Đề thi tuyển sinh sau đại học đợt 1 năm 2012 trường ĐH Ngoại Thương ở ba môn: Kinh tế học, Toán kinh tế, Tiếng Anh

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Đề thi tuyển sinh sau đại học đợt 1 năm 2012 trường ĐH Ngoại Thương ở ba môn: Kinh tế học, Toán kinh tế, Tiếng Anh

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Sau đây là Đề thi tuyển sinh sau đại học đợt 1 của trường ĐH Ngoại Thương ở ba môn: Kinh tế học, Toán kinh tế, Tiếng Anh. Chúc các bạn ôn thi hiệu quả, đạt kết quả cao.

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Nội dung Text: Đề thi tuyển sinh sau đại học đợt 1 năm 2012 trường ĐH Ngoại Thương ở ba môn: Kinh tế học, Toán kinh tế, Tiếng Anh

  1. Di THI TUYfN SINH CAO HQC BQ GIAO DUC VA DAO TAO EqT I NAM 2012 MON: KINHTE HQC HQr DONG TUYEN SINH SDH Thiri gian lhm bhi: 180 Phtt ---o0o--- Phin I: Kinh t5 hoc Vi m6 (5 tti6m) nhAt trong c6c ciu sau div Ea" f fz"e aara-): Chqn m0t ddp 6n thing I . Lutrng euPg giim c6 nghia ld c. V4n dQng v0 ph(a dudi (bdn trrii) duong a. Dich ctiuy6n dudng cung sang phdi cung b. Dlch chuydn duirng cung sang tr6i duong d. Van dQng v0 phia trdn (b6n phni) cung 2. Cung ting c6 nghia lir gi5 tdng l6n sang Phdi c. Luo. ng cung img d mqi mric a. Dudng cung dich chuY6n sang trat d. Cir a' c b. Ducrng cung dich chuy€n gidm khi 3. Cdu cira mQt hirng ho6 lu6n c. GiA cita hang ho6 tl6 tdng a. Thu nhiP gidm ho5 d6 d. Gi6 cira hing hod d6 giim b. Gi6 cria hang ho6 thay th6 cho hang glam kinh t6 hoc' ngin han la thoi k' sin xuAt trong d6 i. tron, xa,, .,;., cA .inl ue it nhat ndm c' C6 it.- nhAl -A+ dAu viro c6 dinh -Li+ mQt a. Nhd hon ho4c bing I tl6i rnQt dlu vdo bi6n d6i b. T6t cn cic y6u t6 ctdu vdo dAu thay cAu n?ro clfng d' Khdng 5. Duong MC c6t cuc ti6u tai di6m cuc c. C6c dubng AVC, AFC tai di6m a. Cnc duong ATC, AVC, AFC cira m6i
  2. 10. MQt hang d6c quyAn t6i ila h6a lqi nhuAn sd kh6ng bao gid sAn xudt 6 mirc sAn luong a. Mdr hdng s6 bi thua 16 c. Md chi phi trung binh lcrn hon chi phi cdn b. Md doanh thu c{n bi€n nh6 hcrn gi6 bi0n d. Trong midn khdng co gidn cua duAVC c. ATC>MC b MR>ATC d. ATC>AR dn bn dip 12. M6t hnng canh tranh hoan hdo sE d6n6 cria trong ngin han n6u tdng doanh rhu khdng a. Chi phi sin xuAt c' Chi phi Uiiin aOi b. chi ;hi c6 dinh d. chi phi c6 dloh c6ng chi phi bi6n d6i 13. Khi thu nhap thay d6i se lam thay d6i cludng ngAn s6ch nhu th6 ndo? a. DO d6c vir d€m cit cira
  3. 4. Ci6 tri crla s6 nhAn tidn se tang l€n khi a. L,di suAt chi6t khAu tang , c. Tj'lQ sir dgng ti6n mdt tdng l6n b. NgAn hdng trung udng gidm tf l0 du trt bit d. NgAn hdng Trung uong b6n tr6i phi6u trdn bu6c thi tru
  4. r- 13. Trong ngin han, khi c6 cdc y5u ti5 t6c ddng lAm duong t6ng cAu dich chuy6n sang phii vir duong t6ng cung dich chuyin sang tr6i, ta c6 a. Muc gi6 vd sdLn lugng c6n bing sE tdng c. Mric sin luqng cen biing tdng, cdn gid cdn b. Muc giri vi sdn luong cdn bang s6 gidm bing kh6ng d6i d. Muc gi6 cAn bing tdng, cdn sin luong cdn bang thi chua thd k6t lu{n ttuoc 14. Theo m6 hinh AD- AS, khi c6c nu6c lA thi truong xudt khdu chi lgc cria Vi6t Nam suy tho6i kinh t6 s€ lirm : a. Xu6t khAu cira ViQi Namgiim c. Ti lQ l4m ph6t d ViQt Nam tang ldn b. Sdn luong cta Vi6t Nam gidm d. avdb I 5. Lqrn ph6t do chi phi dAy c6 thii dan toi a. Gid hdng h6a tiing l6n c. Gi6 hang h6a tang l6n vi sAn luqng tdng b. Ndn kinh t6 dinh trc d. a vd b Cdu2 (2 di6m): Bni tflP Ndn kinh ti! c6 chinh phi vdi cric s6 lieu nhu suu' C = 100+0,5Yd I =200 G - 100 Trong C Ii chi ti6u cua h6 