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  • Where the two terms differ is in the imposition by organisations of courteous or forced ritual behaviour on employees – a modern phenomenon. Insincerity is concealed, leading to the whimsical even offensive notion that we are all air hostesses now. There are moral implications here too. Sprezzatura could be aligned to the moral theories of hedonism and egoism – where the focus is on the individual who decides to pursue a working life of fulfilment based on self interest, by the appearance of relaxed competence that may or may not be borne out by actual effectiveness at work....

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  • While it has been demonstrated that these materials have good sensitivity to polar VOCs, such as alcohols and acetone, 11,12 their rather poor response to nonpolar analytes has been viewed as a major drawback. In this report, we explored two ways to improve the sensor performance of regioregular polythiophene. The first approach is to add a second polymer at the end of the polythiophene chain to form a block copolymer. This second polymer interacts with the analytes in different ways, thus adding another dimensionality to the sensing response of the material.

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  • The projected CO2 concentration may reach 850 ppm by the end of the 21st century (Nakicenovic & Swart, 2000), which is about triple of the pre-industrial concentration level (280 ppm). The global emission scenario B2 describes a world with intermediate population and economic growth, emphasizing local solutions to economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

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  • This interest rate configuration also has implications for households deciding on the maturity of their mortgage financing. When short-term rates are low and deemed unlikely to rise, households shorten the maturity of their borrowing, often counting on being able to switch to long-term mortgages when they feel interest rates may rise. As households switch, banks dependent on short-term funding have to hedge their new interest rate exposures.

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  • This budget includes funding to advocate at the state and federal levels in support of regional priorities advanced by the new Southeast Tarrant County Transportation Alliance, Tarrant Regional Transportation Coalition, and the Regional Transportation Committee of the North Central Texas Council of Governments. Projects like increasing capacity in the SH360 corridor and redesigning the I-30/360 interchange are needed to improve our mobility in Eastern Tarrant County from D/FW International Airport through Mansfield.

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  • The realisation of such a marketing strategy requires not only the existence of a he t- erogeneous consumer goods market, but also the possibility to identify market seg- ments which are internally homogeneous and externally heterogeneous with regard to the product related needs and wants of their members.

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  • This study content analyzes all the sales promotion related advertisements that appeared in a major Hong Kong news- paper. The research reveals that the alliance between the promotion techniques and the environment is important and underlines the importance a company should place on its environment. As marketing environment has affected promo- tion trends, this study provides marketing practitioners with a new perspective that would encourage them to more strategically manage the sales promotion with the consideration of the environmental dynamics along with the time line.

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  • These are not issues which can be lightly dismissed; however, it is clear that any debate on human dignity needs to separate the various elements of the debate in order to consider whether opposition to cloning stems from concern for human dignity or respect for divine dignity. As well as to determine whether it is designed to protect the individual that may be cloned or the society whose sense of personal and collective identity might be challenged by the concept of sharing the world with cloned individuals.

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  • The fixed offer was randomly determined and not based on the actual value of the item (Becker, DeGroot and Marschak (1964)). For sellers, if WTA was less than or equal to the random offer, they gave up their item and received the amount of the random offer. If the WTA was greater, they kept the item. For buyers, if the WTP was greater than or equal to the random offer, they purchased the item for the amount of the random offer. If the WTP was less than the amount of the random offer, they kept their money. Subjects...

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  • Previous World’s Worst Pollution reports have ranked pollution sources by the potential number of people at risk (2010) and created disease burden estimates for location-specific case studies (2011). This year’s report is the first attempt at creating a widespread estimate of disease burden attributable to toxic pollution from industrial sources. Previous estimates from these reports indicated that the at-risk population was in the range of 100 million people.

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  • John McPeek is a co-author of the Complete Guide to a Business Policy & Procedure Manual. Mr. McPeek was also a co-author in the development the ISO 9000 Production & Documentation Manual. Mr. McPeek has over 18 years of operational management experience with both start-up and larger businesses. He started as a CPA with McGladrey & Pullen, LLP, a leading CPA firm serving middle-market businesses. He then moved on to a few start-up medical and dental manufacturing companies serving in various capacities as Corporate Controller, Vice President of Finance and Operations, and President.

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  • This document should be of interest to a broad audience interested in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to the atmosphere. It was developed for regulatory organizations, project developers, and national and state policymakers to increase awareness of existing and developing monitoring, verification, and accounting (MVA) techniques. Carbon dioxide (CO2) sinks are a natural part of the carbon cycle; however, natural terrestrial sinks are not sufficient to absorb all the CO2 emitted to the atmosphere each year.

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  • Proper methods should be adopted for management of solid waste disposal. Industrial wastes can be treated physically, chemically and biologically until they are less hazardous. Acidic and alkaline wastes should be first neutralized; the insoluble material if biodegradable should be allowed to degrade under controlled conditions before being disposed. As a last resort, new areas for storage of hazardous waste should be investigated such as deep well injection and more secure landfills.

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  • The two principal official firm size employment creation/destruction data sources differ somewhat, and as with many economic figures, they vary from year to year. BED figures show that a net 1.5 million jobs were lost in 2008, 64 percent of which were from small firms. Over the past 15 years, small businesses have accounted for about 65 percent of the private-sector net job creation according to BED figures. (SUSB figures show small businesses accounting for about 90 percent of net new jobs through 2006.) The figures from both data sources are depicted in Figure 4.

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  • As seen above, the leasing sector is new but growing and leases are written for three-to-five year terms. The banking sector is consolidating, assets are growing, deposits are on the increase, and the sector is liquid. However, the banks perceive the rewards of short-term lending utilizing highly liquid assets and long-term loans utilizing real estate as collateral are greater than the risks of long-term lending to the agriculture or industrial sectors secured by equipment.

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  • Australian banks’ conservative lending practices, together with robust supervision by APRA and the Australian economy’s strong performance since the global crisis, have contributed to a low nonperforming loan ratio compared to other advanced countries (Figures 3 and 4). 5 Despite banks’ high exposure to residential mortgages (56 percent of total loans at end-2010), exposure to high-risk mortgages is small, as less than 10 percent of owner-occupiers had mortgages with loan-to-value ratios higher than 80 percent and debt service ratios greater than 30 percent.

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  • How can these differences be explained? Is it a matter of cultural factors operating in specific countries such as peer norms, parenting styles, familiarity with the internet, practices of regulation or other variables? Or, is it a matter of the design and management of the particular SNS that predominates in that country? In The Netherlands, for instance, Hyves is the main SNS but, also, Dutch peer culture (or parenting) may encourage young children to join in social networking.

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  • The OFD in collaboration with our Advisory Committee and Department/Division Chiefs created the framework for the “Community of Mentors” at Boston Children’s. The effort begins with an appointed mentor at the division or department level, and guides mentees to create their own mentor team with the support and advice of their own division or department senior faculty. The OFD helps faculty assess their needs and facilitate matches.

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  • The wealthy now have more disposable income than at any time in history. Proponents of raising taxes on affluent households to fund services suggest that these households should pay higher taxes now because they have benefitted so much from tax cuts in recent years. Saving jobs Taxing high incomes to pay for state services may also be one of the best approaches available to states to limit economic harm in a high unemployment, slow-growth environment.

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  • Perhaps the most important finding of this research is the shared view of social media as a tool for women’s empowerment. The majority of respondents felt that social media had the potential to be an empowering and engaging tool for women, whether in social, economic, legal, political or civic arenas. These perceptions contrast with the reality of gender inequalities that persist in the Arab region when it comes to these domains. In that sense, social media can potentially be a “change agent” towards women’s empowerment in Arab societies.

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