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  • To draw the head from any angle you must first understand its basic structure. Look past all the distracting details and visualize the underlying forms. This ability to simplify can be applied to the features of the face, but when starting the drawing you could look even further. Ignore even the features and simplify to the most basic form of the head. I use a method taught by Andrew Loomis in his book, “Drawing the Head & Hands”. The head deconstructed into its basic forms, is a sphere as the cranium and a block as the jaw and cheek bones. ...

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  • The illustrator Andrew Loomis (1892-1959) is revered amongst artists - including the great American painter Norman Rockwell and comics superstar Alex Ross - for his mastery of figure drawing and clean, Realist style. His hugely influential series of art instruction books have never been bettered. Drawing the Head and Hands is the second in Titan's programme of facsimile editions, returning these classic titles to print for the first time in decades.

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  • Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth Creative Illustration Drawing the Head and Hands Three-Dimensional Drawing. All Drawings and text within this book are the property of their respective copyholders and should not be reproduced for any reason.

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  • Among all the subjects which the art student is called upon to draw, none is more complex than the human head. the head presents subtleties og form, structure, and proportion which are a continuing challenge not only to art students but to professionals.

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  • Dragonfly drawings have been requested on the site for a while, so it's time to add this popular cartoon critter. Follow along and learn how to make your own cartoon dragonfly. STEP-1: The Head and Eyes Make a large circle and then two smaller circles on top of it. The smaller circles should be about half the size of the larger one. To get the right placement of these smaller circles please refer to the example image. One small circle will be a little off centre at the top half of the head circle, while the other one will be...

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  • Learn how to draw a cartoon lamb with a quirky style that’s all her own. This luscious lamb is not about following the flock. And, with her fabulous fleece, bright bow and super-chic handbag from Louis Mouton, she’s ready to gambol in spring, summer, fall or winter! So, don’t be sheepish – follow our simple steps and we’ll be creating an awesome drawing of our legendary lamb in no time! STEP-1: Start with the Simple Shapes Let’s start this lesson on how to draw a cartoon lamb by drawing the head and body. Sketch out two shapes – a smaller,...

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  • Step 1 - The Head and Body Cartoon cats, like a lot of other lessons on this site we'll start off with general shapes and draw the head and body. Make sure that your body lines are curved and that your head is really huge. Got it? It's move onto the next step.

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  • Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth Creative Illustration Drawing the Head and Hands Three-Dimensional Drawing

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  • Some areas of the figure are complex enough to warrant special attention by the figure artist because they are more difficult to draw than the rest of the figure. These areas are the head, hands, and feet, and they merit special attention from the artist who really wants to master figure drawing. In this chapter we will take a closer look at each of these aspects of the figure. Hands The human hand is probably the most versatile tool ever created. It is capable of great strength, yet it can perform the most delicate operations. Its design allows people to lift, hold,...

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  • Introduction The muscles of the head consist of the chewing muscles (temporalis, masseter, and digastric) and the facial muscles (zygomaticus, orbicularis oris, etc.). The chewing muscles are thick and volumetric, and they originate and insert on bone. They open and close the lower jaw, with the action taking place at the jaw joint (temporomandibular joint). The facial muscles are thin. They originate either from the skull or from the surface of other muscles, and they generally insert into other facial muscles or into the skin.

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  • The Stick Figure In our methodical approach to building up your confidence as an artist, we're going to tackle something simple at first—our friend the stick figure. Go ahead, draw one right now! A reasonable stick figure at this point should contain a midline for the spine, two arms, two legs, and a circle for the head. Fingers for hands and lines for feet are optional, but being the conscientious craftsman that you are, I know you'll want to include them. Now draw your stick figure running, jumping, falling, walking, running, climbing—see how many poses you can come up with. The...

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  • Let's get mooooo-ving and learn how to draw a cartoon cow! Once you've followed our udder-ly simple steps, you'll soon be leading the herd with your awesome artistic skills! STEP-1: Chewing the Cud with some Basic Shapes Ready to learn how to draw a cartoon cow? To create our cartoon cow, we first need to draw some basic shapes which will form the basis for our farmyard friend. Just tell us if we're 'milking' the cow jokes too much!First of all, draw an irregular box shape on its side for the head, followed by a larger box shape for the...

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  • Learning how to draw a rhinoceros has never been easier. No need to head down to the zoo or go on a safari, you're going to make your very own rhino come alive right before your very eyes with just a few simple steps. Sharpen your pencil and follow along below. STEP-1: Start with the Head and Body Shapes Make two ovals approximately the same size. The difference between them is that one will be vertical for the head while the other one will be horizontal for the body. These ovals will be overlapping each other. Then at the top...

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  • Introduction Face drawing is something that I have come to absolutely love, I'm going to say this again - absolutely love. BUT....It wasn't until I actually began to study the face in detail that I started to love portrait drawing. It's not that hard once you know the proportions of the face, but the problem is, that in my experience, many teachers are not well versed in face drawing proportions or how to construct a head, and advise you to draw by seeing only. I'm going to demystify the head here for you and give you a system for portrait...

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  • This cute, plump cartoon panda is a lot of fun to make and also extremely easy if you follow these steps. There are lots of circles and ovals in this one as the panda is nice and round, so be sure to check the placement and size of each one! Step 1 - Drawing Circles Make a small oval (for the head) and then a much bigger semi circle below the top oval for the body. Close the bottom semi-circle off with a curved line to finish off the body of the cartoon panda.

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  • Eye drawing is the next step in the process of learning how to draw portraits. After blocking in the basic proportions the eyes are usually the next part that I draw. We've all heard that the eyes are windows to the soul, and that old phrase really hits the nail on the head. The eyes are extremely important to your successful portrait drawing, and it is through the eyes that we show our many emotions - happiness, fear, anger, sadness and so on. I

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  • Cartoon panda drawings should be cute, so we'll use a lot of simple round shapes. Drawing Roses that look great isn't difficult, but it will take a little attention to detail. Apart from that it's as simple as putting your pencil to the page. Let's get to it. Step 1: Draw a circle to start the head. The circle should be slightly egg shaped. Next draw an upside down egg near the middle of the head to make the nose. This egg isn't as round as the head shape. It should be a little more like a triangle, but remember...

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  • Drawing cats is not that hard when we break the cat into different parts. There are many different breeds of cats, and also different cat species, but for now I'm going to stick with a basic house cat. Using this step by step lesson you should be able to apply the same method to draw any cat. I hope that you will enjoy this guide to drawing cats. Let's jump right in here and start with the most interesting part of the cat... ...the head.

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  • Learn how to draw cats by starting off with a few circles so that the shape comes out easily. If you have your pencil ready, then hop right in and start drawing this adorable kitten. Remember not to make your lines too dark because you will need to erase some of the early steps once you get further on in the lesson. Step 1 Make one larger circle for the head and then two smaller circles for the body like in the example. Be careful that the placement is correct because these circles will let the body take shape. .Step...

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  • Let's dive right into the cartoon drawing of a sheep step-by-step guide. Don't forget to draw lightly so that you can easily erase any mistakes you make along the way! Step 1 - Basic Shapes Start off with a circle. If you've done some of the other tutorials you should really be getting used to starting your drawing off this way. If you're having some problems drawing a circle that looks good get a coin or a lid and trace it. For this drawing, that is exactly what I used. This first circle will be the head. Next draw...

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