AHP and fuzzy AHP

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  • This paper measures and analyzes one Wi-Fi IC vendor’s alternatives by looking at the tactics within the enterprise’s organizational culture as well as operation management characteristics in the wireless networking communications industry.

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  • In the paper the fuzzy extension of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) based on fuzzy numbers, and its application in solving a practical problem, are considered. The paper advocates the use of contradictory test to check the fuzzy user preferences during fuzzy AHP decision-making process. We also propose consistency check and deriving priorities from inconsistent fuzzy judgment matrices to be included in the process, in order to check if the fuzzy approach can be applied in the AHP for the problem considered.

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  • In this research, n-person cooperative games, arising from multi-objective linear production planning problem with fuzzy parameters, are considered. It is assumed that the fuzzy parameters are fuzzy numbers. The fuzzy multi-objective game problem is transformed to a single-objective game problem by group AHP method. The obtained problem is converted to a problem with interval parameters by considering the nearest interval approximation of the fuzzy numbers.

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