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  • As nations seek to strengthen their health systems, they are increasingly looking to primary health care (PHC) to provide a clear and comprehensive sense of direction. The World Health Report 2008 analyzes how primary health care reforms, that embody the principles of universal access, equity and social justice, are an essential

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  • Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Monaco Montenegro Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Republic of Moldova Romania Russian Federation San Marino Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Tajikistan The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Turkey Turkmenistan Ukraine United Kingdom Uzbekistan

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  • Conquering stress and taking charge of one’s destiny will be the turning point in one’s life. The unique breakthrough of this book is the ‘The Turning Point Program,’ designed to guide a stressed out individual step by step with examples to identify the source and neutralize stress forever. Individuals usually look at stress from their own and the world’s

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  • We’re excited to continue implementing the new Medicare benefits provided to you under the 2010 Affordable Care Act. There’s a lot of information about this law in the news including many new opportunities for all Americans to compare plans and get affordable health care coverage.

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  • Much has happened since this Manual was last revised, and many surgical lessons have been learned in the hard school of war. Some may yet have to be unlearned, and others have but little bearing on the problems presented to the civilian surgeon. Save in its broadest principles, the surgery of warfare is a thing apart from the general surgery of civil life, and the exhaustive literature now available on every aspect of it makes it unnecessary that it should receive detailed consideration in a manual for students.

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  • Having been asked, year after year, by the members of my Class for Operative Surgery, to recommend to them some Manual of Surgical Operations which might at once guide them in their choice of operations, and give minute details as to the mode of performance, I have been gradually led to undertake the production of this little work. My aim has been to describe as simply as possible those operations which are most likely to prove useful, and especially those which, from their nature, admit of being practised on the dead body.

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  • 2,000 new cases are diagnosed every year. Of these men, approximately 20% will undergo prostate surgery. Before and After Radical Prostate Surgery provides concise information and management tips that will be useful for men (and their partners) in the hospital and at home,

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