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Tham khảo tài liệu 'luyện thi anh văn tn- đh năm 2011 – đề 12', tài liệu phổ thông, ôn thi đh-cđ phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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Nội dung Text: LUYỆN THI ANH VĂN TN- ĐH NĂM 2011 – ĐỀ 12

  1. LUYỆN THI ANH VĂN TN- ĐH NĂM 2011 – ĐỀ 12 I. Make the best choice. 1. Susan has no thing .................... . A. eat B. to eating C. to eat D. eating 2.................. you finish your homework last night? A. Was B. Did C. Are D. Do 3. It ................ a lot last week. A. rains B. raining C. to rain D. rained 4. She used ................... as a typist. A. work B. to work C. working D. to working 5. I'm sure Bill .............. the job. He has a lot of experiences. A. was getting B. getting C. had got D. will get 6. We need more sugar. There is .................. sugar in the pot. A. much B. many C. any D. little 7. The teacher told the boys to stop .................... . A. play B. played C. playing D. being played 8. Peter works for a factory ................... makes motorbikes. A. what B. which C. who D. whom 9. She will help you ................. she has some free time. A. how B. where C. when D. what 10. What is the name of the girl ......................... bicycle was stolen? A. whose B. who C. which D. when 11 . The firemen have been examining the ground ________ yesterday. A. since B. for C. ago D. by 12 . The girls and flowers _____he painted were vivid. A. who B. which C. whose D. that 13. My father is a ....................... . He works in a hospital. A. farmer B. mechanic C. teacher D. doctor 14. John drives very............................ ; he has ever had many accidents. A. careful B. carefully C. carelessly D. careless 15. Many people want .................. for that job. A. to apply B. applying C. apply D. applied 16 ............................ stamps is my hobby. A. Collect B. Collecting C. Collected D. Collection 17. Do you mind .................... the cooking? A. doing B. to do C. for doing D. do 18. Would you like .................... to the cinema? A. to go B. going C. gone D. go II. Read the passage and decide these sentences True or False. I was born in Newcastle, a city in the North East of England . Newcastle is on the bank of the River Tyne. It is quite big, with a population of about 200,000 people. There is a cathedral and a u niversity. There are five bridges over the River Tyne, which link Newcastle to the next town, Gateshead, where there is one of the biggest shopping centres in the world. A few years ago, the main industries were shipbuilding and coalmining, but now the chemical and soap industries are important. I moved to London ten years ago but I often return to Newcastle. I miss the people, who are very friendly, and I miss the beautiful countryside near the city, where there are so many hills and streams. 19. Newcastle is a city near the North East of England. 20. The population of Newcastle is 2 00,000 people. 21. Gateshead has one of the biggest shopping centres in the world. 22. According to the passage, the writer doesn't live in Newcastle any more. 23: Its main industry now is shipbuilding. 24. I like p upils who works very hard . 25. My uncle lived in Hanoi since 1990 . 26. I'd like to go o n a holiday, b ut I haven't got many money. 27. Every day I spend 30 minutes to water the flowers.
