Mẫu đánh giá năng lực nhân viên bán hàng bằng tiếng Anh

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Mẫu đánh giá năng lực nhân viên bán hàng bằng tiếng Anh

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Đây là mẫu đánh giá năng lực của các thành viên trong một nhóm bán hàng từ đó người trưởng nhóm sẽ dễ dàng phân loại, đánh giá và sử dụng con người một cách hợp lý.

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Nội dung Text: Mẫu đánh giá năng lực nhân viên bán hàng bằng tiếng Anh

  1. Sales Team Member Evaluation Team Member Name: Supervisor Name: Date of Review: Ratings: 1 = Very proficient: expert or certified 2 = Good: skilled or knowledgeable but not expert or certified 3 = Average: has some skill or knowledge 4 = Below average: has a little skill or knowledge 5 = No skill or knowledge in this area NA = Not applicable Knowledge Area Score Knowledge Area Score 1. Technical 4. Account Management 1a. Account management 4a. Executive presentations 1b. Certification #1 4b. Customer relationships 1c. Certification #2 4c. Customer communication 1d. Technical skill #1 4d. Customer meetings 1e. Technical skill #2 4e. Customer business plans 1f. Technical skill #3 4f. Customer quarterly reviews 1g. Technical skill #4 4g. Customer file maintenance 1h. Other: 4h. Account directory 2. Basic Sales Skills 4i. Monthly/annual operations reports 2a. Cold calling 4j. Dispute reconciliation 2b. Following up on opportunities 4k. Account analysis 2c. Customer service/inside sales 4l. Proposal generation 2d. Sales closing 5. Work Strengths 2e. Negotiation skills 5a. Planning 2f. Account/territory/category planning 5b. Overall initiative 2g. Presentation skills 5c. Team player 3. Motivation and Achievement 5d. Managerial ability 3a. Ability to hit goals 6. Interpersonal Strengths 3b. Self-motivation 6a. Assertiveness 3c. Aggressiveness with competitors 6b. Personal diplomacy 3d. Resourcefulness 6c. Extroversion 3e. High sales 6d. Cooperativeness 3f. Consistent performance 6e. Relaxed style 6f. Patience 6g. Self-confidence Areas for improvement: Action plan: Supervisor/Manager Date Team Member Date
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