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  • Primary chemically formed lead dioxide (PbO2 ) was used as positive electrode in preparation of lead–acid bipolar batteries. Chemical oxidation was carried out by both mixing and dipping methods using an optimized amount of ammonium persulfate as a suitable oxidizing agent. Xray diffraction studies showed that the weight ratio of -PbO2 to -PbO2 is more for mixing method before electrochemical forming.

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  • Titanium oxide ST01, ST31, TiO2 catalysts modified by V5+, N2+ and supported on MCM41 and SiO2 have been used for photooxidation of p-xylene in gas phase. Physicochemical properties of catalysts were determined by the methods of BET Adsorption, Xray Diffraction (XRD), UV-Vis spectroscopy, and atom adsorption spectroscopy (AAS) methods. The photocatalytic activity of catalysts were determined after thermal treatment as well as UV lighting. The common observation is that the higher temperature of treatment the lower conversion of p-xylene obtained.

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  • Diagnosis and Staging Screening Most patients with lung cancer present with advanced disease, raising the question of whether screening would detect these tumors at an earlier stage when they are theoretically more curable. The role of screening high-risk patients (for example current or former smokers 50 years of age) for early stage lung cancers is debated.

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  • Cần phải xác định cách hiểu bị "osteoporosis" có nghĩa là gì thì mới bàn chính xác được. Câu hỏi này quan trọng vì hiện nay có nhiều phương pháp để thẩm định xương, nhưng không phải phương pháp nào cũng có giá trị như nhau. Kinh nghiệm tôi cho thấy nhiều người ở trong nước nói là bị loãng xương (osteoporosis) nhưng phương pháp chẩn đoán thì không chuẩn.

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  • Clinical Presentation and Staging Patients with cervix cancer generally are asymptomatic, and the disease is detected on routine pelvic examination. Others present with abnormal bleeding or postcoital spotting that may increase to intermenstrual or prominent menstrual bleeding. Yellowish vaginal discharge, lumbosacral back pain, lower-extremity edema, and urinary symptoms may be present. The staging of cervical carcinoma is clinical and generally completed with a pelvic examination under anesthesia with cystoscopy and proctoscopy.

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  • The structural, morphological and optical properties of CBD deposited CdS thin films have been studied by varying the processing parameters and the Cd/S ratio of the starting precursors in order to better understand the growth conditions. The films were characterized by Xray diffraction, SEM, Raman, and photoluminescence spectroscopy. XRD patterns show that asdeposited CdS films were polycrystalline. The grain size are increasing with increasing the Cd/S ratio and/or the deposition time.

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  • In this cross-sectional study data was obtained from reviewing the files of 1,594 patients who underwent bronchoscopy in Afzalipour Hospital during 2003-2007. These patients had various conditions ranging from chronic cough to abnormal findings on chest xray and hemoptysis and all underwent bronchoscopy due to the doctors’ orders. All cases consented to this study. Their bronchoscopy was done by experts who were skillful at diagnosing bronchial anthracosis. Bronchial anthracosis was characterized by dark pigmentations within airway mucosa found during bronchoscopy.

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