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Working with matrices

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  • Ebook "Bio- and nanosorbents from natural resources" reviews the work in the field of nanoadsorbents derived from natural polymers, with a special emphasis on materials finding application in water remediation. It includes natural materials both with an organic or an inorganic skeleton, from which the nanomaterials can be made. Those nanomaterials can therefore be used to reinforce other matrices and in their pristine form have an extraordinary adsorption efficiency.

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  • SomaLogic’s SOMAscan™ assay platform allows the analysis of the relative abundance of over 1300 proteins directly from biological matrices such as blood plasma and serum. The data resulting from the assay is provided in a proprietary text-based format not easily imported into R.

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  • This article presents analysis of inverse dynamics of a serial manipulator in milling process. With the exception of positioning accuracy issue, machining by robots have more advantages than by conventional CNC milling machines, due to higher flexible kinematics (many links and degrees of freedom) and larger working space. Therefore, motion of the robot links is more complicated. Process forces and complicated motion involve to difficulties in solving dynamic problems of robots. This affects the robot control to match machining requirements.

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  • The main goal of the present work is to study the mechanical response of glass/epoxy composites when exposed to cement and geopolymer (metakaolin) mortars, as it happens in Civil Engineering applications. For this purpose, specimens were embedded into mortar followed by a period of curing, which was done under the air laboratory environment. For cement, curing was also performed inside a container filled with water. The specimens were removed from the mortars after 30, 60 or 90 days of curing and then tested.

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  • We study the Radon transform Rf of functions on Stiefel and Grassmann manifolds. We establish a connection between Rf and G˚ arding-Gindikin fractional integrals associated to the cone of positive definite matrices. By using this connection, we obtain Abel-type representations and explicit inversion formulae for Rf and the corresponding dual Radon transform. We work with the space of continuous functions and also with Lp spaces.

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  • Random matrices are widely and successfully used in physics for almost 60-70 years, beginning with the works of Wigner and Dyson. Initially proposed to describe statistics of excited levels in complex nuclei, the Random Matrix Theory has grown far beyond nuclear physics, and also far beyond just level statistics. It is constantly developing into new areas of physics and mathematics, and now constitutes a part of the general culture and curriculum of a theoretical physicist.

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  • In addition to Excel's extensive list of worksheet functions and array of calculation tools for scientific and engineering calculations, Excel contains a programming language that allows users to create procedures, sometimes referred to as macros, that can perform even more advanced calculations or that can automate repetitive calculations.

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  • Most books that use MATLAB are aimed at readers who know how to program. This book is for people who have never programmed before. As a result, the order of presentation is unusual. The book starts with scalar values and works up to vectors and matrices very gradually. This approach is good for beginning programmers, because it is hard to understand composite objects until you understand basic programming semantics.

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  • WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR Be aware that this is not a beginner book. It is an intermediate-level book that assumes you are familiar with linear algebra (matrices, vectors, and quaternions), you have a strong C/C++ programming background, you have at least touched base with OpenGL or OpenGL ES, and you basically know how computer graphics work in general. If you have this necessary knowledge, and want to make lightning-fast progress in game and graphics programming, then you have found the right publication.

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