WindowsXP Pro SP2 Corporate Lite edition (175 mb)

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WindowsXP Pro SP2 Corporate Lite edition (175 mb) For those who wants there xp work like a rocket Why its lite This is WindowsXP Pro SP2 Version 5.1 build 2600 (English) Type: ISO (bootable)

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  1. WindowsXP Pro SP2 Corporate Lite edition (175 mb) For those who wants there xp work like a rocket Why its lite This is WindowsXP Pro SP2 Version 5.1 build 2600 (English) Type: ISO (bootable) *Note: There is no serial needed. It's already integrated into the install disc for you. There is no activation ***** needed, because this is the Corporate version. Just boot from the CD and install! ************************************************** *************************************** This CD was made using nLite: *********What is Remaining?********* Applications: Calculator Defragmenter Drivers: Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Battery Bluetooth Support Brother Devices Display Adapters Display Adapters (old) Ethernet (LAN) Firewire (1394) Support IBM Thinkpad InfraRed ISDN MultiFunctional Multi-port serial adapters PCMCIA Ports (COM & LPT) SCSI/RAID Sound Controllers Toshiba DVD decoder card Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)
  2. Internet Utilities: ATM Support Client for Netware Networks Internet Explorer Internet Explorer Core MAC Bridge NetShell Cmd-Tool Network Monitor Driver and Tools NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Protocol Outlook Express Tcp/Ip Version 6 Operating System Options: 16-bit support Administrator VB scripts Application compatibility patch Command-Line tools Disk Cleanup Extra Fonts Floppy Support Jet Database Engine MDAC Out of Box Experience (OOBE) Printer Support Web View Services: Application Layer Gateway Background Intelligent Transfer COM+ DHCP Client Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) DNS Client Event Log Internet Authentication (IAS) Logical Disk Manager Management Instrumentation (WMI) Message Queuing (MSMQ) Network DDE
  3. Performance Logs and Alerts QoS RSVP Quality of Service (QoS) Service Advertising Protocol Shell Services SNMP System Event Notification (SENS) System Monitor TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Terminal Services Universal Plug and Play Volume Shadow Copy Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Windows Time Wireless Zero Configuration *Note: Windows File protection is disabled. You can now delete that stupid Xerox folder inside your Program Files! The Start Bar was tweaked for speed, too. I was nice to remove the Alexa spyware for you. Alexa is spyware that Windows XP ships out with. How nice of them. Alexa tracks your browsing habbits. I thought spyware only came with crappy games and programs? Guess I was wrong. Index Service is gone. Prefetch folder in C Windows is gone. Max connection limit is set to 50 (for P2P and Bit Torrent) etc. ************************************************** *************************************** Just to give you an idea about what was removed: Themes (Classic Theme is only available) Wallpaper Windows Media Player
  4. Windows Movie Maker Animated Character for Search Windows XP Tour Screensavers Games Language Pack Help System Restore Windows Update If you don't see it in the long list, above - then it was probably ripped. ************************************************** *************************************** I've been using this stripped-down version of WindowsXP Pro SP2 Corporate for about several months now. It's quick to install, and it's stable! It's great for small hard drives. You'll notice not very many services running in the background, too. It boots fast and shuts down quick. If you're ever in the need for an extremely light version of XP, then this disc will be right for you. You'll still be able to get on-line and do everything else, except that you won't have all the BS that Microsoft forces you to install - that you will never use. Why sacrifice hard drive space and speed - use this disc and you'll be glad you did! Download: Code: t1.rar t2.rar No Pass Mirror: Code: Password to extract Code:
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