gia dinrr, I ld diu tu cira hang, G ld chi ti6u chinh pht, Yd In thu nh6p cl6,: khd dung (thu nhap sau thu6); Eon vi: nghin ty ti6ng Gid sft nin kinh d itdng: a. Tinh san lugng cAn bang cria nOn kinh t6 trong trulng hqp chinh pht d6nh thuii su6t theo thu nhdp, t= I0%? b. Chinh phri mu6n rang thu thut ndn mu6n ddnh th6m thuiS U dinh T=100 ctrng v6i thu6 suAt nhu c6u a, hdy tinh sdn luqng cAn bang msi crla ndn kinh 6? c. Khi chinh phn titip tuc cl6nh thuai- si:,it vd thu6 tg dinh nhu cau b, nhmg. tdng thuti tU dinh. th€m 2012 vir mang chi tieu toan b0 du6i d4ng chi ti6u chinh phri (G), trdy cho biet san lugng cin bang s6 tang hay giam? mirc thay d6i nhiau hcm, it hon hay beng mric thu6 tu dinh tluo. c cldnh th6m? Giei thich? Gid sir nin kinh il! chttyin.sengzi, kinh td m0: voi c, t. G nhu iliu bai, bi6t chinh phri chi d6nli m6t loai thu6 su6t theo thu nh4p, t=10%, khuynh huong (xu huong) nh4p khdu c6n bien (MPM) ld 0,2, xuAt khAu fi) bing 100. d. Hay tinh sdn lucrng cdn bang cira ndn kinh t6? Ntiu v6n duy tri thuii suAt, chinh phir mu6n kich thich sdn luqng bang c6ch teng chi ti6u, trong trudng hqp nAn kinh tii d6ng hay kinh tti md sE c6 hiqu qud hon? Gidi thich? --Het- Trang 4/4
  5. TRI'dNG D4JH9C NGO4I THI'ONG Ei THr fl.ryiNSINH cAo Eec DEr r NiM 2012 HoTDONG TUyfN srf.E sauEArHgc M6n thi: TOAN Ifl\TH Tf Thii sian ldn bdi: IEO ciul(2iti6m).chohamsdnxu6t e:zloK1Ftl' (x>0,r,>o) tong116 e-sdnlupng,K-vrin, r-laod6ng. a. Tim vd giii thich f nghia kinh ti! cin 0Q / Ak : Ql*; 0e : / 0L Qt tai tti6mK = 24t,L :22. b. Tim c6c hO s6 co gian ri€ng cua Q theo K, theo Z . c. Vsi hAm san xu,it tr6n, khi t?ing quy m6 thi hiQu qua c6 teng hay kh6ng ? d. Ham sii de cho c6 th6a man lu{t tsi i.h Uien iiam aAn nay iOOng "4" i Ciu2(1 fi5m).Chohnmsnnx*itq-800K2/3Lv4 (K>0.,L>0)rongd6e-sd.nluqnrg, K-vi;aL- lao dQng. Ggi Pp, P6, P, l6n tuqt h gi6 htn m0t san phim, gi6 thuO mQt don vi viin vi gi6 thu6 mgt dm vi lao
  6. DE THI TUYEN SINH CAO HQC DO. T 1-NAM 2012 BO cIAo DUc vAoAo r4o Mdn thi: f iilng enh - DC 0l HQto0NcrwEN stls Thdi gian: 90 Phtit TRI-IdNG DAI HQC NGOAI THUONG S8D: Ho vd tAn thi sinh: puAx rnAc NGrrrpM: vdo tr6ng vd viiit h;a chgn cria minh A/B/C/D Dian tir: Thi sinh llra chgn cau tra ldi cl6 didn vdo ch6 phi6u tri ldi theo s6 tuong img. , r^- ^ form o1 ^e . I In 1796 investigations into the chemical nature of diamond concluded =-- a pure carbon. C. that it is D. is that A. that it B. is it grouP of merchants 2. The English colonization of Virginia was devised in 1606 by a the Virginia ComPanY of London' A. who formed B. formed C' who they formed D' they formed . The hourglass, an instrument used usually consists of two bulbs united by a nanow 3 neck. ----, A. measures time B' time is measured C. for measuring time D' the time for measuring _- radio and light waves' 4. A master is an electronic apparatus that i. g"n".t"awas amplifred B' generating and amplifuing -u D' to generate and amplif, C. lenerates andamplifies agents 5. The human skin forms -_--- against the action ofphysieal' chemical' and bacterial on the deePer tissues. A. how protective a barrier is B' a protective barrier C. a barrier protects D' and which a barrier prctects 6. Among the 450 artworts in the White House art collection A. as is Mary Cassatt s Young Mother and Two Childr€n B. is Mary Cassatt's Young Mother and Two Children C. which is Mary Cassatt's Young Mother and Two Children -' D. Mary Cassatt's Young Mother and Two Children a consolidated An unconsolidated