  2. 28. Sara speaks so .................... that I can't understand her. A. fast B. fastly C. faster D. fastest III. Mark the letter A, B, C, o r D on yo ur answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part is p ronounced differently from that of the rest in each of the following questions. 1. A. works B. shops C. shift s D. plays 2. A. treated B. looked C. watched D. laughed 3. A. animal B. character C. imagine D. personality IV. Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others by marking the corresponding letter A, B, C or D . 4. A. economic B. engineering C. information D. geography 5. A. desert B. camel C. dessert D. center V. Choose one best option to complete each sentence by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D . 6. Three great ______of sandy desert almost circle the centre of Australia. A. series B. groups C. stretches D. lines 7. Many plant and animal______ are now in danger of extinction. A. pieces B. species C. amount D. numbers. 8. Women are usually more________ than men. A. sympathize B. sympathetic C. sympathy D. sympathetically 9. You ______take anything out of the shop without paying for it. A. need B. needn’t C. must D. mustn’t 10. My problems are getting _______. A. more and more bad B. bader and bader C. worse and worse D. the worse and worse. 11. All the iron doors _________ by wooden doors. A. must be replacedB. must replaced C. must replace D. must to be replaced 12. The bigger the supermarket is, __________. A. the choice is wide B. the wider the choice is. C. the more the choice is D. the wider the choice it is. 13. It would have been a much more serious accident if she ____ fast at the time. A. has driven B. drove C. had driven D. drives 14. Broken glass often _________ injuries. A. is causing B. has caused C. causes D. is caused by 15. When he ______, he will tell us about the match. A. arrives B. will arrive C. arrived D. was arriving. 16. The firemen have been examining the ground ________ yesterday. A. since B. for C. ago D. by 17. The girls and flowers _____he painted were vivid. A. who B. which C. whose D. that 18. __________ is the natural environment in which plants or animals live. A. Habitat B. River C. Extinction D. Biodiversity 19. I have been looking ______ this book for months, and at last, I have found it. A. over B. up C. for D. at 20. We couldn’t travel across the desert unless it ……………….. a nice day . A. is B.isn't C.weren't D. were 21. While I ……………………… T.V last night, a mouse ran across the floor. B. watched watching D. was watching 22. I still can’t believe it! My bicycle ………………… last night. A. was stolen B. had been stolen C. stole D. had stolen 23. John doesn’t work _________ his brother. A. as hard as B. as hardly as C. more hardly than D. hardlier than 24. The panda’s __________ habitat is the bamboo forest. A. nature B. natural C. naturally D. natured 25.I _____ in Ha Noi before I moved to Ho Chi Minh City. A. have been living B. have lived C. had lived D. had been living 26. Please stop________ . I can’t concentrate. A. talk B. to talk C. to talking D. talking
  3. 27. Hoa: "What a nice dress you are wearing! Lan" Lan: "............................................................" A. Say it again. I like to hear your words. B. I think so. I am proud of myself. C. Not bad D. Thanks. That's a nice compliment. 28.Housework is ________ shared between them. A. equally B. equal C. equality D. equalizing 29. A plan has been _______for Vietnam to host the Asian sports games at some point in the future. A. decided B. remained C. proposed D. carried 30.Tom brought his umbrella with him …………… he wouldn’t get wet. A. so as to B. in order C. so that D. in order to VI. Read the following passage carefully and then choose the best option to fit each space by circling the letter A,B,C, or D . Forests are useful to Man in several ways. Wood is always necessary for building and for making all kinds o f things and we usually need firewood in our homes. Forests provide timber, one of the most (36) ………… resources, but they must be used wisely and managed (37) ………… . Men should control the cutting of trees in such a way that the forest grows more trees (38) ….…… it would be cut, leaving the young ones to gro w bigger. Trees and shrubs are also needed to preserve land (39) ..………… their roots bind the soil, preventing heavy rain (40) ………… washing the soil away. 36. A. valuable B. reasonable C. comfortable D. famous 37. A. good B. widely C. nicely D. carefully 38. A. as B. than C. then D. that 39. A. because B. because of C. but D. and 40. A. in B. with C. from D. at VII. Choose the underlined part among A,B, C, or D that need correcting. 1. In spite of my father is old , he still goes to work. A B C D 2. The result of that test must be inform b efore August. A B C D 3. She has disappeared three days ago, and they are still looking for her now. A B C D 4. My little d aughter is going to being taken to day care center. A B C D 5.There are also many single mothers and single fathers which are raising children b y themselves. A B C D VII.Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the co rrect a nswer to each of the following questions. 6. It rains so we can’t go to school. A. If it rains, I could go to school. B. If it didn’t rain, I could go to school. C. If it not rain, I could go to school. D. If it rains, I can go to school. 7. Jane doesn’t speak English as well as Betty. A. Betty speaks English better than Jane. B. Betty speaks English worse than Jane. C. Betty speaks English better as Jane. D. Betty speaks English worse as Jane. 8. The boy said to his friends, ”Don’t make too much noise!” A. The boy said to his friends don’t make so much noise. B. The boy told to his friends not to make so much noise. C. The boy told his friends not to make so much noise. D. The boy told his friends don’t make so much noise. 9. I am quite accustomed to writing this letter. A.I used to write this letter. B. I am quite familiar of writing this letter. C. Writing this letter is so strange to me. D. I am used to writing this letter. 10. When she got back, Peter .
