Achievement of green building

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  • This study aims to examine the impact of construction and demolition in green buildings in Jordan. It discusses the benefits that might be achieved as a result of the adoption of the green building in the construction projects, executed by the construction sector. The study highlights the importance of the reduction in waste resulting from the construction works, saving in water, energy and natural resources, as well as, the positive effects on the environment.

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  • The ConnectM Energy Management Solution is designed to help you intelligently monitor, and optimise the energy consumed by the various energy assets like lighting, HVAC, and DG sets. ConnectM also leverages the solution framework for enhancing the in-building fire and security operations.Lighting & HVAC ConnectM focuses on Energy technologies (Clean Tech) with its Energy Management Solution. Organizations spend typically about 20% of their energy on lighting, 60% on HVAC, 10% on their Datacenters and 20% on essential equipments & machineries....

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  • ETP2010 will build on the success of earlier editions, by providing decision makers with more detailed practical information and tools that can help kick-start the transition to a more secure, sustainable and affordable energy future.

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  • We have set out below our key messages resulting from the work of the Midwifery 2020 programme which underpin the vision of how midwives can lead and deliver care in a changing environment. They reinforce and restate the core values of the profession, celebrate the achievements made in the past, and show how midwives can continue to strengthen their unique contribution as key professionals who ensure that women, their partners and their babies have safe and life enhancing experiences.

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  • While the basic elements of audit task plans are likely to be similar, the actual contents will differ widely depending on the type of audit (regularity or performance), the audit objective(s) and the auditee. Substantial differences will be found even with similar types of audit. For example, in an audit to give an opinion on the financial statements of an entity that is believed to have reasonably good accounting systems, the methodology is likely to emphasise testing the systems and examining the adequacy of the management controls.

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  • With the increasing amount of waste generation from different processes, there has been a growing interest in the use of waste in producing sustainable building materials to achieve potential benefits. This study investigated the influence of waste polypropylene carpet fibers and palm oil fuel ash (POFA) on the microstructure and residual properties of concrete composites exposed to elevated temperatures. Four mixes containing carpet fibers (0% and 0.5%) and POFA (0% and 20%) were prepared. The specimens were exposed to high temperatures (200, 400, 600 and 800 C) for 1 h.

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  • This research is located within the smart city discourse and explores the linkage between smart buildings and an intelligent community, employing the University of Cape Town as a case study. It is also situated within the research stream of Green Information Systems, which examines the confluence between technology, people, data and processes, in order to achieve environmental objectives such as reduced energy consumption and its associated carbon footprint.

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  • With link correlation information (CPRP) available among neighboring nodes, collective ACKs are achieved in an accumulative manner. The success of a transmis- sion to a node (defined as the coverage probability of a node) is no longer a binary (0/1) estimation, but a prob- ability value between 0 and 1. Using collective ACKs, a sender updates the coverage probability values of neigh- boring receivers whenever (i) it transmits or (ii) over- hears a rebroadcast message.

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  • The CWA contains both “water-quality based” regulatory controls, which vary according to the designated use (e.g., drinking water source, fishable, swimmable) and attributes (e.g., volume and rate of flow) of the receiving water body, and “technology- based” effluent standards that are achievable using available pollution control technology. Legally, the environmental quality standards dominate the technology-based standards in the sense that additional regulatory action may be required if the technology-based limits do not achieve the ambient quality standard in a specific location.

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  • The objective of this article is to provide an efficient means of enforcing green building in Jordan, the Middle East. The paper is proposing assessment tool of Energy Star Rating Scheme and also explaining its role for achieving sustainable development during buildings lifecycle and hence reducing energy and water usage. The scheme development will remove considerable environmental, social and economic issues as Jordan is a country that renowned for its poor energy and water resources.

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  • KI has an exemplary record of achievement in adapting its manufacturing processes to minimise their impact on the environment. This has been recognised through many regional and national awards, including a Packaging Reduction Gold Achievement Award Presented by WasteWise in 2006. As an early pioneer of the focus on indoor air quality KI is a founder member the US Green Building Council and has many of its products certified by Greenguard for use in LEED accredited environments.

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  • Recent experiences in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Balkans have highlighted the importance of environmental considerations. These range from protecting soldier health and disposing of hazardous waste to building water supply systems and other activities that help achieve national goals in the post-conflict phase of contingency

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  • India's agricultural extension system is at a pivotal point in its development. During the past 50 years, the Indian extension system has evolved to reflect national priorities. At the outset, extension worked to bring about broad-based rural development. However, the food crises starting in the late 1950s refocused the efforts of extension on food security and increasing food production. The combination of Green Revolution technology in the late 1960s and Training and Visit (T&V) Extension in the mid-1970s enabled India to achieve food self-sufficiency during the 1980s–1990s.

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