MicroXP v0.5b - eXPerience

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MicroXP v0.5b - eXPerience

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Download: Code: Password: (m3d%c@0!F2(s^c$n Thank you for trying MicroXP. Statistics... Installation Time From End Of Formatting

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  1. MicroXP v0.5b - eXPerience --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download: Code: Password: (m3d%c@0!F2(s^c$n Thank you for trying MicroXP. Statistics... Installation Time From End Of Formatting: 4 Mins 50 Secs RAM Usage On First Installation = 29.4 Mb Handles = 1524 Threads = 125 Processes = 12 WINDOWS Folder = 193 Mb (includes 21Mb of DirectX Libraries) Items In System32 = 542 ISO File Size = 88.1 Mb --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Services Remaining In Windows... [AUTOMATIC] DCOM Server Process Launcher Event Log Plug and Play Remote Procedure Call Windows Audio [DISABLED] DHCP Client Network Connections Remote Access Auto Connection Manager
  2. Remote Access Connection Manager TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Telephony Wireless Zero Configuration [MANUAL] Windows Installer --------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the folder with this guide, there are two text files in case you need to enable any of the above services that are disabled. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reduced Installation... This is a greatly reduced installation of Windows XP Professional. Please read these notes before using this edition of Windows: [Standalone system only!] No local networking is possible (LAN/workgroup). The "Network Connections" service has been kept in this edition of Windows to stop errors when installing Ethernet card or modem drivers. The "Network Connections" service is not there to support LAN networking. [Single user only!] You cannot add any additional users. Do not try to add more users, otherwise your main account that is used by default will become the new account and after logging in, you will not have any desktop theme (not even Classic) and the whole account will be ruined. You'll probably have to re-install Windows again because if you make a new account it replaces "Administrator" and tries to log you in with "Default User", the problem with this is - there is no "Default User". [No Webcams, Scanners or Digital Cameras!] You cannot use these items in this version of Windows because the "Windows Image Acquisition" service is removed. [FTP Sites] There is no "built in" support for downloading from FTP sites, try using Filezilla or WS_FTP if you need to do that. This functionality is gone because the "Application Layer Gateway" service is gone, along
  3. with ALG.EXE that normally runs in Task Manager, taking up about 6Mb RAM for what amounts to no reason for 99.99% of the time. [No Visiting Windows Update!] You cannot visit Windows Update with this version of Windows because Internet Explorer is removed. You can manually download updates from Microsoft, but you will need to know which updates are required. Because so much has been removed from this edition of Windows, you are not likely to be any more "safe" installing updates for Windows. [No Fast User Switching!] Apart from you only being able to have the one account anyway (Administrator) the ability to do Fast User Switching is also removed. [No Plugging In Hard Disks!] You cannot use external hard drives you would plug in with this version of Windows, because "Logical Disk Manager" is removed. For the same reason, you cannot edit your current hard drive or change drive letters. [No Printing!] You cannot use a printer with this version of Windows, because the "Print Spooler" service is removed. [No Password Storage] Windows will not save stored passwords, however, this only really applied to Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, which are removed. You will be OK using Firefox or Opera web browsers and Thunderbird email client for emails. Those are self contained programs and take care of storing and remembering your passwords by themselves. [No CD-ROM Autoplay] When you insert a CD that would bring up a screen to install the program contained on the CD, this does not happen in this version of Windows, you will have to explore the CD manually and run whatever file it is that runs the program's setup - usually "setup.exe" on the root of the CD. [No Smart Card Detection!] [No Scheduled Tasks!] You cannot set programs, like AntiVirus or Hard Disk Defrag programs to run in the future. If you are going to run those types of programs you will have to manually scan or defrag whenever it is convenient. Despite this, one program
  4. that will schedule its operations is Perfectdisk defrag, you do not need Task Scheduler for this program to run a scheduled defrag. [No Remote Desktop!] There is no Remote Desktop in this version of Windows, because the "Terminal Services" service is removed. [No Themes!] You cannot have the Luna (Blue/Olive/Silver) desktop themes in this version of Windows, the only theme you can choose is "Windows Classic" which it is already set to by default. [No "Uninterruptible Power Supply" service!] I always thought "UPS Service" delivered parcels but apparently not - if you have this type of device then it will not work on this version of Windows. A UPS is only used for emergencies like if you have a power cut - thats if you even have such a device. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- What you can do... You can still install and run just about all the programs and games that you can run on a normal installation of XP. The updated DirectX DLL libraries are already put in system32 for this purpose (d3dx9_24/25/26/27/28/29/30/31/32.dll) You can still use a Dial-Up connection. This is the one major flaw in other stripped out operating systems like this one, but in this edition, Dial-Up connectivity is OK. You also have a standalone browser so you can connect and download a web browser of your choice like Firefox or Opera. There is no OEMBIOS.BIN file on this ISO or in system32. If you do install any Windows Updates, maybe at some point the updates will detect the hacked "winlogon.exe" file that is currently being used in system32. The answer to this is - just never install any Windows Updates! Its not like you are "securing" your system by installing Windows Updates on this custom edition of Windows, because pretty much all of the things that could be exploited have been removed. If you do install Windows Updates and you end up not being able to log in, you can find the original "winlogon.exe" file in system32 - it is called "winlogon.exe.ORIGINAL" You will need some sort of a live PE disc (like "miniPE") so you can get into system32 and rename
  5. that ORIGINAL winlogon file to "winlogon.exe" and just delete the hacked "winlogon.exe". You would also need to get hold of the file "OEMBIOS.BIN" from a full install of Windows XP Professional Corporate (VLK) and put that file in your system32 folder too, because the original "winlogon.exe" checks for this file, if it is not there, Windows cannot log in. However, there are no reports of this happening to anyone, this is just to let you know you do still have the original "winlogon.exe" should you ever need to restore it back because of installing some rotten Windows Update in the future. Play it safe - just don't install Windows Updates, period. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- File Checksum (SHA-512) For: "MicroXP_0.5b_eXPerience.exe" To get the "SHA-512" checksum for this self extracting Uharc file calculated, use the included program "HashCalc" and... 1 - Run HashCalc. 2 - Tick the "SHA512" tick box. 3 - Untick all other tickboxes. 4 - Click the browse "..." button (next to the white box) 5 - In the window that pops up, double click the downloaded EXE file. 6 - Click "Calculate" 7 - After about ten seconds you will see a 128 digit number. Make sure that the number shown in HashCalc is the same as this one: 9b2fda463503747283283557519cc616 43300ce74f34e86620c1c47670b8d884 b81fc1291716adbc8fde1acef07b7872 2b82289a2e0d26d0cfab5c5c38ba8c86 If your checksum number is not the same as above, don't use this release, because it is not a genuine eXPerience release! This same checksum code can be verified with the one in the post for the release on Remember this checksum is NOT for the ISO file that is inside the EXE archive, it is the checksum for the EXE archive itself.
  6. To extract the ISO from the downloaded archive, just double click the file "MicroXP_0.5b_eXPerience.exe" click "extract". To avoid extracting the ISO to your download folder, you can click "Browse" when you run "MicroXP_0.5b_eXPerience.exe" so you can choose where to extract the ISO file to. The ISO file is already bootable! If you have Nero Burning ROM, just right click the ISO file and open it with Nero, then burn the ISO file as an image file. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy this fine release from eXPerience Release Date: Early Spring 2007



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