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  • Welcome to Network Access Control For Dummies. It's a scary networking world out there, and this book provides you with a working reference for understanding and deploying what type of network access control (NAC) is best suited for your network and you. Because you're holding this book, you already know that security issues exist out there — and you've probably, maybe frantically, attempted to protect the network you're responsible for from the scenarios that get printed on the front page....

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  • Overview Access Control Matrix model Discretionary Access Control (DAC) Mandatory Access Control (MAC) and an example model Role Based Access Control (RBAC) Access Control in Unix Sep 2009 Information Security by Van K Nguyen Hanoi University of Technology 2 .What is AC Quote from Ross Anderson (text “Security Engineering”) Its function is to control which principals (persons, processes, machines, …) have access to which resources in the system -- which files they can read, which programs they can execute, and how they share data with other principals, and so on....

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  • SAP GRC Access Control SAP is the onliy vendor with a “Gartner recommends” rating in all technique categories (Static analysis, provisioning support, integrated provisioning workflow, transaction monitoring and emergency access) “…offers one of the strongest product sets in our analysis, comperhensively addressing all SoD issues across multiple SAP instances”

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  • Bài giảng "Bảo mật cơ sở dữ liệu: Discretionary Access Control (Điều khiển truy cập tùy ý)" trình bày các nội dung: Giới thiệu Discretionary Access Control, các loại quyền trong DAC, ưu và nhược điểm của DAC, các mô hình của DAC. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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  • “Access control includes authentication, authorization and audit. It also includes measures such as physical devices, including biometric scans and metal locks, hidden paths, digital signatures, encryption, social barriers, and monitoring by humans and automated systems.” -- Wikipedia

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  • We have looked at protocols for distributing and establishing keys used for authentication and confidentiality But who should you give these keys to? Who should you trust? What are the rules governing when to and not to give out security credentials In this lecture, we will look at the broad area of secure and trusted systems We will focus on access control models These methods are often used to abstract the requirements for a computer system But, they hold for general systems where security is a concern (e.g. networks, computers, companies…) ...

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  • Security in Information Systems: Chapter 2 - Discretionary access control Introduction to Discretionary Access Control, Propose Models for DAC, SQL for Data Control, DAC & Information Flow Controls.

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  • Mandatory access controls Introduction to Mandatory Access Control (Security Classes, MAC properties, Multilevel relation, Pros and cons of MAC); MAC in Oracle - Oracle Label Security, security classes, classification level.

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  • Security in Information Systems: Chapter 3 - Mandatory access control Introduction to Mandatory Access Control (Security Classes, MAC properties, Multilevel relation, Pros and cons of MAC), Proposed Models for MAC, MAC in Oracle Oracle Label Security.

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  • Literature Review and Background, voice Capacity Improvement over Infrastructure WLANs, service Differentiation over Ad Hoc WLANs, Collision-Free MAC for Wireless Mesh Backbones,... As the main contents of the document "Distributed Medium Access Control in Wireless Networks". Invite you to consult.

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  • Computer Security: Chapter 7 - Using Trust for Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) includes Access Control in Open Systems, Proposed Access Control Architecture, TERM server (Basic, Evidence Model, Architecture, Prototype TERM server).

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  • Computer Security: Chapter 9 - Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Role Classification Algorithm includes about Algorithm (Algorithm Preliminaries, Algorithm - Training Phase, Algorithm - Classification Phase, Classification Algorithm Pseudocode), Experiments.

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  • Discretionary access controls includes about Discretionary Access Controls (DAC, Access Matrix Model), DAC in Relational Database (DAC, Privileges, The System R Access Control, Content–Based Access Control, Demo).

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  • The content chapter 5 include: Access control models, authentication models, logging procedures, conducting security audits, redundancy planning, disaster recovery procedures, organizational policies.

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  • Cisco provides basic traffic filtering capabilities with access control lists (ACL). This chapter covers the benefits of ACLs and describes their building blocks. The chapter describes summarizable address blocks in the context of CIDR and VLSM environments, demonstrating how ACL wildcard masks allow for threat mitigation in those environments.

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  • In this module introduce Access Control Lists (ACLs). ACLs can be used for IP packet filtering or to identify traffic to assign it special handling. ACLs perform top-down processing and can be configured for incoming or outgoing traffic. You can create an ACL using a named or numbered ACL. Named or numbered ACLs can be configured as standard or extended ACLs, which determines what they can filter.

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  • Lecture Chapter 4 - Access Control Role-based models RBAC presentation of content: Role-based models, role based access control, administrative role-based access control model.

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  • It is assumed that different readers will have different levels of experience with Access Control Lists (ACLs). Some will have no experience. Others will have dabbled with ACLs in lab envi- ronments. Still others will have extensive real-world experience with the implementation of ACLs. The goal of this white paper is to be interesting to readers with any level of ACL experi- ence. The ACL novice should gain an appreciation and understanding of what goes into the definition of an ACL. And hopefully the ACL expert can also gain an insight or two from the material....

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  • Access Control Lists (ACLs). Objectives: In this chapter, you will learn to: Explain how ACLs are used to secure a medium-size enterprise branch office network, including the concept of packet filtering, the purpose of ACLs, how ACLs are used to control access, and the types of Cisco ACLs. Configure standard ACLs in a medium-size enterprise branch office network, including defining filtering criteria, configuring standard ACLs to filter traffic, and applying standard ACLs to router interfaces....

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  • This document provides design guidance for enterprises that want to provide Internet and limited corporate access for their guests and partners. Several solutions for guest and partner access challenges are proposed and analyzed in this document, at both the architectural and functional levels.

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