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