Đề kiểm tra giới từ môn Tiếng Anh

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Đề kiểm tra giới từ môn Tiếng Anh

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Bạn muốn biết khả năng mình giải bài tập môn Tiếng Anh đến đâu. Mời bạn tham khảo 3 Đề kiểm tra giới từ môn Tiếng Anh để đánh giá được kỹ năng giải bài tập của mình cũng như tăng thêm kiến thức môn Tiếng Anh.

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  1. BÀI KIỂM TRA GIỚI TỪ 1 Exercise 1. Complete the suitable prepositions in the blanks for combinations with CLEAR, CUT, HOLD, LET, AND HAND. 1. Clear ______ your books. I want to set the table for lunch. 2. The army fell ______ when the enemy attacked. 3. You should cut ______ this tree. It is too near the house. 4. The examination was so easy that all the candidates handed ______ their answer papers after the first hour. 5. My plans for starting a restaurant fell ______ for lack of capital. 6. Our water supply was cut ______ because the pipe burst. 7. At the end of term attendance at these classes usually falls ______. 8. The wall was covered with pictures of pop stars which Mary had cut ______ magazines. 9. I hope the rain holds ______ until my washing is dry. 10. They won’t let you _______ if you aren’t a member of the club. 11. The mounted police cleared ______ the crowds. 12. A heavy snowfall held ______ the trains from the north. 13. If you really want to slim you must cut _______ on sweets. 14. The two brothers fell ______ over their father’s will 15. You would recover your sense of taste if you cut ______ smoking altogether. 16. If you will hold ______ I’ll put you through to Enquiries. 17. If he refuses to fall ______ my plans I can probably find someone more co- operative. Exercise 2.Complete in the blanks with suitable prepositions for combinations with LOOK AND KEEP. 1. I’ve been looking _____ a cup to match the one I broke. 2. Look _____ me at the station. I’ll be at the bookstall. 3. Look _____! You nearly knocked my cup out of 4. He was kept _____ in his research by lack of money. 5. Tom is looking ______ his first trip abroad. 6. Before putting any money into the business, we must look very carefully ______ the accounts. 7. I look ______ her as one of the family. 8. My windows look ______ the garden. 9. He asked me to look ______ the document and then sign it. 10. He looked ______ the book to see if he had read it before. Exercise 3.Complete in the blanks with suitable prepositions for combinations with GO AND COME. 1. You can’t go ______ your promise now; we are depending on you. 2. I have changed my mind about marrying him; I simply can’t go _____ it. 3. He came ______ a fortune last year. 4. Wait till prices come ______ again before you buy. 5. I refuse to go ______ now. I’m going on. 6. They have gone ______ all the caculations again but they still can’t find the mistake. 7. The party went ______ very well; we all enjoyed ourselves. 8. Come ______ It’s far too cold to wait here any longer. 9. Mary went ______ in such a hurry that she left her passport behind. 10. The handle of the tea pot came ______ in my hand as I was washing it Exercise 4. Complete in the blanks with suitable prepositions for combinations with TAKE AND RUN. 1. I wish we could sell the grand piano; it takes ______ too much space here. 2. She is always running ______ her friends behind their backs. She soon won’t have any friends left. 3. You’d better take ______ your coat if you’re too hot. 4. Just run ______ the music of this song for me. 5. When his father died, Tom took ______ the business. 6. What I saw in the water was only an old tree. I took it _____ the Lock Ness Monster.
