Absence of externalities

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  • Advertising is more complicated than it used to be. In the innocent days of the 70’s and 80’s you could easily reach large audiences, both locally and nationally, through traditional advertising. Those days are long gone and an examination of the advertising playing field looks like a big pile of incomprehensible choice. Let’s sort through it a bit, by separating advertising into two categories: online advertising and offline advertising.

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  • Neuroglobin (Ngb) and cytoglobin (Cygb), recent additions to the globin family, display a hexa-coordinated (bis-histidyl) heme in the absence of external ligands. Although these proteins have the classical globin fold they reveal a very high thermal stability with a melting temperature (Tm)of 100C for Ngb and 95C for Cygb. Moreover, flash photolysis experi-ments at high temperatures reveal that Ngb remains functional at 90C

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  • Prof. Wang is studying how bone cells sense external mechanical forces, which allows living bone tissue to adapt to its mechanical usage. With the absence of mechanical stimulation (such as the microgravity for astronauts) and loss of sensitivities of detecting the loads (such as during aging), bone mass decreases and bone structure degenerates, eventually leading to bone fracture. recent studies have found that osteocytes—the most abundant cells buried inside the mineralized matrix—serve as sensors that orchestrate bone adaptation....

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  • Infections of the Ear and Mastoid Infections of the ear and associated structures can involve both the middle and external ear, including the skin, cartilage, periosteum, ear canal, and tympanic and mastoid cavities. Both viruses and bacteria are known causes of these infections, some of which result in significant morbidity if not treated appropriately. Infections of the External Ear Structures Infections involving the structures of the external ear are often difficult to differentiate from noninfectious inflammatory conditions with similar clinical manifestations.

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