  4. A. will leave London for New York B. has left London for New York C. had already left London for New York D. leaves London for New York Test 2. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following q uestions. 1. Peter: “You’ve got a nice dress!” Helen: “______.” A. I do B. Thank you C. You, too D. Okay 2. Sue: “I love Backstreet Boys.” Alice: “______.” A. So do I B. No, I won't C. Yes, I like it D. Neither do I 3. Son: “ Daddy, I’m among the top five of the class!” Dad : “ _________, boy !” A. Good studies B. Study well C. Well done D. Good luck 4. Daughter : “ What a beautiful Sunday! ___________, Mum? “ Mother : “ Sure. I’d love to. “ A. Do we go out for a walk B. Shall we go out for a walk C. Could we go out for a walk D. I’d like to go out for a walk 5. Jennifer “ Make yourself at home, please!” Dung “ _______________________” A. Fine, thanks B. Never mind ! C. Thank goodness! D. That’s very kind, thank you 6. He has been very interested in doing research on _______ since he was at high school. A. biology B. biological C. biologist D. biologically 7. John cannot make a _______ to get married to Mary or stay single until he can afford a house and a car. A. decide B. decision C. decisive D. decisively 8. Mr. Timpson's behavior and comments on occasions were inappropriate and fell below the _______ standards. A. accept B. acceptable C. acceptance D. accepting 9. Doctors are supposed to _______ responsibility for human life. A. do B. take C. rush D. join 10. _______ get tired of answering the same questions every day? A. Have you ever B. Had you ever C. Do you ever D. Are you ever 11. I _______ there once a long time ago and _______ back since. A. went / have not been B. go / am not C. have gone / was D. was going / had not been 12. According to the boss, John is the most suitable ______ the position of executive secretary. A. in B. for C. at D. with 13. It's hard work looking _______ three children all day. A. after B. up C. to D. through 14. I put your keys in the drawer _______ they cannot get lost. A. because B. while C. instead of D. so that 15. In the past, people _______ to the beach more often. A. have gone B. used to go C. were going D. had gone 16. What kind of sport one chooses to play mostly depends _______ his preference and health. A. with B. for C. in D. on 17_______ you study for these exams, _______ you will do. A. The harder / the better B. The more / the much C. The hardest / the best D. The more hard / the more good, 18. Robert does not have _______ Peter does. A. money more than B. as many money as C. more money as D. as much money as 19. Go _______ this book because it has the information you need. A. over B. b y C. off D. on 20. If something urgent has _______ up, phone me immediately and I will help you. A. picked B. come C. kept D. brought 21. "Why don't you ask the teacher for help?" Peter asked me.
  5. A. Peter advised me to ask the teacher for help. B. Peter recommended me not to ask the teacher for help. , C. Peter told me the reason why I did not ask the teacher for help. D. Peter suggested that he should ask the teacher for help. 22. The mother asked her son _______. A. where he has been B. where he had been C. where has he been D. where had he been 23. Martin asked me _______. A. how is my father B. how my father is C. how was my father D. how my father was 24.The telephone _______ by Alexander Graham Bell. A. is invented B. is inventing C. invented D. was invented 25. The preparations _______ by the time the guests _______. A. had been finished / arrived B. have finished / arrived C. had finished / were arriving D. have been finished / were arrived 26. Many people think Steve stole the money. A. It was not Steve who stole the money. B. Steve is thought to have stolen the money. C. Many people think the money is stolen by Steve. D. The money is thought to be stolen b y Steve. 27. If I _______ it was a formal party, I wouldn't have gone wearing jeans and a jumper. A. knew B. had known C. had been knowing D. could know 28. Either you or I _______ going to meet Professor Pike at the airport. A. am B. were C. are D. has been 29. The hou se _______ is more than 100 years old. A. where I live B. in where I live C. in that I live D. where I live in 30. They have just visited the town _______ location was little known. A. where B. whose C. which D. that Mark the letter A, B, C, o r D on yo ur answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part is p ronounced differently from that of the rest in each of the following questions. 31. A. advised B. devised C. raised D. practised 32 A. shared B. viewed C. confided D. measured 33 A. determined B. expressed C. approved D. married 34 A. enjoys B. feels C. takes D. gives 35 A. attempts B. shares C. looks D. beliefs Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the co rrect answer to each of the following q uestions. 36. He didn’t hurry, so he missed the train. A. If he hurried, he would not miss the train. B. If he had been hurried, he would not miss the train. C. If he had hurried, he would not have missed the train. D. If he had not hurried, he would not have missed the train. 37. John has played football for 10 years. A. John began to play football 10 years ago. B. John began to playing football 10 years ago. C. John has been played football for 10 years. D. John began playing football for 10 years ago. 38. She was so busy that she couldn’t answer the phone. A. She was very busy that she couldn’t answer the phone. B. She was too busy to answer the phone. C. She was too busy not to answer the phone. D. She was very busy so that she couldn’t answer the phone. 39. He wrote this novel in 3 years. A. It was take him 3 years to write this novel. B. It took him 3 years to write this novel.