  2. 7. I ran ______ an old school friend in the tube today. 8. People often take me ______ my sister. We are very like each other. 9. My neighbour is always running _____ bread and borrowing some from me 10. If a bull chased me I’d run ______. Exercise 5. Complete the suitable prepositions inthe blanks for combinations with TURN, CALL AND BREAK. 1. She called _______ for a few minutes to return a book. 2. The lift broke _______ and we had to use the stairs. 3. The representative of the computer company called ______ all the factories in the district. 4. The situation is difficult and calls _____ great tact. 5. They broke ______ their conversation when I came in. 6. The school broke ______ for the hoilidays at the end of July. 7. In this book the mysterious stranger turns ______ to be the long- lost son of duke. 8. The fireman had to break ______ the door to rescue the children. 9. The garden party was called ______ because of the rain. 10. He was called ______ at the age of eighteen and spent a year in the army. Exercise 6. Complete in the blanks with suitable prepositions for combinations with GIVE , PUT AND MAKE. 1. He won $100 and gave it all ______ 2. Put _______ the clock, it is twenty minutes fast. 3. Ridding is getting too expensive; I’ll have to give it ______. 4. I’ll put ______ my visit to the Royal Mint till you can come with me. 5. The roads were crowded with people making ______ the coast. 6. He gave ______ all the books he had borrowed. 7. She had invited me to dinner but had to put me ______ as she was taken ill. 8. I can’t make ______ the postmark on the letter; it looks like Basingstoke. 9. Put _____ th light It’s getting quite light again. 10. After four days of freedom, the escaped prisoner gave himself _____ to the police.
  3. BÀI KIỂM TRA GIỚI TỪ 2 1. How are you going to deal ________ this problem ? 2. There is no such thing as a perfect home – it all depends _____ the individual. 3. Bill was engaged ________ Liz for two years and then got married _____ Jane. 4. I’ll never forgive Bill ________ the way he treated his fiancee. 5. Our new sofa was uncomfortable so we exchanged it _________ a different one. 6. I said I could move the furniture ____ myself, but she insisted _____ helping me. 7. I hope that our plan don’t interfere _______ your own arrangement. 8. Helen, I’d like to introduce ______ George, our next – door neighbour. 9. George is involved _________ politics ; he’s our local councillor. 10. Now George has been elected , we all hope _______ better things in the future. 11. Are you interested ________ local politics, _______ any chance ? 12. Many residents don’t have much confidence _______ our new mayor. 13. Some of the tenants are angry _______ the lack _______ car parking spaces in the area. 14. She’s longing _______ the day when they can move out ______ the city. 15. Sarah quarelled ________ John ________ the preparations ______ the party. 16. Inc reminds me _____ Paul McCartney, but they aren’t related ____ each other 17. You can never rely ______ Anna to provide you ______ information. 18. The staff are responsible ______ their boss _______ the decisions they make. 19. You can only succeed ______ passing an exam if you revise carefully _____ it. 20. I’ve got plenty _______ sandwiches, would you like to share them ____ me ? 21. The police suspected that the goods had been stolen _______ the shop, but the receipt proved that they had been paid ________. 22. Kate is sufferring_______ a bad cold and she wants you to sympathize _____ her 23. _____ the end of the party, we thanked our host and hostess _____ inviting us. 24. I’m tired ______ waiting _______ Jim to arrive. I object _____ his unpunctuality. 25. On behalf _____ the students and staff, I’d like to welcome you ____ our school. 26. Helen worked _____ WHO for a year and then she resign _______ the job. 27. Do you take pride ______ your appearance , or are you just ______ vain ? 28. I tripped _______ the cat and fell downstairs ! 29. The film The Magnificent Seven was based _______ a Japanese story about the samurai. 30. Don’t kiss the Prince, or he might change ________ a frog. 31. If you can’t finish the report by Friday, please try to get it done ______ the weekend. 32. Father must be _______ a bad temper , he has just thrown mother _____ the door 33. All forms of travel are expensive nowadays, but _______ balance, air travel offers the best value for money. 34. Extensive research _________ artificial sweeteners has shown that rats die quickly if you drop large blocks of saccharin _______ them 35. There seems to be some confusion _______ what Nelson actually said. 36. There has been a considerable improvements _______ the flow of traffic since they opened the extra lane on the M25. 37. There’s no point _______ getting upset _______ things that are beyond your control. 38. The only way to prevent children ____ getting __ trouble is to keep them locked up until they are twenty – one. 39. The party’s new policy document puts a strong emphasis ______ public ownership of basic utilities like electricity and water. 40. I’m a bit weak _______ science subjects, but I’m trying to improve.