aggregate of silt particles is also termed silt' 7. aggreg te is called siltstone. B. whY D. whether A. which C' whoreas gained critical acclaim when he 8. In 1864 the American Shakespearean actor Edwin Booth Hamlet at the Winter Garden Theafre in New York City' A p"tf"* B. performed C' had been performing D. having Performed 9. are chiefly derived from Petroleum. A. Plastics todaY B. There are plastics todaY C. Because todaY Plastics todaY D, Due to plastics today the orange, although 10. Most tangerine trees and their flowers and fruits resemble tangerines are generallY smaller B. which of those C' those of D' which are of A. of those I l. Over the centuries, that try to explain the origins of the university' A. although manY theories B. manY theories C. have manY theories been D. there have been manY theories and mass Earth, with a similar 12. The planet Venus is almost exactly the same size - Page I l/4
  7. interior, including a nickel-iron core. A. to B. as C. is D. than 13. George Washington Carver intemational fame for revolutionizing agriculture research in the southern United States during the early tlventieth century. A. won B. winning C. who has won D. the winner of 14. Constituting one ofthe earliest engineering techniques, in Paleolithic time was done in order to extend natural caves. - A. tunnels were built B. which built tunnels C. the building oftunnels D. tunnels whose building 15. The tulip native to the eastem United States, the tallest and largest broadleaf ree. A. where B- where it is C. it is wherc',, D. is where 16. _ of pottery is dependent on the durability ofclay after firing. -make A. To make B. The making C. When to D. It is making 17. Pig iroq wrought iron, and steel contain iron cartides made upof_ of carbon. A. amounts are different B. different amounts that C. differcnt amounts D. which amounts are different 18. The Arctic fox is found throughout the Arctic, usually on tundra or mountains _ the sea. A. by which near B. near of C. because near D. near 19. The midge _ to any of sevoial spocies of small flies, refers to a mosquitoJike insect with slender wings and body, Iong legs, and antennac. A. which a term applied B. a term applied C. is a term applicd D. applied a term 20. The face is the most _ of a human being. A. part is distinctly B. distinction in part C. distinctive part D. part of distinction 21. Managers often receive considerable training in the "technical" aspects oftheirjobs very little in the "people managcrnent" aspects. A. so as B. just C. yet D. and that 22. Areas of fertile soil called deltas, usually are formed by mud deposited at the mouth ofa river. A. triangular in shape B. their shape is riangular C. thcy have a triangular shape -_ D. triangular shape 23. Though a respected educator, Alexander Graham Bell the inventor ofthe telephone. -..-- A. as is bcst known B. best knorvn as is C. is hest known as D. best is known as 24. Not until the First World War _ to improve the road system in the United States. A. a detcrmined effort was made B, made a determined effort C. when a determined effort was made D. was a determined effort made 25. Often invisible, always in motion, gas is _ of matter. A. the state is most energetic B. stating the most energetic C. the most energetic state D. the state that most energetic Xic {tinh l6i: tlhi sinh lga chon phdn gpch chin c6 l6i vi vi6t lua chgn cria minh A./B/C/D vio phi6u tre ldi theo s6 tuong fmg. 26. The constitution ofNew Hampshire, g second oldest among those ofthe fifty states, was ABCD in 1784. Page l2/4