  6. C. It took him 3 years wrote this novel. D. It took him 3 years writing this novel. Choose the underlined part among A,B, C, or D that needs correcting 40. My family spent an interested holiday in Europe last summer. A B C D 41. I'd rather to stay at home than go out at weekends. A BC D Test 3 Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following q uestions. 1. When I last saw him , he London . A.has lived B. is living C.was living D. has been living 2. We .............Tom since last Sunday. A.haven’t seen B.don’t see C.didn’t see D.hadn’t seen 3. Hurry up ,Jane! We all..........................for you. A.are waiting B.waited C. will wait D. were waiting 4. I report when you entered the hall . A.was making B.made C.have made D.have been making 5. He ......... me that he had read that story-book before. A.told B. spoke C. told to D.said 6. A number of sheeps...........died from a strange disease. A.have B.has C. is D.are 7. The number of students....................playing table tennis now. A.are B.was C.were 8. If I were you , I ………………… this. A. will ask B. would have asked C. would ask D.will have asked 9. Their children are used to....................after school every day.They don’t have to walk home. A.picking up picked up C.being picked up D.pick up 10. Jim should have asked for help do it himself. A.of trying try C.try D.from trying 11. Peter is not …………… to go swimming alone. A. old enough B. enough old C. so old D. so young 12. Actually , today I feel................than I did yesterday. A.bad B.worst C.worse D.the worst 13. This is ......................interesting exhibition I’ve ever visited. A.less B.more C.most D.the most 14. She gets accustomed.....................working late at night. B.with C. in D.for 15. Our country is rich............natural resources. B. of C. with D.about 16. ……. spite ............. heat , he resfused to take................his coat. A. In / for / off B. In / for / on C. In / of / off D. In / on / over 17. If you phone early, the secretary..................give you your exam results. A.must B. need C.would D.can 18. He is now wet. I think that he ............... the raincoats with him. A.will not bring B.must not bring C.must not have brought D. should not bring 19. If you ...............about it , will you be able to answer ? A.are aked B.ask C.will be asked D.asked 20. I won’t lend you this money promise to pay it back. A.if B.or C.or else D. unless 21. “ .................for a while” he said. A.To rest B.Rest C.Do you rest D.Resting Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your a nswer sheet to indicate the correct a nswer to each of the following q uestions.
  7. 22. “ What does she like ?” he asked me . A.He asked me what she likes B.He asked me what she liked C.He asked me what do I liked D.He asked me what did I like. 23. “ Don’t worry over such a small thing ,” she said to me. A.She told me not worry over such a small thing. B.She told me to not worry over such a small thing. C.She told me not to worry over such a small thing. D.She told not to worry over such a small thing. 24. Unless Tom studies hard , he will fail the exams. A.Tom will not fail the exams unless he studies hard. B.Unless Tom fails the exams , he will study hard. C.Unless Tom studies hard , he will not fail the exams. D.If Tom studies hard , he won’t fail the exams. Choose the underlined part among A,B, C, or D that needs correcting 25. Please don’t make so much noise .I study. A B C D 26. I remember to meet him when I was a small boy. A B C D Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others by marking the corresponding letter A, B, C or D . 27. A.necessary B.comfortable C.secretary D.accomplished 28. A.language B.nation C.private D.themselves Mark the letter A, B, C, o r D on yo ur answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part is p ronounced differently from that of the rest in each of the following questions. 29. A.reason B.son C.bu sy D.easy 30. A.major B.father C.half D.after Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer. Jack London was the famous American (31).............and short story writer. He was born in San Francisco(32)..........1876. He quit school at fourteen to (33).........a sailor. He was a self-taught student. He finished his high school and college education during six months. He led an adventurous but poor (34)......... His view point was in favour (35)..........the poor and socialism. He read a lot of books of Karl Marx. He was influenced by Marxist Party theory and the October Revolution. In 1895, he (36)......... the Socialist Labour Party but in the last years of his life, he (37)............. away from working class and in1916, he left the party. In 19 16 he committed suicide because of despair dream. He used an overdose of morphine and drowned himself in t he (38)....... .He was an adventurous novelist, a Socialist reformer and a prominent (39)........... who often (40)........ . under the line “Yours for the revolution, Jack London”. 31. A.novelist B.scientist D.spaceman 32. A. on C.after D.since 33. B.go C.become D.know 34. B.boy 35. A.of 36. A.went B.worked C.knew D.joined 37. A.returned B.went C.moved 38. A.sea B.river D.lake 39. A.socialist cial C.sociably D.socinian 40. B.go C.signed D.went Test 4 Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the co rrect answer to each of the following q uestions. 1: , we couldn't have continued with the project.
