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  • fixed and variable general production costs incurred in the process of turning raw materials and materials into finished products. Fixed general production costs means indirect production costs, which are often invariable regardless of the volume of manufactured products, such as depreciation cost, maintenance cost of machinery, equipment, workshops… and administrative management cost at production workshops.

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  • Large lakes are important because of their size and ecological distinctiveness, as well as their economic and cultural value. Optimal management of them requires a proper understanding of anthropogenic impacts, both on the lake ecosystems, as such and on the services they provide for society. The specific structural and functional properties of large lakes, e.g. morphology, hydrography, biogeochemical cycles, and food-web structure, are all directly related to their size.

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  • First, even in these practical examples, evolutionary knowledge does not often change what a physician does in his or her day-to-day practice; instead, it guides research, as in the example of jaundice. Treatment deci- sions are, and should be, based on controlled studies on humans, not on theory or on experiments performed on model organisms alone. Darwinian medicine does not often give direct practice guidelines. Second, merely listing quick applications sells evolution- ary biology short.

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  • Moreover, school financial aid officials said that under the Direct Loan Program they were also able to easily change the amount of a loan if needed. For example, schools can adjust the amount of a Direct Loan to reflect changes in students’ courseload or increases in grant and scholarship aid—events that could affect the loan amount available to borrowers. The fourth factor—ease of tracking student loans over time— was important because the Direct Loan Program improved the loan process for students.

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