  8. 27- Elinor Wylie's writings consist ofeight books. four novels and four volumes ofpggl6 in AB which she displayed a knowledge ofboth history and literature. CD 28. In addition to their usefulness as scavengers, birds are of enormous val}e to humans because of A, B C they eat insects and control the spread of weeds. 29. When precipitation occurs, !g!qg of it evaporates, some runs off$g surface it strikes, and some ABC sinkine into the ground. D 30. The astronauts chosen for flv the first United States spacecraft y9p selected from military test ABCD pilots. 31. Lake houq fish usually findine in deep, cool lakes, are greenish gray and are covered with pale ABCD spots. 32. Durine the first 20 years ofthe space age, the United States spent more than 90 billion dollars AB onto its civilian and military space programs. CD 33. Vitamins A and C and most of the B vitamins are. retain in foods that have been canned. ABCD 34. Ella Baker spent her adult life workhg for social change !y lecoring, writing, teacher. and ABC organizing adult lileracy BggggpqX. D 35. Gold can combined with silver in any proportian, but alloys with 50 to 60 percent silver are ABC the stonsest. D 36. By 1899 Ransom Olds had establish in Detroit, Michigan, the first factory in the United States ABC for the manufacture of automobiles. D 37. The hogressive Movement is an umbrella term refer to a number of reform efforts that emersed ABCD in the early 1900's. 38. The pelican is a water bird with a larse pouch attached to its bill, which it uses gg a scoop for ABCD catch small fish. 39. The invention ofreinforced concrete, plate glass, and steel in the mid-1800's was enabled A architects to desisn and build extremely tall constructions, qI "skyscrapers." BCD 40. Acoustics, the study ofsounds, is one ofthe oldest ofthe plyqlgq[y sciences. Page | 3/4
  9. ABCD 4l. Some fish havq whiskers, which are sensory organs used for touching and tasting, and which are heloful when are thev searching for food in sand and mud. CD 42. Cement is produced commerciallv by to heat a mixture of limestone and clay in a large, slowly ABC rotating cylindrical firmace. D 43. In addition to aopropriatins the subiect matter of mass culture, the pop art movement of the AB 1950's utilized various technique of mass production. CD 44. Practical problems limit the abilitv of astronomers to determine the mass of asteroids, who are A B ,C small planetary bodies orbitine the Sun. D 45. An accomplished saxophonist and comooser. John Coltrane Qeeun his career olavins in the big ABC bands ofthe early 1950's. D 46. The pear tree has simple. oval leavcs that.are smoother and shinier than them ofthe apple. ABCD 47. In thc orbit of a BbgE! arouad,the Sun, the mint closest to the Sun is called it the perihelion. ABCD 48. In the early 1900's, Roy Harris crcated and promoted a diglinctlv American stvle ofclassical ABC music and grcatly influenced a number of comooser in the United States. D 49. Thc eighteenth century witnessed the enrersence of North Ainerican ports, @L!gUl4! Boston, AB New York, and Fhiladelphi4 as major commercial centers yj$!g the British empire. CD 50. Guitarlike instruments have exist since ancicnt times, fu; the first written mention of the guitar A !99,[f is from the founeenth century. D pffAx vI6,f: Thi sinh vii5t mEt bdi luin b6ng titing Anh c6



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