  4. BÀI KIỂM TRA GIỚI TỪ 3 Exercise 1. Hoàn thành câu với dạng so sánh ,sử dụng các tính từ đã cho ( Thêm Than nếu cần thiết ) Big Crowded Early Expensive Near Often Thin Easily Peaceful Reliable Serious Important Quiet Expensive 1. You look __________. Have you lost weight ? 2. He’s not so keen on his studies. He’s ___________ in having a good time. 3. You’ll find your way around the town ________ if you have a map. 4. You’re making so much noise! Can you a bit _____________? 5. There were a lot of people on the bus. It was __________ than usual. 6. You’re late. I expected you to be here ______________ ! 7. You hardly ever write to me. Why don’t you write a bit __________ ? 8. The hotel was surprisingly cheap. I expected it to be much ____________. 9. It’s a pity you live so far away. I wish you lived _________________. 10. Health and happiness are ___________ money. 11. I like living in the countryside. It’s ___________ living in a town. 12. I’d like to have a _________ car. The one I’ve got keeps breaking down. 13. Unfortunately her illness was __________ we thought at first. 14. I want a ________ flat. We don’t have enough space here. Exercise 2. Điền từ thích hợp vào ô trống liên quan đến so sánh ( cho “ than” nếu cần thiết). 1. It’s too noisy here. Can we go somewhere _________ ? 2. This coffee is very weak. I like a bit ____________! 3. The weather is too cold in this country. I expected it to be ___________. 4. My job is a bit boring, sometimes I’d like to do something ___________. 5. It was surprisingly how easy it was to use the computer. I thought it would be __________! 6. Your work isn’t very good. I’m sure you can do __________ than this. 7. Don’t worry. The situation isn’t so bad. It could be __________. 8. You’re talking very loudly. Can you speak a bit ____________ ? 9. We complained the food in our hotel. But instead of improving, it got ____________. 10. Ann’s younger sister is still at school. Her ________ sister is a nurse. 11. Our team played really badly this afternoon. We played _________ we have ever played before. 12. You’re standing too near the camera. Can you move a bit ____________ away ? 13. “ Is Jim younger than Tom? No, he’s __________” 14. The damage to our car wasn’t so bad. It could have been much _____________!” 15. If you need any ________ information, please contact our head office. Exercise 3. Hoàn thành câu với “ Than” hoặc “ As” có sử dụng các trạng từ “ a bit” / “ a little”/ “ much” / “ a lot” / “ far” nếu cần thiết. 1. I can’t reach as high as you. You’re ________________. 2. He doesn’t know much. I know ___________________. 3. We were very surprised. Nobody was _______________. 4. She’s not a very good player. I’m a _________________. 5. They’ve been very lucky. I wish we were ____________. 6. It’s _________ today _______ it was yesterday. 7. You’re driving too fast! Can you drive _________________? 8. I prefer this armchair. It’s ________________ the other one. 9. You looked depressed this morning but you look __________ now. 10.It’s __________ to learn a foreign language in the country where it is spoken. Exercise 4. Hoàn thành câu với một từ hoặc một cụm từ thích hợp 1. That was a narrow escape! If I had _________________ broken my leg. 2. If it hadn’t ___________________ gone out for a walk. 3. If you _______________________ then I’d like it back please. 4. Unless Brenda ________________ lose the race. 5. If you _______________ see Mary, give her my love. 6. I wouldn’t accept the job, even _______________________ to me. 7. Thanks for your help wth the garden. I _________________ otherwise. 8. But for Sally, Jim __________________________ drowned. Exercise 5. Quyết định xem những câu dới đây đúng hay sai. Nếu sai hãy sửa lại. 1. If you haven’t received a letter yet, you haven’t got the job.