  8. A. Unless we had your contribution B. Provided your contribution wouldn't come C. Even if you didn't like to contribute D. If you hadn't contributed positively 2: Alex did not do very well in class . A. therefore he was a good student B. because he failed to study properly C. although he was not hard -working D. as long as he had studied badly 3 : The more you talk about the situation, . A. it seems the worse B. the worse it seems C. it seems worse D. the worse does it seem 4: Those boys took a long ladder . A. so they will get the b all from the roof B. and then get the ball from the roof C. in order to get the ball from the roof D. so that the ball from the roof can be gotten 5 : She regretted to tell him that . A. she was leaving the tickets at home B. the tickets at home would be left C. she would have left the tickets at ho me D. she had left the tickets at home Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, o r D o n your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 6 to 10. By adopting a few simple techniques, p arents who read to their children can considerably increase their children's language d evelopment. It is surprising, but true. How parents talk to their children makes a big difference in the children's language development. If a parent encourages t he child to actively respond to what the parent is reading, the child's language skills increase. A study was d one with two or three-year-old children and their p arents. Half o f the thirty children participants were in the experimental study; the o ther half acted as the control group. In the experimental group, the parents were given a two -hour training session in which they were taught to ask open-ended questions rather than yes-no questions. For example, the p arent should ask, "What is the doggy doing?" rather than, "Is the doggy running away?" Experimental parents were also instructed how to expand o n their children's answer, how to suggest alternative possibilities, and how to praise correct answers. At the b eginning o f the study, t he children did not differ on levels of language development, but at the end o f one month, the children in the experimental group were 5.5 months ahead o f the control group on a test o f verbal expression and vocabulary. Nine mo nths later, the children in the experimental group still showed an advance of 6 months over the children in the control group. 6 : Parents can give great help to their children's language development by them. A. adopting B. responding to C. experimenting D. reading to 7 : What does the word "they" in the second paragraph refer to ? A. Participants. B. Questions. C. Children. D. Parents. 8: During the training session, experimental parents were taught to . A. study many experiments B. use yes-no questions C. give correct answers D. ask open-ended questions 9: What was the major difference between the control group and the experimental one in the stud y? A. The training that parents received. B. The books that were read. C. The age of the child ren. D. The number of participants. 10: What conclusion can be drawn from this passage? A. Children who read actively always act six months earlier than those who don't. B. Children' s language skills increase when they are required to respond actively. C. Two or three-year-old children can be taught to read actively. D. The more children read, the more intelligent they become. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your a nswer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correction.
