Giáo án Anh văn lớp 7 : Tên bài dạy : Unit 7:The world of work. Lesson 4: B1 & B2

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Giáo án Anh văn lớp 7 : Tên bài dạy : Unit 7:The world of work. Lesson 4: B1 & B2

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Nội dung Text: Giáo án Anh văn lớp 7 : Tên bài dạy : Unit 7:The world of work. Lesson 4: B1 & B2

  1. Unit 7:The world of work. Lesson 4: B1 & B2 I. Objectives: - Futher practice on telling the work of SB. - Practice listening and reading. II. Preparation: - Textbook, tape & cassette. III. Teaching procedure: 1. Organization: 2. Oral test: - During the lesson. 3. New lesson: A. Warm- up: - Introduce the lesson. B. Presentation: B1.Listen and read.Then answer the questions . * Pre- reading:
  2. - Present the task. - Play the tape for Ss to practice listening. - Explain some new words: take care of: quan tâm, chăm sóc. mechanic: thợ cơ khí prefer: thích hơn shift: ca làm việc days off: ngày nghỉ however: tuy nhiên part time work: công việc bán thời gian(nửa ngày) * While - reading: - Ss practice reading silently. - Ask Ss to read, then answer the questions given in textbook. - Give feedback. - Give the right answers: a) She works at home. But 3 mornings a week she works part- time at a local supermarket. b) She cooks lunch for homeless people once a week. c) He is a mechanic. d) He usually works about 40 hours a week.
  3. e) They always go to Florida on vacation. They have a great time there. - Ask some Ss to practice reading the letter aloud. * Post - reading: - Ask Ss about the content of the letter. * Pre - reading: - Ss look at the picture, then guess the job of the man in the picture. - Ask Ss : What are the daily duties of a farmer ? - Ask Ss to list what a farmer has to do everyday as many as possible. * While - reading: - Read through the text about Mr Tuan. - Explain some new words in this part: feed: cho ăn buffalo: con trâu pig: con lợn collect the eggs: thu nhặt trứng grow rice: trồng lúa
  4. crop: vụ mùa màng chuồng buffalo shed: trâu Chicken coop: chuồng gà real: thực, thực tế - Call some Ss to read the text aloud. - Ask Ss to read the text again, then compare the work of Tim’s Dad and Hoa’s Dad. - Ask Ss to work in pairs. - Ss compare their answers with their partners. * Post - reading: - T asks Ss to read the text about Mr.Tuan again and compare with the farmers in their country 4. Consolidation: - T revises Ss the content of a letter and the farmers’work . 5. Homework: - Do the Ex in workbook. - Prepare the next lesson.



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