  5. 2. If it isn’t for David, we are missing the bus. 3. If it’s raining, we go to the pub on the corner instead. 4. If you didn’t lend us the money, we would have gone to the bank. 5. If it wasn’t for the rain, we would have been home by now. 6. If I knew were coming, I would have met you at the airport. 7. But for your helped us, we would have taken much longer. 8. If Jack joins the term, I’m leaving. Exercise 6. Viết lại câu với từ cho sẵn sao cho nghĩa câu không thay đổi 1. We won’t go away if the weather is bad. ( UNLESS)_________________________ 2. I didn’t have the money so I didn’t buy a nw suit. (WOULD)_________________________ 3. I regret not studying hard last term. ( ONLY )__________________________ 4. If they offered you the job, would you accept? ( WERE )__________________________ 5. Without you, I would have given up years ago. ( BEEN )___________________________ 6. If you hadn’t encouraged me, I would have given up. ( BUT )____________________________ 7. I don’t have any scissors so I can’t lend you any. ( IF )______________________________ 8. But for Helen, the play would be a flop. ( WERE )__________________________ Exercise 7. Cho dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc 1. It’s just struck midnight. It’s high time we ( 1- leave ) __________ ! 2. If only we ( 2 – have ) ______ a phone ! I’m tired of queuing outside the public phone box ! 3. You ( 3 – have ) ________ better take off your wet shoes! 4. He walks as if he ( 4 – have ) _________ a wooden leg ! 5. He talked as if he ( 5 – do ) ________ all the work himself, but in fact Tom and I did most of it. 6. I wish I ( 6 – know ) __________ what’s wrong with my car ! 7. I wish I ( 7 – ask ) _________ the fishmonger to clean these fish. I’m now really sorry I didn’t ask him 8. It’s time we ( 8 – do ) _________ something to stop road accidents! 9. He always talks as though he ( 9 – address ) __________ a public meeting. 10. He treats us as if we ( 10 – be ) _________ all idiots ! 11. If you ( 11 – tied ) __________ the boat up, it wouldn’t have driffed away. 12. I wish you ( 12 – not give ) ________ him my phone number! ( I’m sorry you gave it to him !) 13. If only he ( 13 – know ) ________ then that the disease was curable ! 14. Suppose you ( 14 – not know ) ________ where your next meal coming from . 15. You talk as though it ( 15 – be ) ________ a small thing to leave your country forever . 16. I hate driving. I’d much rather you ( 16 – drive ) ________ . 17. If you ( 17 – not take ) ________ those photographs, we ( 18 – arrest ) __________! 18. I wish transistor radios never ( 19 – invent ) ___________. Exercise 8. Điền từ thích hợp vào ô trống. Two years ago, I won one million dollars on the lottery, and to be honest now, I really (1) ______ I hadn’t. I know I’ve got a six – bedroom house with a swimming pool, a tennis court, and a Mercedes convertible. All of this will be wonderful (2) ________ that the the rest of your life is OK, but money had brought me nothing but unhappiness. Three months ago my wife, Jane, left me and took our two children away. She warned me that (3) ______ I spent more time with her and the children and less time spending money, she (4) ______ leave, but I didn’t listen. I was too busy doing othet things. If (5) _______ I hadn’t been so self – centred! I missed them so much now. There’s no point in having this wealth (6) _______ you don’t have anyone to share. I live alone in this huge house. Every day I just watch TV and I jump at every time the phone rings in (7) _____ it’s Jan, but it never is. She says she never comes back (10) ______ if I beg her, but I still live in hope. Exercise 9 . Hoàn thành câu bằng những câu hỏi đuôi thích hợp 1. You’re going to work harder from now on , ________________________? 2. I’ll see you next week , ____________________? 3. Kate’s leaving soon , ______________________?
  6. 4. You’ll ring when you get there , _____________? 5. Our plane takes off at 4 p.m , _______________ ? 6. The decorators will have finished by next week , _____________________? 7. You aren’t getting married next week , _____________________________? 8. We won’t need tickets to get in , _____________? 9. We’ll be millionaires one day , ______________? 10. Max won’t be coming , ____________________? 11.Gary signed the petition ,___________________? 12.There’s an exam tomorrow , ________________? 13.She’s been studying English for two years , __________________________? 14.It sure is sunny today , _____________________? 15.There aren’t any peaches left , _______________? Exercise 10. Fill in each blank with a suitable preposition. 1. The signal was given and the procession moved ________. 2. I was named _____ my grandfather. 3. It didn’t occur _______ us that we had left the iron on. 4. New opotunities are opening _______ to us. 5. After fighting cancer for several years, he finally passed ______ at the age of 70. 6. He passed _______ because the room was too hot. 7. Please pass this message _______ to your co – workers. 8. If I lend you the money, will you pay me ________ ? 9. It took me ten years to pay ______ my credit card debt. 10. Diana picked ______ a lovely dress for the dance. 11. It’s possible to pick ______ enough English in two weeks to go on holiday to Los Angeles. 12. Business is really picking ________ this month. 13. I’d like to point ________ that figures in column 2 might be outdated.



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