  9. 11: She brought a lot of money with her so that she needed bu y so me duty-free good s. 12: I have been working hardly for two weeks and now I feel like a rest. 13: Tom likes taking part sports, so he will jo in the football team of his school. 14: Many young people lack skills, good education, and financial to settle in the u rban areas where many jobs are found . 15: We are going to visit our grandparents when we will finish our final exams. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the co rrect answer to each of the following questions. Question 16: They are not to take part in this program of the World Health Organization. A. as old B. enough old C. old enough D. so old Question 17: I'm going for a few days so don’t send me any more work. A. in B. after C. over D. away Question 18: A scientist who studies living things is a . A. biologist B. biologically C. biology D. b iological Question 19: The football match was postponed the bad weather. A. because B. in spite C. despite D. b ecause o f Question 20: Yesterday I met your brother, had taken u s to the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York before. A. who B. whose C. whom D. that Question 21: ______ students attended the meeting that there weren't enough chairs for all of them. A. Too many B. So many C. So few D. So much Question 22: Peter doesn't like scuba-diving. does his brother. A. Too B. Neither C. Either D. So Question 23: Endangered species b y the World Wildlife Fund. A. will protect B. would protect C. be protected D. are protected Question 24: Maria: "Thanks for the lovely evening." Diana: "_________________ " A. Oh, that's right B. I'm glad you enjoyed it C. No, it's not good D. Yes, it's really great Question 25: High school students should be for their future jobs before leaving school. A. ill-spoken B. ill-p repared C. well-prepared D. well-sp oken Question 26: The government initiated the programme of ___________ reform in the 1980s. A. economically B. economic C. economised D. economist Question 27: Kim: "What this weekend?" Sally: "Oh, we're going windsurfing. It's fantastic!" A. are you doing B. do you go C. would you do D. are you going Question 28: She didn't want to go she knew all her friends would be there. A. wherever B. so that C. therefore D. even though Question 29: If I had the map now, I a short-cut across the desert. A. could have taken B. take C. can take D. could take Question 30: Kevin: "How far is it from here to the nearest post office?" Lan: "_______________" A. Two kilo meters at least B. Turn left and then turn right C. No, it's rather far D. Yes, it's quite near here Question 31: Pat: "Would you like so mething to eat?" Kathy: " . I'm not hungry now." A. Yes, it is B. No, thanks C. Yes, I would D. No, no problem Question 32: I first met her two years ago when we at Oxford University. A. have been studying B. had been studying C. were studying D. are studying Question 33: David: "Could you bring me some water?" Waiter: " ." A. I don't want to B. Yes, I can C. No, I can't D. Certainly, sir Question 34: The recycling of waste paper save a great amount of wood pulp. A. had better B. need C. can D. d are Question 35: If I were you, I would advise her the new teaching method. A. trying B. try C. to try D. tries
  10. Question 36: He went b ack to work in his country after he ________ his course on Advanced Engineering in London. A. finishes B. has finished C. had finished D. was finishing Question 37: Ellen: " ?" Tom: "He's tall and thin with blue eyes." A. What does John look like B. Who do es John look like C. How is John doing D. What does John like Question 38: Could you fill out this form? A. applying B. applicable C. application D. applicant Question 39: My father decided to smoking after he had been smoking for ten years. A. give up B. get over C. put away D. take up Question 40: My father is very b usy. , he is always willing to give a hand with the housework. A. However B. Despite C. Therefore D. Although Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on yo ur a nswer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest in each of the following questions. A. thou ght B. laugh C. eight D. high Question 41: A. p romise B. despite C. economize D. enterprise Question 42: A. already B. ease C. appeal D. team Question 43: A. scholar B. aching C. chemist D. approach Question 44: A. d ecid ed B. engaged C. expected D. attracted Question 45: Read the following passage a nd mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks from 46 to 50. It can b e shown in facts and figures that cycling is the cheapest, most convenient, and most environmentally desirable form o f transport (46 ) towns, b ut such cold calculations do not mean much o n a frosty winter morning. The real appeal of cycling is that it is so (47) . It has none o f the difficulties and tensions of o ther ways of travelling so you are more cheerful after a ride, even through the rush hour. The first thing a non-cyclist says to you is: "But isn't it (48) dangerous?" It would b e foolish to deny the danger of sharing the road with motor vehicles and it must be admitted that there are an alarm ing (49) o f accidents involving cyclists. However, although police records (50) that the car driver is often to blame, the answer lies with t he cyclist. It is p ossible to ride in such a way as to reduce risks to a minimum. Question 46: A. to B. at C. in D. o n Question 47: A. boring B. careful C. enjoyable D. excited Question 48: A. expectedly B. strangely C. co mfortably D. terribly Question 49: A. nu mber B. deal C. size D. d igit Question 50: A. point B. exhibit C. indicate D. d isplay Mark the letter A, B, C, o r D o n your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part is p ronounced differently from that of the rest in each of the following questions. 1. A. heat B. seat C. great D. meat 2. A. churches B. chairman C. chemist D. changes 3. A. mails B. checks C. sales D. plays 4. A. asked B. played C. helped D. missed



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