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Analysis of results

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  • This paper will simulate the propagation of three-dimensional crack in gravity concrete dam. FRANC3D software will be used to simulate three-dimensional crack propagation on concrete gravity dams and predict the direction of crack development. The threedimensional crack profile will be analyzed and compared with the results published in international scientific papers.

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  • The present paper considers the composite plate resting on an elastic pinned subjected to harmonic loads. The plate element model with high-order shear deformation theory and finite element algorithm is proposed in order to buckling analysis of the plate. As a result, the buckling domain is determined. Moreover, the effect of geometric parameters, elastic pins, and materials on the buckling of the plate is comprehensively investigated.

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  • In this study, a surrogate model based on artificial neural networks (ANN) will be established to predict the mechanical behaviors of the plastic Primitive TPMS reinforced beams. Finite element analysis (FEA) simulation results of different numbers of reinforcement layers and volume fractions were adopted as the model data, the robust model have been owing to a hyperparameter tuning investigation.

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  • This paper presents a simulation method to determine the local sensitivity of geometrical parameters of the micro-beam models used in the micro-mechanical structures. The analysis allows for defining the essential parameters in designing the microstructures to reduce the designing time. The analysis results can be used to give suitable geometrical parameters for the micro-mechanical structure according to the purposed resonant frequency.

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  • The main research purpose of this article is to sort out consumer information without specific personal data and use the target company’s neural network risk control decision model which is based on the risk scoring trajectory. We find the main interpretation variables, and then verify the direction and extent of the target’s influence to verify empirical results and help the target company make a correct decision analysis on the credit applicants’ loans.

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  • This study presents an overview of the research as well as differences in knowledge infrastructure capability and knowledge processe capability in businesses. At the same time, based on literature review, this article also focuses on carefully analyzing the impact of knowledge infrastructure capacity and knowledge managemen process capability on performance results. In addition, the impact of knowledge infrastructure capacity on the knowledge process capability is also focused on analysis.

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  • In the paper "Finite element analysis for the composite sandwich plate using the homogenization method", we propose a homogeneous model for the composite sandwich plate. Accordingly, the 3D plate model will be replaced by a 2D homogeneous panel. Analytical calculations were performed for both models. The proposed model is confirmed by comparing the results obtained with the 3D plate model. The findings of this research will help us continue to build and finalize a homogenous model for a variety of structures.

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  • The paper "Dynamic response analysis of nanobeams resting on elastic foundations" uses the finite element method to study the dynamic response of nanobeams resting on an elastic foundation, taking into account the flexoelectricity effect. Timoshenko's first-order shear deformation theory is used to derive the formulations of the beam's forced vibration equation. The proposed theory and mechanical model are verified by comparing the numerical results of this work with those of the published data.

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  • The paper "The behavior analysis of bolted end-plate connections under static load by using finite element method" investigates the mechanical behavior of bolted end-plate beam-to- column connections with changes of thin of end-plate and size of bolts under bending moment. The finite element models are generated in ANSYS software, in specially all of meshes are hexahedral meshes as well as be continuous at welding. The results obtained from this study are validated based on three factors: loading capacity, moment resistance and joint rotation.

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  • The paper "Nonlinear finite element approach for contact problems in hyper-elastic models" considers the contact problems between hyper-elastic bodies by using finite element analysis (FEA). In this study, high-order elements is used with its advantages such as less element usage, more accurate results and geometrical flexibility... The contribution of this paper is development of programs that can calculate and simulate the specific contact problem between hyper-elastic bodies.

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  • In this study, we utilize the genome-wide singlenucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) data obtained through Multiplexed Inter Simple Sequence Repeat Genotyping by sequencing (MIG-seq) to explore the phylogenetic relationships among Quercus species in Vietnam. The results of this study reveal that all Quercus species in Vietnam belong to subgenus Cerris and the phylogenetic analysis strongly supports the recognition of two infrageneric sections: Quercus and Ilex section for the Vietnamese Quercus.

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  • This study presents some research results on the relationship between the geological environment of the surface layer and the level of modern tectonic activity in the sea waters of the Hoi An - Cua Dai area based on the interpretation of high-resolution shallow seismic data combined with the surface sediments’ grainsize analysis and other available data sources. The results show that the surface geological environment in the coastal waters North of the Thu Bon river fault is influenced by modern tectonic activities, believed to be a part of causing geological catastrophic events.

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  • This has increased the risk of water pollution and reduced the quality of surface water, resulting in a shortage of clean water for the daily lives of people in the province. The article has studied the application of the MIKE11-ECOLab model and correlation analysis method to assess the current situation of the wastewater receiving capacity of the central river system in Nam Dinh province. At the same time, it also analyzes and predicts the wastewater receiving capacity of the central river system in the province according to the trend of socio-economic development.

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  • This study aims at exploiting and processing multi-temporal satellite images of the Google Earth Engine platform (GEE), combined with topographic data since 1965 to monitor changes in estuary and shoreline of the coastal area of Cua Dai, Tra Khuc river, Quang Nam province during a period of 1965–2021. The analysis results show shoreline changes and hot spots of erosion and landslides along the coast, on both sides of Cua Dai river.

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  • The organization of this paper is as follows. In Section 2, the dynamic model of the quadrotor is presented, and the control problem is defined. Section 3 introduces the finite-time controller design and provides a stability analysis of the closed-loop system. Simulation results are presented and discussed in Section 4. Finally, Section 5 concludes the paper.

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  • In this study, we used the reliable GC-FID/MS technique to analyze the methyl ester derivatives of 37 different kinds of fatty acids. The results showed that high saturated fat concentration in all samples was mostly palmitic acid, whereas the low unsaturated fatty acid content in the cis form was primarily oleic acid and linoleic acid. The amount of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats is quite low.

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  • The developed program has been successfully implemented to model and simulate the forming process, considering various aspects of the problem. The results of the solutions have been compared and evaluated, leading to important conclusions. The research also outlines future developments in this field. It is hoped that the results and understanding of this research will contribute to the field of computational mechanics and inspire further research.

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  • The obtained results showed that the coating at the spray current of 300 A, the air pressure of 5.5 bar and the stand-off distance of 162.8 mm has the lowest porosity and highest microhardness. In addition, this coating also has better adhesion to the steel substrate and wear resistance than other coatings. Moreover, X–ray phase analysis showed that the following phases are created on the surface of the Al-Mg coatings: Al, Al2MgO4 and Al3Mg2.

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  • This paper provides guidelines for how to covert the strain to load as well as to validate design prediction and base on monitoring data collected during loading could provide sufficient in true/ exact load distribution to recorrect/modify ultimate load as well as size of pile.

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  • This paper outlines a numerical investigation into the load transfer mechanism of a deeply monitored embankment supported by DCM (Deep Cement Mixing) columns. The study compares field measurements, such as excess pore water pressure, lateral movement, load distribution between the soil and DCM columns, and settlement, against the numerical analysis results.

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