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  • Viet Nam’s success in achieving rapid agricultural growth since the implementation of policy reforms in the late 1980s is now well documented (World Bank 2004). Agri-cultural growth was fueled mainly by growth in rice productivity following the rapid adoption of modern varieties, increased fertilizer use, and increased cropping intensity.

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  • Use of Fungi for Insect Control - Issues, Developments & Research Needs Entomopathogenic Fungi • Classification • Pathogenesis • Why fungi as BCA’s? • Commercialization • Registration • Some examples • Research Agriculture and Agriculture et Agri-Food Canada Agroalimentaire Canada

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  • In modern technological society small businesses are expected to have an innovative role in the emerging knowledge economy, especially at an international level (EC, 2005; BERR, 2008). In fact the effective use of technological innovation is considered to be a prerequisite for small business survival (Packham, 2002; Packham et al, 2005). It has long been recognised that the small business sector is important for economic growth and it has been noted that there is a need for an international focus on small businesses having access to international markets (OECD, 2005).

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  • On the global stage small businesses are represented in many different communities. At a UK and EU level small businesses are defined as having 10-50 employees and offer considerable scope for innovation and productivity. Additionally, the European Union Research and Advisory Board (EURAB, 2004) has provided a helpful typology in terms of the amount of R&D that is undertaken. Four basic categories provide insight into the level of use and the extent of R&D that is conducted.

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  • Trading partner Canada has established the Canadian Adaptation and Rural Development (CARD), national and regional adaptation programs that provide assistance to the sector in the area of research, innovation, capturing market opportunities, environmental sustainability, food safety and quality, human resource capacity building and rural development.

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  • SRH programs can help improve the nutritional status of women and their children and advance progress on the hunger and maternal and child health targets. Supplemental feeding programs for pregnant women, improving wom- en’s knowledge of the nutritional requirements of themselves and their children and increasing women’s power to negotiate access to needed nutrition must be part of a multi-intervention strategy. Closely spaced pregnancies and the associated high fertility levels place women at an increased risk of anemia and other conditions of absolute and relative malnutrition.

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  • Addressing the options for domestic sustainable agriculture policies in developing countries, it is generally observed that the world’s agriculture trade system is progressively moving towards an open-market system, a process which is desirable from both a trade as well as a sustainable development point of view.

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  • A team of research ers from the Inter na tional Food Pol icy Research Insti tute (IFPRI), the Food and Agri cul tural Organi za tion of the United Nations (FAO), and the Inter na tional Live stock Research Insti tute (ILRI) col labo rated to pro duce this com pre hen sive and even- handed attempt at defin ing the nature, extent, scope, and impli ca tions of what they term the “Live stock Revo lu tion” in devel op ing coun tries. Look ing for ward to 2020, they argue con vinc ingly that the struc tural shifts in world agri...

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  • Combining the above approaches, the developing country would direct a sufficient share of its available funding to those targets where the country has identified the highest degree of developmental importance such as food security. To that end, the country makes full use of the flexibilities provided in the AoA. However, these measures are embedded in a broader rural development and agri-environmental strategy and are designed in way so that they can be transformed to policies eligible under the Green Box as well.

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  • A revo lu tion is tak ing place in global agri cul ture that has pro found impli ca tions for our health, live- li hoods, and envi ron ment. Popu la tion growth, urbani za tion, and income growth in devel op ing coun tries are fuel ing a mas sive global increase in demand for food of ani mal ori gin. The result ing demand comes from changes in the diets of bil lions of peo ple and could pro vide income growth oppor- tu ni ties for many rural poor. It is not inap pro pri ate to use the term “Live stock Revo...

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  • Two months ago, three agri-biotechnology experts namely Dr. Marc Van Montagu, MaryDel Chilton and Dr. Robert T. Fraley have been hailed as the 2013 World Food Prize (WFP) Laureates [8]. They are the pioneers in inventing transgenic plants through a natural tool called Agrobacterium tumefaciens. What do you think about this news? Their invention has become an effective tool to change the world or destroy the world – it is still a question without the final answer.

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